June 2016

2016 | In Focus | June 2016Growing by Going LeanCogent Power

2016 | In Focus | June 2016

Growing by Going Lean

Cogent Power

Headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Cogent Power Inc. is the largest manufacturer of electro-transformer components in Canada. The firm has operated in Canada for over four decades and has sister companies in Sweden and the United Kingdom. Cogent is run as part of a European group of companies owned by Indian conglomerate, Tata Steel.

2016 | In Focus | June 2016Shredding Cars and MoreQuad Plus

2016 | In Focus | June 2016

Shredding Cars and More

Quad Plus

Quad Plus in Joliet, Illinois, provides industrial control systems, solutions and services. Its team of mechanical and electrical engineers provides “technology-based solutions for all types of plant automation platforms. This includes plants, mills, factories, mines, et cetera. Essentially, anything that includes process or line control/automation,” says Joe Kowalkowski, General Manager of the Quad Plus Large Drive Division.

2016 | In Focus | June 2016Where Arts & Industry MeetGranite City, IL

2016 | In Focus | June 2016

Where Arts & Industry Meet

Granite City, IL

Centrally located along the banks of the Mississippi River in America’s heartland, Granite City, Illinois was ideally situated when the industrial revolution took off in the United States. Frederick and William Niedringhaus recognized the area’s potential and chose the site for the location of their company, which would grow to become Granite City Steel…

2016 | In Focus | June 2016A Small City Embraces Big Change to Spark DevelopmentCity of Collinsville, IL

2016 | In Focus | June 2016

A Small City Embraces Big Change to Spark Development

City of Collinsville, IL

Collinsville, Illinois is a small city (population: 25,579) strategically located in Southwestern Illinois near several Interstate highways. Collinsville boosters are eager to attract new businesses, residents and tourists to a place they say is on an upward trajectory. The city has a thriving uptown, preserved historic buildings, an enviable quality of life, tax breaks for companies and a pro-business attitude.

2016 | In Focus | June 2016A Century of SkillOlsson Roofing

2016 | In Focus | June 2016

A Century of Skill

Olsson Roofing

Based in Aurora, Illinois, Olsson Roofing is one of the leading roofing contractors in the U.S. Although it has been in operation for over one hundred years, the last few have seen incredible growth due to its new foray into furthering to develop its sheet metal division. It is also one of the safest companies for which to work and has an employee retention rate that is the envy of the industry.

2016 | In Focus | June 2016Over Eighty Years of ComfortReiner Group

2016 | In Focus | June 2016

Over Eighty Years of Comfort

Reiner Group

For over eighty years, Reiner Group Inc. has been installing and maintaining commercial and residential heating and air conditioning systems to keep customers comfortable. The comprehensive heating and air conditioning contractor also performs related engineering, electrical and plumbing work to support its HVAC projects. We spoke with Vice President Tony Gasparovich to learn more.


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