February 2018

Where Downtown is your City’s Living Room

Where Downtown is your City’s Living Room

City of Bellflower, CA

Bellflower, California combines a business-friendly atmosphere with a family-friendly one. Centrally located in southeast Los Angeles County, the 6.1-square-mile city with a population of 78,106 – as of 2015 – is close to the ports and airports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, with easy access to three freeways. A future light rail transit system will travel through Downtown Bellflower, connecting southeast Los Angeles County to Downtown Los Angeles.
“Bellflower is a hidden gem in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area,” says Jim DellaLonga, the city’s Director of Economic Development. He talks enthusiastically about the climate where the average temperature is 74° F (23.3°C), where recreational opportunities abound year-round in city parks and on nearby beaches and mountains and where real estate prices are family-friendly. “We want to let people know we’re here, and that in addition to all those benefits, we have a business-friendly climate,” he says.

The Mobile Office

The Mobile Office

Nearly Two Decades in the Making

In 2000, I began working in marketing for a software development company that was designing applications for the Palm™ handheld computing device that were set to revolutionize the consumer packaged goods industry. At the time, mobile phones were just used for making phones calls, and BlackBerrys® were the “cutting edge” device that allowed users to text…
The Palm Pilot however, would offer applications that would enable a workforce that traditionally collected its information on paper out in the field to streamline its efforts by inputting the information they needed into a handheld device, which would then be uploaded directly into a database. This would save time and money by eliminating the extra step of manually entering the info collected into a desktop computer or laptop from home or a hotel room while on the road.


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