March 2022

The Better Way to Bank CUA

The Better Way to Bank


It’s good to find a financial institution like CUA, a provider of services and benefits that open the door to brighter financial futures for its customers, and a place where everyone’s voice is heard.

Creating Opportunity—TogetherUpper Valley Business Alliance

Creating Opportunity—Together

Upper Valley Business Alliance

The cities of Lebanon and Hanover are located in the Upper Connecticut River Valley region of central New Hampshire. With a combined population of roughly 27,000 people, the Upper Valley has a breadth of cultural and recreational activities to explore. The region offers incredible educational opportunities, and its medical technology industry is rapidly growing.

Women’s WorkHow Is It Changing?

Women’s Work

How Is It Changing?

“For the times, they are a-changin’,” Bob Dylan sang, and times seem to be changing fast. It has been pointed out that 1970 is as far away from 2022 today as it was from 1918 – exactly fifty-two years. Life was vastly different for everyone, but especially for women, in the early twentieth century compared to the technological boom times following 1970. Though much has changed with regard to equality in the workplace, the challenges remain significant, yet not without hope.

Always Moving Forward

Gainsborough Waste

While running Carl Construction and Carl Custom Homes about 30 years ago, Noble Carl saw that there was a growing need at building sites for building waste removal and disposal services. Other needs then presented themselves, each one an opportunity.

Kewaunee Scientific CorporationKewaunee Scientific Corporation

Kewaunee Scientific Corporation

Kewaunee Scientific Corporation

It only takes a brief look to discover that very little of what we consume daily did not travel through a lab at some point in its lifecycle. Kewaunee Scientific Corporation designs and manufactures scientific furniture and equipment with care, to not only make laboratories beautiful and functional, but to make them comfortable and safe places to work.

Miles AheadGP Transco

Miles Ahead

GP Transco

Driving distances akin to thirty-eight trips around the planet every week while carrying four billion pounds of product annually, GP Transco is a North American trucking leader that operates in a league of its own. Alongside its commitment to working with integrity and with its sights set on hauling over 69,000 loads of freight in 2022, this trucking firm is dedicated to transparency.

Sound Advice Sounds Like ThisValcoustics Canada Ltd.

Sound Advice Sounds Like This

Valcoustics Canada Ltd.

Of all our senses, one of the most pronounced is hearing. Many sounds are pleasant, while others, like pounding construction noise, can set our teeth on edge. For well over half a century, Valcoustics Canada Ltd. has been one of the world’s foremost leaders in sound solutions.



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