The Future of Bakery AutomationABI LTD

The Future of Bakery Automation


ABI LTD, of Richmond Hill, Ontario, has emerged as a global leader in the manufacture and integration of automated baking equipment. The company makes it its mission “to empower every bakery to maximize their potential. We do this by being a technology and equipment partner.”

New Products, New PartnershipsKewaunee Scientific Corporation

New Products, New Partnerships

Kewaunee Scientific Corporation

The Kewaunee Scientific Corporation story began in 1906 when a small group of investors came together to create a manufacturing company to deliver a top-notch line of laboratory furniture and accessories. Previously, the United States sourced almost all of its laboratory equipment from Europe, Germany in particular. Kewaunee stepped in at an ideal time to fill the domestic gap.

Moving ForwardSweetwater County EDC

Moving Forward

Sweetwater County EDC

Sweetwater County is bustling with activity. Home to major mining and industrial development projects, the Wyoming community is moving forward to embrace new economic opportunities. After profiling Sweetwater County in 2019, Business in Focus checked back in to hear the latest on a range of projects.

Putting People FirstWOW! Mobile Boutique

Putting People First

WOW! Mobile Boutique

WOW! Mobile Boutique has made a mark on the industry with its customer-centric service that emphasizes fair, honest advice. The cell phone and tablet provider’s kiosks have become a fixture in malls throughout Canada, and the brand’s popularity continues to grow. After featuring WOW! Mobile Boutique in March 2020, Business in Focus caught back up with the retailer to learn the latest news.

Saving Money and the Environment by Restoring Damaged ElectronicsAREPA

Saving Money and the Environment by Restoring Damaged Electronics


It is a common nightmare for anyone who owns a manufacturing or industrial plant that a disaster—natural or otherwise—strikes their facility, damaging specialized technical equipment. The inclination, in such situations, is to throw out any damaged electronics and buy replacements. If a company wants to save time and money, however, they could contact disaster recovery experts AREPA instead.

Enhanced Safety, Performance and ProductivityTelematics Solutions for Smarter Trucking

Enhanced Safety, Performance and Productivity

Telematics Solutions for Smarter Trucking

In decades past, long-distance commercial truckers faced limited options when it came to communicating with fleet operations managers. Once they hit the highway, truck drivers could radio in their location, mileage, and other performance indicators—provided they had a radio and clear reception. Beyond reports from the driver, there was no way an operations manager could monitor real-time truck performance while back in the office.

Technology Trends and OptimizationThe Future of Supply Chains

Technology Trends and Optimization

The Future of Supply Chains

“The Times They Are A-Changin’” wrote Bob Dylan in his classic song in the ‘60s. The intent and purpose of this song can be perceived as a lyrical message about the consistent need for change as world events and situations dictate. But perhaps more important is the inevitable response to change that determines the success or failure of a call to action.

Workforce ResetChasing Talent in a Vibrant New Economy

Workforce Reset

Chasing Talent in a Vibrant New Economy

What happens when growing demand meets shrinking workforce? This has been the reality for a number of sectors, including manufacturing – even in a pandemic. With the workforce largely approaching retirement, employers are under real pressure to find skilled workers in the face of unrelenting product demand.

Family CompaniesPlanning for Succession – and Success

Family Companies

Planning for Succession – and Success

Business in Focus has profiled hundreds of companies, from mom-and-pops to multinationals, and we’ve reported on every imaginable strategy and tactic for survival and success. But there’s little that throws up thorny boardroom problems like the managing of successful succession.

Tampa Bay TreasureCity of Largo, FL

Tampa Bay Treasure

City of Largo, FL

The City of Largo enjoys a prime location nestled between the sunny shores of Florida’s Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. “We are located close to a lot of great things,” says Mayor Woody Brown. From water sports, fishing, nature preserves, and amusement parks to museums, NFL football, and aquariums, the surrounding area has it all.

The City that Rises Above the RestCity of Sunrise, FL

The City that Rises Above the Rest

City of Sunrise, FL

From its ease of access to its corporate parks, ongoing investment, and well-managed local government, the City of Sunrise represents the best Florida has to offer. Situated in central-western Broward County – one of the three counties comprising the Miami metropolitan area – Sunrise is a hub for major employers like American Express, Chetu HQ, AT&T, Amazon and Comcast to name just a few. It’s home to many national and global headquarters, along with retail, office and manufacturing businesses in tech, medicine, logistics and other areas.

Everything’s Better in BrocktonCity of Brockton, MA

Everything’s Better in Brockton

City of Brockton, MA

At first glance, the City of Brockton looks much like one of many leafy, green cities in the American northeast that are shaking out their feathers after the stresses of COVID-19. But, since meeting with three of its inspiring leaders, I am stuck on the theme song from the 1980s box office sensation, Rocky Balboa’s Eye of the Tiger – and the rich texture that this homespun community of almost 106,000 residents has created for itself – despite the global hardships of recent years.

Expert Fleet Branding Like No OtherTurbo Images

Expert Fleet Branding Like No Other

Turbo Images

Turbo Images is one of North America’s largest graphics specialists, and its innovative work gives flight to some of the continent’s biggest brand names. As an industry leader in solvent-free printed fleet graphics, the company keeps brands like Coca-Cola, Walmart, Pepsi, and many other fortune 500 companies looking fresh while in transit.

Still Making HistoryCity of Salem, MA

Still Making History

City of Salem, MA

Salem, Massachusetts has earned the tagline ‘Still Making History.’ “We are rooted in history,” says Director of Planning and Community Development Tom Daniel. Founded in 1626, Salem is best known for the infamous witch trials of 1692, which still captivate the public and draw tourists to the community three centuries later.

Growth and Prosperity by DesignChisago County, MN

Growth and Prosperity by Design

Chisago County, MN

In Chisago County, Minnesota growth and development is done by design, and thanks to a countywide strategy, great efforts are being taken to collectively leverage the strengths and the growth potential of its cities, townships, and school districts to make the area a vibrant, prosperous, overall great place to be.



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