Standing on Guard

Written by Mark Golombek

Is bigger really better? Perhaps in certain situations, but we all have had dealings with large corporate icons that have left us feeling like a number and not a valued client. ASAP Secured Inc. (ASAP), a boutique solutions provider, in contrast, provides incomparable and customized services designed for each client’s security needs.
Security personnel from ASAP protect property, brand, evidence and information and ensure the safety of employees at a variety of sites. We spoke with Ronald Hartman, ASAP’s Director of Insurance Services Division and Business Development, to learn more.

“ASAP began in 2000 and it is already one of the best in the business. Its mission is to provide premium security services and solutions to clients across Canada. ASAP was formed when their sister company, ISB Canada, responded to a need expressed by insurance companies to have fire scenes secured. That business grew and we separated from our sister company to become ASAP. Although the acronym stands for ‘Asset Security And Protection’ and ‘As Soon As Possible’ – we provide our services within two hours of a call.”

There are multiple divisions within ASAP. The Static Security division provides services like uniformed security, plainclothes security, loss prevention, undercover work and concierge services for residential and commercial buildings and retail outlets. ASAP also provides event security, mobile patrols and, for some clients, alarm response. ASAP has clients in the retail, logistics, warehousing and distribution, mining and, residential and commercial real estate industries.

With the Insurance Services Division, Ronald manages and ensures that evidence is protected and assets are secure when the company responds to disasters and fire scenes. “We rapidly respond to calls from claims adjusters and restoration companies. We lock down the site and preserve evidence and allow them to conduct a thorough investigation,” says Ron. “Site securing is, of course, paramount to the insurance company. With assets untouched and evidence not tampered with, ensures a proper investigation to determine the origin and cause of a fire.”

In other areas, restoration and construction companies are supported by ASAP’s Security Watch Division. A fire watch is required when a company’s fire alarm or fire suppression system in a residential, commercial or apartment building is down, damaged or offline. There is a legal responsibility for someone to walk the halls and do a fire watch to ensure that everything is okay despite the system being down. Regular patrols of the building are done and status reports documented until the system is up and running again.

ASAP’s equipment and materials Watch Service is mainly used by restoration and construction companies. Critical or expensive equipment or materials left on site at the end of a shift must be there for the start of the next. This service provides the necessary protection from theft or tampering. “We also offer sub-trade watch and time tracking services. ASAP will oversee subcontractors and monitor a sign-in procedure in order to provide an accurate report indicating which individuals were on site or off site and when. This assists with billing at the end of the month.”

Residential Watch is yet another Security Watch service. “We have been called a number of times by people who are concerned about being away from their home for an extended period of time because there has been some suspicious activity in their neighbourhood. They ask us to come and watch their house.” ASAP provides peace of mind for the client. The company can station a guard at the home to act as a visual deterrent and do perimeter checks to make sure no entrance is compromised.

ASAP’s Security Consultant Division provides security audits and threat risk assessments. Through ASAP’s expertise and experience, these assessments can identify strengths and weaknesses in security programs. Clients can then address issues in security procedures or physical measures at a facility. This division also provides HD closed-circuit television and access control systems consulting and solutions. “As you can see, we have a full offering when it comes to security solutions,” says Ron. ASAP operates Canada-wide and globally through its sister companies AFIMAC Global and ISB (Insurance Search Bureau) and works closely with its US and LATAM counterparts.

ISB provides comprehensive background screening services and source documents and information to insurance companiesand human resources. ISB has a new product called Making Eligibility Easy (MEE) aimed at the transportation industry to help find qualified drivers and make sure they meet the company’s criteria quickly and cost effectively.

For more than 30 years, AFIMAC Global has offered elite security, crisis management, and emergency response services to image-conscious companies across the globe. AFIMAC prides itself on partnering with clients to protect people and property both during times of crisis and during regular business operations. With a senior management team comprised of experienced industry leaders with unparalleled expertise, the company offers a complete spectrum of pre-crisis planning and premium security and response solutions to government and businesses representing almost every industry.

ASAP is not limited in the number of clients or projects as it can quickly scale up. From the management side, however, it prefers to stay relatively small to maintain that desired closeness with its clients, although it is well positioned to compete with larger security companies. Its account managers handle a smaller number of clients, so they can provide personalized service, quarterly key performance indicator reports, and details of what actions are being taken.

ASAP hires many ex-professionals, ex-military, ex-teachers and ex-police. The company looks for like-minded, well-educated people and those who are persistent in obtaining client goals. “They have to be loyal, dedicated, committed to their job, confident, have respect for the customer, be honest and polite, and have the right attitude and aptitude. Customer service is extremely important to us because it’s the relationships that help us grow.”



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