Current | June 2024Bringing Nature BackGreener Urban Spaces for Human Health

Current | June 2024

Bringing Nature Back

Greener Urban Spaces for Human Health

As an increasingly cerebral species, homo sapiens appears to forget at times that, rather than it being an external, optional force to be tailored to our every whim, humans are as much a part of nature as nature itself. For this reason, human ancestors maintained for centuries that spending time in nature is crucial to maintaining sensible boisterousness and overall good health. That time spent in nature is pretty good for you.

Current | June 2024Fallen HeroA Soldier’s Story

Current | June 2024

Fallen Hero

A Soldier’s Story

This is not only the story of the life path of a fallen soldier from Ukraine, Vitalik Volodymyrovych Nezhinsky (Doc), but the story of two beloved people who met at the end of Vitalik’s life, fell in love with each other, fought and were together until Doc’s last breath.

Current | Economic Development | June 2024Getting to ‘Yes’ in Pittsburg – A Very Positive PlaceCity of Pittsburg, California

Current | Economic Development | June 2024

Getting to ‘Yes’ in Pittsburg – A Very Positive Place

City of Pittsburg, California

For Jordan Davis, few things are as gratifying as seeing a community come together and share the same vision. Director of Community and Economic Development for the City of Pittsburg, California, Davis and his team spearhead business attraction initiatives, transit expansion, strategically located housing projects, downtown beautification, clean technology, and more, all while respecting the city’s rich industrial heritage.

Current | Economic Development | June 2024A Rising Hub for ResearchTuscaloosa County

Current | Economic Development | June 2024

A Rising Hub for Research

Tuscaloosa County

Home to the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa has always been a major destination for college football fans. Now, in addition to this longstanding claim to fame, the community has earned a place on the map as a center for research and is attracting new industries as a result. Business in Focus sat down with Justice Smyth, Executive Director of the Tuscaloosa County Economic Development Authority (TCEDA), to learn more.

Construction Services | Current | June 2024Affordable and Modern Modular BuildingsAvalon Building Systems

Construction Services | Current | June 2024

Affordable and Modern Modular Buildings

Avalon Building Systems

Avalon Building Systems is making construction affordable again. Headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts with two factories in the Northeast, the company specializes in designing, fabricating, and assembling some of the most magnificent modular homes. Because it is located in a region where labor is affordable, its buildings come to market at a reasonable price compared to prices in many other places across the U.S.

Current | May 2024 | Products & ServicesBeefing up Its Presence in the Meat Snack SectorStryve Foods

Current | May 2024 | Products & Services

Beefing up Its Presence in the Meat Snack Sector

Stryve Foods

Stryve Foods is on a mission to expand the meat snack market. The company offers treats made from beef Biltong—that is, air-dried meat that is packed with protein but lacking in nitrates, sugar, and preservatives. A centuries-old favorite in South Africa, beef Biltong is not yet well-known in the United States, a situation the company is striving to remedy via a lineup of nutritious treats in a variety of flavors and formats.


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