Fruits of Their Labor: Fresh Fare from Exp GroupExp Group

Fruits of Their Labor: Fresh Fare from Exp Group

Exp Group

While this past year has created an atmosphere of upheaval and uncertainty around the world, it has also generated an unprecedented awareness of the importance of personal health and wellbeing, including the need for healthy, nourishing food. With more than 40 years of experience distributing fresh produce on the East Coast, the multinational Exp Group out of New Jersey has the necessary skills, proficiency and knowledge to provide a wide, delicious range of fresh fruits and vegetables from Central and South America to satisfy the demands of even the most discerning customers.

A Growing Freight Company Giving Priority to Driver NeedsAyr Motor Express

A Growing Freight Company Giving Priority to Driver Needs

Ayr Motor Express

Ayr Motor Express is a Canadian long-haul carrier company providing high quality, cross border shipping services from terminals in New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba and drop yards throughout Canada and the United States. Using the most up to date technology and equipment, Ayr’s expert team of specialists provides transportation, logistics, warehousing, distribution, and expedited services throughout its operating territory.

Red-Hot and Ready to RollPECO Pallet

Red-Hot and Ready to Roll

PECO Pallet

Healthy, resilient supply chains – of food and other goods – are of the utmost importance to national security. PECO Pallet is a leader in quality pallet supply that helps North America run like clockwork.

Moving Customers ForwardOmnitrans

Moving Customers Forward


In a world turned upside down by the challenges and limitations of COVID-19, Omnitrans is a full-service logistic trendsetter trusted by international giants for a host of user-friendly, modern solutions coupled with true customer care.

An Evolving Industry Standing TogetherToday’s Transportation & Logistics

An Evolving Industry Standing Together

Today’s Transportation & Logistics

Transformation has become the transportation and logistics sector’s unavoidable new buzzword. However, it is good to remember that the industry is spearheaded by countless ingenious problem solvers who have kept companies going through tremendously perilous times in the past and who will do so, again, because COVID-19 is neither its first crisis nor its last.

Out of the Box ThinkingBasic Crating and Packaging Inc.

Out of the Box Thinking

Basic Crating and Packaging Inc.

Gargantuan logistics challenges are not for the fainthearted. Finding a logistics engineering firm with a proven track record in packaging and moving high-value equipment and components is often much easier said than done, especially when it comes to relocating huge facilities like fabrication plants to places as far as China. Headquartered in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, Basic Crating and Packaging is known for hardcore logistics projects for a host of top industry players.

Celebrating 25 YearsMuñoz Trucking, Inc.

Celebrating 25 Years

Muñoz Trucking, Inc.

As the world’s demand for goods increases, so too do the logistical and transportation networks that bring products and commodities to the consumer. Trucking plays an integral but often overlooked role in our economy, and many companies are struggling to retain their drivers. But in the border city of El Paso, Texas, Muñoz Trucking, Inc. has withstood the test of time and expanded to become one of the Southwest’s major flagship carriers.

Facing the Challenges of the Trucking Industry Head-OnGrimshaw Trucking

Facing the Challenges of the Trucking Industry Head-On

Grimshaw Trucking

Grimshaw Trucking has a proud history of providing reliable transportation to the far north of Western Canada, helping bring prosperity to Alberta and all of Canada. With the current difficult challenges facing the northern transport sector, Grimshaw grit and reliability are being called on again to economically transport consumable goods to help keep the region moving.



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