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The New NormalChanging Consumer Trends

The New Normal

Changing Consumer Trends

We’ve been through a lot. COVID took pretty much everything we’d taken as normal for decades and turned it all on its ear in little more than a couple of months – and kept things that way for two years.

Pandemic ResetThe Shifting Workplace

Pandemic Reset

The Shifting Workplace

For a lot of us, the pandemic has shown that there are more important things in life than climbing the corporate ladder and bringing home big dollars. The uncertainties and challenges of lockdowns have had people rethinking their connection to work, how they work, where they work – and what they do for a living.

Black EntrepreneursScaling for Success

Black Entrepreneurs

Scaling for Success

In this month, we look at the history, the contributions and the achievements of the Black community in North America. Getting ahead in business can be an uphill battle at the best of times, and when one is faced with additional challenges of inequality in the form of wealth gap, lack of privilege, and outright racism, the struggle for success for an entrepreneur – especially a Black one – can be daunting.

Workforce ResetChasing Talent in a Vibrant New Economy

Workforce Reset

Chasing Talent in a Vibrant New Economy

What happens when growing demand meets shrinking workforce? This has been the reality for a number of sectors, including manufacturing – even in a pandemic. With the workforce largely approaching retirement, employers are under real pressure to find skilled workers in the face of unrelenting product demand.

How a Small Canadian City Kept Business and Growth Alive During the PandemicCity of St. Thomas, ON

How a Small Canadian City Kept Business and Growth Alive During the Pandemic

City of St. Thomas, ON

Over the past year, we’ve seen a lot of headlines about doom and gloom through COVID-19, but there are some good news stories. No question, the pandemic has been a challenging time for mental health, weathering all the uncertainty and following the protocols of masking to keep contagion at bay. But the people of St. Thomas, a small railway city in southwestern Ontario two hours from Detroit, are a resilient bunch.

Super SmartHow Tech-Driven is Your Office?

Super Smart

How Tech-Driven is Your Office?

Check out any high production science fiction movie and you can always tell that it’s set in the future – not because of how people are dressed or how they talk, but because of all those futuristic features that the buildings and spacecraft have.

A Cosmic Gold Rush?Mining in Space

A Cosmic Gold Rush?

Mining in Space

Remember that big blockbuster movie from the late 90s “Armageddon” with Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck? They had to save the planet from a lethal giant asteroid that was hurtling toward Earth, and the solution involved landing on said asteroid to drill into it.



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