April 2015

2015 | April 2015 | In FocusSmart Solutions for Emergency ResponseBEHR Energy Services

2015 | April 2015 | In Focus

Smart Solutions for Emergency Response

BEHR Energy Services

Calgary-based Behr Energy Services Ltd. started as an oil service company but, while that is still part of the business, the consultancy firm has since branched into emergency and risk management. Over the past ten years, growth in the industrial sector has been significant, and as of a few years ago, Behr has entered into the municipal arena. Business in Focus spoke with company President Todd Wilson to find out more.

2015 | April 2015 | In FocusA Waterfront TreasureCity of Norfolk

2015 | April 2015 | In Focus

A Waterfront Treasure

City of Norfolk

Known as the Cultural Center of Virginia, a hipster haven, and a prime location for innovation and entrepreneurialism, Norfolk, Virginia is on the radar. “We are an ever-evolving city, striving to become the most dynamic and authentic urban waterfront community in America,” shares Mayor Paul D. Fraim.

2015 | April 2015 | In FocusA Prosperous Economy and a Dynamic CommunityCity of Fond du Lac

2015 | April 2015 | In Focus

A Prosperous Economy and a Dynamic Community

City of Fond du Lac

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, has developed quite the reputation for itself. The city is ranked tenth out of 357 metro areas for manufacturing job growth and 100th out of 240 small metros for overall jobs growth in 2014 by NewGeography. It is also ranked seventh out of 179 small metros for the presence of high-tech companies and 25th out of 179 small metros in the Best-Performing category by Milken Institute. And these are only a few of Fond du Lac’s recent recognitions!

2015 | April 2015 | In FocusAn Emerging GemThe Municipality of Chatham-Kent, Ontario

2015 | April 2015 | In Focus

An Emerging Gem

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Known as the friendliest community in Ontario, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent is comprised of twenty-three communities and seven major cities across an area of 2,400 square kilometres – about three-quarters the size of the province of Prince Edward Island. With a population of approximately 104,000, scenic Chatham-Kent spreads from the shores of Lake St. Clair to the shores of Lake Erie and from Tilbury to the Highgate area.

2015 | April 2015 | In FocusBuilding a New FutureCity of Rochester, New Hampshire

2015 | April 2015 | In Focus

Building a New Future

City of Rochester, New Hampshire

Rochester, New Hampshire is bridging an industrial past with a high tech future. “A lot of people say they are prepared for the future, but what they are really prepared for is for things to go back to the way they used to be,” says Economic Development Manager Karen Pollard, CEcD, EDP. “People have to let the past go because the future is going to be completely different.”

2015 | April 2015 | In FocusWelding SuccessNuWeld

2015 | April 2015 | In Focus

Welding Success


NuWeld Inc. offers a variety of specialized mechanical services worldwide, including nuclear safety related and non-safety related work, complete natural gas and oil distribution services, individual and complete turnkey services, and ongoing inspection and post-project maintenance.

2015 | April 2015 | In FocusSilicon Valley’s Premier EMS ProviderSonic Manufacturing Technologies

2015 | April 2015 | In Focus

Silicon Valley’s Premier EMS Provider

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies is an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider that works extensively with startups and emerging technology companies throughout Silicon Valley to help develop and execute their plans. Since its start in the 1990s, the company has taken a steady approach toward growth and has managed to weather the economic storms that have plagued many companies.


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