‘Taylored’ to Your Needs

C.T. Taylor Company
Written by Claire Suttles

C.T. Taylor Company provides ‘Taylored’ construction services to your needs. This promise isn’t just a slogan – it’s the truth.
The multi-talented team boasts a full range of project delivery systems and can handle projects of nearly any size, from small $50,000 jobs to large scale work worth over $30 million. The team will also provide whatever level of service clients require, from simply providing manpower to taking care of the entire project, from start to finish.

The Hudson, Ohio based company has been providing individualized solutions in concrete, tilt-up, steel, and a variety of other construction techniques since 1977. Over the last four decades, C.T. Taylor Company has grown steadily and diversified, gaining valuable experience across multiple sectors, including structural steel erection and carpentry, with specialized expertise in refrigerated warehousing and pre-engineered buildings.

C.T. Taylor provides general contracting and construction manager at risk services and has extensive experience in the design-bid-build project delivery method. This traditional approach to construction is a good fit for the company’s skill set, and the team understands the important roles that scheduling, quality, cost management, and safety play in today’s sophisticated building systems. The company employs tradespeople in-house, maintaining control over projects and ensuring that the end product is top notch.

“Although it may be old fashioned, we have found over the years that the ability to do the work with our in-house skilled craftspeople has made us better managers,” the company’s website explains. “By self-performing a lot of the work, we have the ability to control aspects of the job that other companies do not have the ability to do,” adds Sr. Estimator / LEED® Coordinator Leslie Yager. “We are able to get in there and actually control everything in the site.”

C.T. Taylor also offers design / build services in addition to the traditional design-bid-build approach. In this approach, the owner and design professionals work as an integrated team and the project budget is developed alongside the design, giving the owner more options early on and optimizing the project’s value. “For owners that wish to actively participate in a team approach to construct their facility from concept to turnover, design / build is an ideal method,” the company points out. But, while teamwork is emphasized, C.T. Taylor still takes sole responsibility for the project – managing everything from project cost and permitting to scheduling and cash flow – so the owner is not bogged down with the complications and headaches of the construction process. “The fundamental principle of the design / build project delivery method is to provide you, the owner, a single source of responsibility and accountability,” the company explains.

C.T. Taylor also offers construction management services as a Construction Manager Advisor, or an “at risk” Construction Manager. “Our hands-on experience at self-performance makes us a superior partner in this team approach to construction,” the company website points out. “Having years of continued hands on contact with our projects is vital to the valuable input we provide at the earliest phases of the project. Our project managers and superintendents are more efficient at scheduling and maintaining quality assurance because they know firsthand how things are and should be done.”

C.T. Taylor can provide a full scope of pre-construction services, regardless of the project delivery method a client chooses. “Our intimate knowledge of the nuts and bolts of the construction process enhances the value of services such as comparative cost studies, value engineering, preliminary critical path scheduling and subcontractor pre-qualifications,” the company points out. “When, for example, we compare the cost of a structural steel structure to a cast in-place or pre-cast structure, we maintain historical costs from our own experience rather than rely on outside estimating services.”

Green Building
C.T. Taylor also specializes in green or sustainable building. This approach to building carefully considers the design, construction, occupancy, and maintenance of a building in order to improve its impact on the environment and on human health. Green building deals with a wide range of issues during the construction process including renewable resources and the reuse or recycling of materials, clean energy sources, energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems, and the redevelopment of existing building sites. Lasting benefits to the environment – and the building’s occupants – include everything from the reduction of waste and carbon use to improved air and water quality.

The team has placed a strong emphasis on green building and has been remarkably successful in its attempts. “At C. T. Taylor we strive to bring our expertise to the table and help everyone become a little greener,” the company explains. Indeed, a whopping 75 percent of C.T. Taylor’s projects are built to achieve at least LEED® Silver. “From about 2010 to now, we have roughly 17 projects that are either LEED® certified silver or gold or are expecting to be certified silver or gold,” Mr. Yager shares.

Most notably, the company’s work on the U.S. Coast Guard Ninth District – Cleveland Moorings boat maintenance annex in Cleveland harbor earned the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Best Building Award 2014 – BD&C. C.T. Taylor was also recognized by USGBC as the Best Large Contractor 2014 for its work on McEbright Community Learning Center in Akron, the Geneva Platt R. Spencer Elementary School in Geneva, and Midview Middle School in Grafton. In addition, Mr. Yager was named LEED® Green Associate of the year for 2014.

The team is committed to maintaining its focus on green building and already has a number of environmentally friendly projects lined up for 2015, including the construction of Coventry High School in Akron, Ohio and Norton High School in Norton, Ohio, both of which are scheduled to obtain LEED® Silver. Obtaining LEED® certification can certainly be challenging, but C.T. Taylor is up to the job. “The major thing is to be able to have all the documentation in hand in a readable, easily obtainable form,” says Mr. Yager. “So we created our own form that [can be] easily filled out. I look at all the forms that come in here and if there are items that need to be added we can get them added before we start entering them into the system. Keeping track of all the items on a spreadsheet makes it a lot easier for us, and a lot easier for the reviewers.”

The Team
No matter what the project, C.T. Taylor always makes customer satisfaction a priority. “We strive as a company to give the best product that we can to the owner and to meet the goals and requirements that they have for us,” Mr. Yager reports. A top notch team with a combined total of over 200 years’ experience helps the company achieve these goals. “It goes back to our staff, to our project managers, project engineers, estimators, and our field superintendents,” Mr. Yager asserts. “They don’t shy away from a complex project.” Good communication skills are also key to success. “We are very open in communication. We can gather the best ideas and come up with a solution for just about anything that would come up.”

Staff members stay with C.T. Taylor long term, and most members of the close knit team have been with the company on an average of over 12 years. Their long term experience and dedication to the firm help ensure that projects will come in on time and on budget. “We are also a merit shop company, so we are very price competitive for everything that we do,” Mr. Yager adds.

After nearly 40 years of ongoing success, C.T. Taylor continues to expand. But, Mr. Yager insists that the company will always offer a specially “Taylored” solution, no matter how big it may become. “We plan on getting larger and still offering the same personal service to our clients,” he explains. “We will always have a person ready to talk to them and meet with them.”



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