April 2023

2023 | April 2023 | Sustainability & Food SecurityAdvocating for OrganicCanada Organic Trade Association (COTA)

2023 | April 2023 | Sustainability & Food Security

Advocating for Organic

Canada Organic Trade Association (COTA)

The Canadian organic industry represents over 7,900 producers of a number of commodities including food and beverages, livestock and livestock feed, fibre, and many others. In 2022, the industry grew to $9.35 billion, with the non-food sector growing at a faster rate than food and beverage, although the latter represents 80 percent of the total market. Yet despite the sector’s great promise and strong growth year over year, myriad barriers are preventing the organic market from reaching its full potential, and the Canada Organic Trade Association (COTA) is at the forefront of efforts to make Canada a leader in organic.

2023 | April 2023 | In Focus | TourismComing Back StrongThe Tourism Industry Association of Canada

2023 | April 2023 | In Focus | Tourism

Coming Back Strong

The Tourism Industry Association of Canada

Almost a century after its founding, the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (L’Association de l’industrie touristique du Canada)—better known as TIAC/AITC—remains dedicated to its vision and mission: leading Canada’s tourism industry to be the most competitive in the world; serving as the voice of the nation’s tourism industry; and “improving its global competitiveness as an international destination through leadership and advocacy.”


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