Advanced Intermodal Equipment for All Needs

Pratt Industries
Written by Robert Hoshowsky

Skillful engineering, state-of-the-art designs, quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service are just a few of the hallmarks that have made Pratt Industries, Inc. a true American success story. The business was created by Bob Pratt, working with his son Bill and began with a vision to work diligently and become one of the best-known manufacturers of advanced intermodal equipment in the world. More than forty years later, the company is still growing.
Pratt Industries’ trailers boast the greatest resale value in the industry, and the company continues to add new products. It welcomes inquiries from customers to discuss the best model options for specific needs in any category.

Pratt Industries’ range of products includes flatbed, lowboy, platform and utility trailers, as well as trailers for heavy hauling and truss and modular home transportation. It also has tank and container chassis, lumber dumpers, dry freight vans, a large inventory of quality aftermarket parts and other precision-crafted items that ease the jobs of its many customers.

The team at Pratt Industries takes pride in the work it does in inspecting, advising customers, making modifications and refurbishing every trailer model to ensure trailers operate at peak performance and are up to current safety codes. And to make sure trailers stay looking their best and to prevent rust, sandblasting and a new paint job is suggested every five years.

Products manufactured by Pratt Industries are purchased by clients across the United States and Canada and can be found in South America, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, the Philippines and Russia. Pratt’s trailer division has expanded its line over the years and serves logging, mining, construction, oilfield and fracking and other specialty industries. Companies both small and large – even the United States Armed Forces – count on Pratt.

The company has an impressive combined manufacturing space of 500,000 square feet at three locations in the Michigan communities of Bridgman, Niles and Stevensville. These contain all the necessary equipment, technology and well-trained engineering and technical staff required to meet even the most demanding needs of customers requiring high-strength and lightweight transportation equipment.

According to the company, its decades of experience, strong customer service and technical support allow it to remain focused on one goal: “to produce high quality, efficient products engineered to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry,” and to give its customers “the leading edge in the marketplace.”

Pratt sees itself as a partner in working with both new and long-term clients to provide custom fabrication solutions that are innovative, yet proven. The company collaborates with customers to design custom trailers and chassis that meet their exact needs. These are available in configurations that include fifth-wheel, hydraulic neck and pintle hook.

Pratt’s models come in a variety of sizes. In its durable container chassis line, buyers can choose from eight to fifty-three-foot-long models. In the company’s truss and modular home trailer line – which holds over sixty percent of the industry – clients have the option of a number of fixed and expandable truss trailers, from a pintle hook roll off measuring thirty-six feet long by 96 inches wide to an expandable truss fifty-three feet long and 104 inches wide. Its modular home towing products extend up to an impressive seventy-two feet long.

The company’s gas and energy trailers are equipped to transport gas cylinders such as hydrogen, helium or acetylene. Some are custom made for gas cylinder pallets, like the FB221A-LG gas cylinder pellet trailer that comes outfitted with a lift gate. The FB473-PCA is a flatbed trailer custom manufactured to support acetylene cylinder pallets with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 80,000 pounds.

Pratt’s heavy haul products are engineered, designed and manufactured to safety standards, with main structures exceeding those of the competition, according to the company. The heavy haul trailers can carry a staggering 100,000 pounds and are available in low profile models for greater load clearance. Pratt’s heavy haul models range from the LB50 – a fifty-one-foot long lowboy heavy hauler – to the LB53743-40 with a nominal length of seventy-four feet, nominal width of 102 inches and an open frame capacity of 100,000 pounds in fifty feet (with loads being self-supporting and spanning the entire open deck length).

Pratt Industries creates specialty and custom-built trailers for any requirement. Over the years, these have included trailers engineered to haul precast concrete panels, metal luggers with hydraulic arms to lift full metal bins, trailers to handle steel coil, custom composite trailers manufactured from durable yet lightweight steel and aluminum to transport glass and the FB407-105 red-hot materials trailer with a capacity of 210,000 pounds. It is designed to load eight hundred degrees Fahrenheit steel bars as they come off production lines and have all electric and air lines insulated to protect from the blistering heat.

The company’s information-packed website offers tremendous support for its products, with specifications and downloadable manuals, registration and warranty information. And as a proud member of numerous trade organizations including the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA), the Florida Trucking Association, the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA), the National Trailer Dealers Association (NTDA) and others, Pratt Industries, Inc. remains committed to the success of its customers today and long into the years to come.



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