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It’s All In The AttitudeFood Security in the Face of Climate Change

It’s All In The Attitude

Food Security in the Face of Climate Change

There is no denying that climate change is happening. Advocates for change, such as Greta Thunberg and celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, help bring awareness and a sense of urgency to the issues that surround climate change, but of course, that is all talk. In reality, what exactly is and can be done to ensure continued food security in the face of a changing climate?

STEM SuccessWhere Retail and Education Meet

STEM Success

Where Retail and Education Meet

It’s that time of year again! Gift-giving holidays are here and parents are out on the trail of the latest and greatest toys as they check off items from their children’s wish lists. And in recent years, STEM toys have become increasingly popular with that segment of consumers.

A Great Place to Live, Work and PlayAdams County, WI

A Great Place to Live, Work and Play

Adams County, WI

Adams County, with an approximate population of 20,000, is a beautiful rural area located in Central Wisconsin, twenty three miles from the distinctive Wisconsin Dells. Clean air and ample bodies of water make it a popular spot for tourists, but it is the quality of life found there that truly makes it so special.

Speaking the LanguageAutomotive Data Solutions

Speaking the Language

Automotive Data Solutions

Automotive Data Solutions Inc. (ADS), headquartered in Montreal, is an innovative manufacturer of after-market technology. Among other areas, the company specializes in remote start and audio integration products. Over the past fourteen years, ADS has grown from a small team of five to having one hundred employees across Canada and the United States. In 2018, it sold over one million devices.

A Leader in Trenchless TechnologyAQUAREHAB

A Leader in Trenchless Technology


AQUAREHAB, founded in 1988, is a leader in trenchless technology and water rehabilitation. With its head office located in Laval, Quebec, AQUAREHAB is dedicated to the repair and maintenance of water networks and has teamed up with over two hundred municipalities across North America in its goal to ensure everyone has potable water.

Exceeding ExpectationsChes’s Famous Fish and Chips

Exceeding Expectations

Ches’s Famous Fish and Chips

Ches’s Famous Fish and Chips was established in 1951 by Ches Barbour. Now with seven locations across Newfoundland, this third-generation, family-run chain of restaurants serves mouth-watering, quality food that exceeds expectations, and a warm Newfoundland welcome when visitors walk through the door.

A Resource in QualityPreGel America

A Resource in Quality

PreGel America

PreGel America, established in 2002, is the North American subsidiary of PreGel SpA, a manufacturer of specialty dessert ingredients. PreGel is dedicated to offering quality products, exceptional customer service, and outstanding continued education to the food industry.

A Unique Combination of Family and FlavorHome Run Inn

A Unique Combination of Family and Flavor

Home Run Inn

Home Run Inn is a family-owned and operated business specializing in pizza. Using the same original family recipe it’s been using for over 70 years, its fresh pizza is presently served at nine pizzeria locations in Chicago, while its frozen pizza line is available in over 40 states nationwide. Home Run Inn is dedicated to its customers and focused on always producing a quality and flavorful pizza.

Alive with OpportunityYoungstown/Warren

Alive with Opportunity


Youngstown is the county seat of Mahoning County, and Warren is the county seat of Trumbull County, with both communities situated along the Mahoning Valley in Ohio. In part due to the Utica and Marcellus shale formations, Youngstown/Warren has become the supply chain capital of all things related to shale and is presently buzzing with related activity and opportunities.

A Coating for Every NeedCANLAK

A Coating for Every Need


With more than 35 years of experience as an industrial wood coating manufacturer, CANLAK plays a leading role in the woodworking industry. CANLAK is a privately owned, Canadian company and its head office is located in Daveluyville, Quebec. With six facilities across Canada, as well as one in the U.S., the company specializes in innovative, top-of-the-line industrial coatings perfectly adapted to the customer’s needs.

Fresh Is BetterBays English Muffins

Fresh Is Better

Bays English Muffins

Bays Bakery Incorporated started in Chicago, in 1933, as the Bays English Muffin Corporation. Dedicated to quality service and product, the company has grown to distribute across the United States and abroad. In 2017, Bays proudly celebrated its eightieth anniversary.

A Unique CombinationCrêpe Delicious

A Unique Combination

Crêpe Delicious

Crêpe Delicious, established in 2004, specializes in gelato and crêpes. It started with one store, in one mall in Vaughan, Ontario, but has since grown to include over 50 locations, both across Canada and in several various countries worldwide.

A Shared PassionThe Matador

A Shared Passion

The Matador

The Matador – a restaurant known for its Mexican cuisine and extensive tequila bar – has been offering its customers a unique experience and quality food ever since its inception. From its beautiful works of art to its décor and atmosphere, its owners have put their passion to work, and their hearts into creating this one-of-a-kind establishment.

Designed to LastAdetel Solution

Designed to Last

Adetel Solution

Adetel Solution, in Montreal, is part of the International Cendum Adetel Group, which has offices worldwide. The company specializes in custom solutions and innovation and is dedicated to taking on unique engineering challenges and designing quality products that last.

Your Business is Their PleasureWyndham Deerfield Beach Resort

Your Business is Their Pleasure

Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort

Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort is a privately owned corporation, located on Deerfield Beach, Florida. It was built by the Chase Family who have owned and operated it since day one. Dedicated to being “responsive and respectful,” Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort is in the business of delivering a great experience to each of its guests, and making them feel at home.

As Unique as Its NameMaury County, TN

As Unique as Its Name

Maury County, TN

Maury County is located in Tennessee, approximately forty-five miles south of Nashville. It has a wide variety of landscapes, from the classic hills of Tennessee to farmlands, all with a rich history and an array of beautiful antebellum homes. But its wonderfully unique mixture of a suburban lifestyle with a rural feel is what makes it such a great place to live and do business.



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