October 2016

2016 | In Focus | October 2016Proximity, Diversity and DevelopmentCity of Everett, MA

2016 | In Focus | October 2016

Proximity, Diversity and Development

City of Everett, MA

Located on the Mystic and Malden Rivers, just north of Boston, is Everett, Massachusetts. With a population of just over 41 000, Everett is undergoing significant development. Already the locale of choice for some 20 million tourists each year, Everett is giving people even more reasons to visit the area through initiatives that improve the quality of life and the economic vitality of the city.

2016 | In Focus | October 2016Spurring Growth in Multiple SectorsLimestone County Economic Development Association

2016 | In Focus | October 2016

Spurring Growth in Multiple Sectors

Limestone County Economic Development Association

Limestone County, in the Huntsville Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), is one of the fastest-growing counties in Alabama. The main focus for the Limestone County Economic Development Association is creating jobs and workforce development. Swift growth keeps the association on its toes and busy with many strategic initiatives. It helps to have infrastructure that is ready for new businesses to come in, the largest community college in the state, a highly educated workforce and attractive business incentives.

2016 | In Focus | October 2016A Californian GemCity of El Monte

2016 | In Focus | October 2016

A Californian Gem

City of El Monte

Removed from the hustle and bustle of nearby Los Angeles sits the City of El Monte, California. Located in the San Gabriel Valley, El Monte is in a unique position. It is close enough to major business centers for companies relocating or setting up in California – about twelve miles from Los Angeles’ downtown core – yet distant enough for families wishing to get away from urban sprawl.

2016 | In Focus | October 2016Working Hard on a Manufacturing ComebackPentaflex

2016 | In Focus | October 2016

Working Hard on a Manufacturing Comeback


Pentaflex, Inc. is a hard-working contract manufacturer on the comeback trail. Headquartered in Springfield, Ohio, the firm makes metal stampings and assemblies and serves customers across the Midwest. A dip in the truck market has meant a decrease in revenue and personnel at Pentaflex, but the company is determined to regain its market position, attract new customers and promote Made-in-America manufacturing.

2016 | In Focus | October 2016From Local Success to Prominent Aerospace SupplierKilldeer Mountain Manufacturing

2016 | In Focus | October 2016

From Local Success to Prominent Aerospace Supplier

Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing

Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing (KMM) is a manufacturer based in Killdeer, North Dakota. Coming up on its thirtieth anniversary next year, KMM makes electronic components for both the military and commercial aerospace sectors. These components include electronic circuit board assemblies, wire harnesses and cables. The firm has a fiber optics segment and some very high-profile customers.

2016 | In Focus | October 2016Teamwork, Innovation and AmbitionGage Brothers Concrete Products

2016 | In Focus | October 2016

Teamwork, Innovation and Ambition

Gage Brothers Concrete Products

Despite joining the Gage Brothers in 1980, Company President Tom Kelley doesn’t feel that he has ever worked a day in his life. “I wake up every morning, and I can’t wait to get here. I just thoroughly enjoy every day. When I got here in 1980, there were about 80 people and about $4,000,000 a year in sales; now in 2016 we are doing about $60 million a year in sales with three times the workforce.”

2016 | In Focus | October 2016From Tugs to Tank BargesGulf Island Shipyards

2016 | In Focus | October 2016

From Tugs to Tank Barges

Gulf Island Shipyards

Gulf Island Shipyards, LLC has forged an industry-wide reputation as one of the finest shipyards in America. Over the past fifty years, it has grown to four strategically located facilities across the state of Louisiana. Gulf Island has the experience, equipment, design capabilities, fabrication know-how and necessary space to take on a broad range of new construction and repairs.

2016 | In Focus | October 201650 Years of Building on its StrengthsChief Buildings

2016 | In Focus | October 2016

50 Years of Building on its Strengths

Chief Buildings

For fifty years, Chief Buildings has been designing and manufacturing metal building solutions for a multitude of construction applications. It is a family owned and run company that has supplied products to every state in the U.S. Chief is not the cheapest company, but it offers the best value and relationships have kept it strong through the debilitating recession that has crippled so many others. We spoke with Marketing Manager Brian Shelton.

2016 | In Focus | October 2016A Shifting ParadigmHow Are Lowered Oil Prices Affecting Renewable Energy?

2016 | In Focus | October 2016

A Shifting Paradigm

How Are Lowered Oil Prices Affecting Renewable Energy?

Prior to the global recession of 2008, oil seemed invincible – a king among commodities. Today, less than a decade later, some of the world’s largest oil producers, Saudi Arabia and Russia, are considering freezing production due to low oil prices. According to CNN, “The goal is to keep prices high enough to give oil-reliant countries a financial boost, but not so high that they encourage their chief rival – American shale oil producers – to start pumping aggressively again.”


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