Next Level Facility Management

Facility Source
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

Businesses in various sectors have been forced to stretch resources as far as they can go. As an answer to this ever-present challenge, Facility Source’s software, maintenance and services are a complete package of next-level facility management solutions. The company’s facility management is used by some of the biggest brands in the world.
The solutions offered by Facility Source are flexible and there when needed the most. Through its proprietary software and technology, its innovative approach and its network of service providers, processes are automated and costs are lowered, for even the most complex challenges.

Although it was established in 2001, the company was renamed Facility Source in 2005. Initially, it was founded as a software as a service (SaaS) solution for retail operations with many locations, but in 2012, it built a network of experienced subcontractors across North America.

Facility Source saw the potential in becoming an outsourcer of technology-enabled business processes. By taking a data-driven approach to facilities management, it was able to achieve results that were unmatched.

Facility Source serves well-known names including Home Depot, Starbucks, Walmart, Autozone, Dollar General, LBrands, Speedway, FedEx Office, T-Mobile and many more retailers, restaurants, e-commerce retailers and other entities with multiple locations.

The scale of these large operations, with their spread out sites, no longer poses a challenge for facility managers thanks to Facility Source. It has the resources and an extensive network of partners to maintain sites so that its clients do not have to.

As its website explains, Facility Source’s mission is to “help clients deliver their ideal brand experience by improving their facilities performance through state-of-the-art technology and an Elite Network of service providers,” doing so to “revolutionize the way companies manage and maintain their facilities.”

Facility Source offers trade services performed by what it refers to as its Elite Network. These service providers are located in large centers across the country. This Elite Network responds to clients’ needs around the clock for all of their HVAC, landscaping, lighting, snow removal energy management and janitorial needs.

Members of the Elite Network are vetted for quality and price, and these relationships are maintained through consistent work volumes, timely payments and proprietary provider network purchasing programs.

Facility Source offers integrated facilities management (IFM) and facilities maintenance optimization (FMO). Its proprietary software is regarded as the most comprehensive subscription-based facility management solutions available.

Developing this approach to facility management was Facility Source’s answer to the constant struggle being faced by many large organizations to maintain facilities while growing. Facility Source identified areas for improvement and optimization, and scalability was no longer a problem.

Facility Source’s proprietary fmPilot work order and asset management system allows facility managers to process work orders, maintain service provider compliance, invoice, and issue payments with ease. All of these things that were becoming inefficient until Facility Source developed an affordable solution that would help boost productivity while maintaining quality. This was a value that could not be ignored.

And its fmSurvey enables facilities to conduct site surveys to track equipment conditions and maintenance activities across locations, streamlining asset management and mobile assessments while saving money and reducing service calls.

This proprietary software helps to simplify workflows and offers the convenience of a web-based platform that gives real-time access to facilities across the country. Clients can take advantage of deep analytics that includes over a decade of budget data and work orders, and use that information to optimize processes.

As well as its network of service providers, Facility Source relies on its leadership, business development, software development, service provider management, EMS and support centre employees. These are located at its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, as well as its Phoenix, Arizona and Dallas, Texas operations.

Facility Source has over five hundred employees who bring years of experience to their friendly and reliable service. The leadership team alone has over fifty years of combined experience.

Clients can reach out to the team of professionals through the company’s multiplatform communication channels: online via its help centre where they have access to help, training, and resources, as well as through email or telephone or requests.

Facility Source has 115 clients and 120,000 locations under management, with $3 billion in annual management spending and 25,000 service providers in its Elite Network. Each year, 4.08 million work orders are processed, and 3.14 million calls are fielded by the help desk.

Facility Source has grown a reputation for being a true partner that is always looking to improve its performance. This is demonstrated in its firm commitment to eliminating wasteful spending. Facility Source identifies areas where performance can be improved by introducing a practical, technologically advanced approach. This has made it the expert in facility management.

Increased reliance on Facility Source’s services has led to continued growth. In the third and fourth quarters of 2016, the company experienced record sales. For over five years, the company has grown at a rate of thirty to forty percent taking it to new levels of success.

With a strong foundation and the resources necessary to support the growth in demand, Its innovative and customizable facility management solutions are the edge its clients need to be leaders in their respective markets.



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