Revolutionizing Fashion, Beauty, and Health in Canada

Written by Samita Sarkar

In 2005, Ramin Mesgarlou started Opulence (then known as Global Wealth Trade Corporation, or GWT Corp) from his home office with a vision that was twofold. First, he wanted to create one-of-a-kind fashion and beauty products, and second, he wanted to give entrepreneurs all over the world a chance to build their own wealth by selling these high quality products through their own online businesses.
As a former wrestler, Mesgarlou comes from a completely different professional background. But his fresh approach to a 5,000-year-old business was exactly what was needed to revolutionize Canada as a fashion leader. Today, Opulence’s three fashion lines compete alongside renowned brands, including Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Its collections have been worn on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards, Oscars, and Golden Globes. Opulence is also known for creating world class beauty and health products.

But though all of Opulence’s products are crafted to the highest standards, they are not made only for the privileged. The company’s unique business model provides an opportunity for everyone to achieve generational wealth.

In its beginnings, Opulence sold 18K gold jewellery. In 2007, it launched the first collection of the FERI line. FERI is the company’s most popular brand, featuring sterling silver jewellery, shades and glasses, purses, wallets, time pieces and shoes for him and her.

In 2008, FERI MOSH was launched, known for its 19K and 21K gold collections. In 2012, Opulence added its FERI POSH line for everyone, everywhere. The stylish, and affordable collections made FERI POSH a household name just months after the launch.

Opulence’s new beauty line, FERI Flawless, is an eco-friendly collection of spa-grade skin and beauty products made with botanical extracts. The company worked with scientists to develop an anti-aging skincare line that is “created by nature, perfected by science,” all without the use of animal by-products, artificial fragrances, synthetic dyes, or parabens.

After Opulence’s R&D team discovered phenomenal health benefits in some of the raw materials used in its skincare products, the company decided to release a wellness supplement as well to encourage its customer base in their quest to live their best, healthiest life.

Opulence owns its own inventory and develops, manufactures, and distributes all of its own brands. Sanaz Hooman manages Opulence’s team of over 30 designers in Europe, whose work has captured the attention of customers in over 150 countries, and earned praise from industry experts, such as the prestigious Canadian Jeweller and Preferred Magazine.

“We were absolutely humbled by that,” says Hooman. “These brands have been in the industry for over a hundred years, and here is this Canadian fashion hub that comes out of the gates and gets featured on the front of the publication.”

Mesgarlou was quickly able to gain traction in a trillion-dollar industry with his modern business approach. Whereas most fashion labels begin by setting up a storefront, Mesgarlou recognized that in today’s market, the online shopping experience is paramount.

“Our platform is entire online, and our method of distribution is all online based. In order for someone to shop, they first become either a Lifestyle Advisor or what we call a VIP shopper,” explains Hooman.

Opulence’s exclusive products are available only to its members. VIP shoppers are able to earn shopping credits from purchases made at increasingly high percentages based on amounts spent (from two percent to ten percent) and can also earn rewards from hosting home jewellery or accessory parties. Shoppers are rewarded up to 400 percent more than at leading credit card rewards programs.

VIP Shoppers of Opulence have the opportunity to earn money while their family and friends buy products online through the VIP Shopper’s unique link to their online shop. The VIP shopper and the Lifestyle Advisor who signed the VIP Shopper up both earn money. The VIP Shopper can earn up to 10 percent in shopping rewards / cash, and the Lifestyle Advisor earn up to 67 percent when products are purchased in your online shop.

“With minimal start-up costs, this gives entrepreneurs the ability to start a business, sell online, and redistribute a product that has already been successfully introduced to the marketplace. This company is not only creating amazing fashion and beauty products, but also providing an opportunity for others to hit a financial homerun,” Hooman tells Business in Focus.

For entrepreneurs who wish to make an initial investment, there is an additional opportunity to become what Opulence refers to as a Lifestyle Advisor. “We have about 20,000 Lifestyle Advisors all over the world,”Hooman adds.

And for Opulence’s Lifestyle Advisors who truly go the extra mile (pun intended), the corporation has also launched the Car Club, allowing top performers to receive a prepaid car. The club was created to celebrate those who sell very well online and through trade shows, and who have very successful affiliates in their business. Once you make it, you’re qualified into the Car Club for 18 months.

Opulence also offers other exciting incentives, such as cruises and exotic luxury vacations.

Opulence’s treatment of its affiliates is unmatched in the direct sales and multilevel marketing business. It offers the highest paying compensation plan, with a payout of up to 75 percent. The 100 percent debt-free company boasts an A+ rating on BBB, and has never missed a single commission payout or had a back order.

The corporation also helps those who desire some extra support in starting their business, by offering them lessons through an online training platform.

“It doesn’t matter which country you live in or what time zone you are in; you can view the modules online at your convenience. We also have tons of training for free available on YouTube. We do about four different conference calls, webinars, and Zoom calls a week,free for members and affiliates,” says Hooman.

Hooman stresses the importance of the Canadian multinational’s e-friendly business model, especially when it comes to millennial business owners and customers, who are comfortable and savvy with shopping and selling online.

“We have millennials in our company who have not only paid off their student loans through our business model, but have managed to make a substantial amount of income while completing school,” she says.

Opulence has provided thousands of people with their dream opportunity. Many Opulence Lifestyle Advisors have achieved financial freedom and are able to earn six-figure commissions, all through residual income from selling high quality products they can be proud of. One of Opulence’s missions is to create a thousand millionaires around the world.

“We believe by giving people what they want, you are also going to get what you want. You have to lead your business with heart and passion, and that is an integral part that I truly believe in when it comes to business,” Hooman remarks.

In addition to helping thousands realize their dreams, Opulence also organizes several charity events and auctions. Opulence raised $76,000 for the Sick Kids Foundation, with the help of the Toronto Film Festival and celebrities Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed. As a tribute to Mesgarlou’s background as a pro wrestler, Opulence has sponsored 32 Olympic athletes through Can Fund.

Opulence takes pride in making the world a better place through not only the way it conducts business, but also by offering high quality products in the best interest of the customers and environment. Being both a huge animal lover and the designer-in-chief of many high fashion collections, Hooman also strives to create animal-friendly products for Opulence’s member-customers. Her future plans include further developing the company’s product lines as they expand into the health and beauty industry.

“We just developed a new skincare collection that is vegan and eco-friendly. We also have a bag, shoe, belt, and backpack collection that is 100 percent vegan,” she informs us. “So not only do we give back through charities, but we also give back to our environment.”

The company will continue to offer even more personal care products in the future, using natural elements. Hooman is a firm believer that green products are the way of the future.

“We believe in being environmentally friendly and taking care of our planet a little bit better than what has been done in the past. With any business, if you are just thinking of now instead of thinking ahead, you’ll never progress,” she says.

For instance, Hooman recalls that when she joined the company years ago as a Luxury Consultant, Mesgarlou’s goal was to create a multimillion-dollar company. Opulence has now surpassed that and had extreme success, but hasn’t become stagnant.

“We’re always moving, and now our target is to become a billion-dollar company, and the biggest Canadian fashion, beauty, and health corporation. Our commitment is to create world class products, led by a unique opportunity to unleash our Advisors’ full potential, en route to living their opulent lifestyle.”



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