August 2019

2019 | August 2019 | In FocusTrue GritEnerCorp Sand Solutions

2019 | August 2019 | In Focus

True Grit

EnerCorp Sand Solutions

EnerCorp Sand Solutions provides patented and proprietary sand management solutions to the oil and gas industry. The company specializes in developing sand control technology and is well established as an innovator in the sand management industry. EnerCorp designs, manufactures, sells, rents, and services its equipment throughout North America and intends to expand its reach.

2019 | August 2019 | In FocusThe Long HaulTwo Decades Of The Great American Trucking Show

2019 | August 2019 | In Focus

The Long Haul

Two Decades Of The Great American Trucking Show

In the most recent video posted on the Great American Trucking Show’s (GATS) official YouTube channel, up-tempo country music plays as thousands of people are shown filing into a large convention space over the course of a day, time-lapse style. A camera pans across a series of large show trucks painted in eye-catching colours, lined up for an event called ‘Pride and Polish,’ as dozens of people mill about.

2019 | August 2019 | In FocusKeep on TruckingAddressing Driver Shortages

2019 | August 2019 | In Focus

Keep on Trucking

Addressing Driver Shortages

North America’s trucking industry has been wrestling with the growing issue of a driver shortage for many years – particularly in the long-haul sector. The industry, businesses, and government are all looking for ways to fill the urgent need for more truckers. Suggestions to solve this are wide-ranging, and many are viable but will see results over the long term.


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