One-Stop Construction Shop

Macroe Construction
Written by Claire Suttles

Macroe Construction can do it all. The Edmonton, Alberta based company offers a wide variety of services in order to offer the one-stop-shop solution that clients want.
Gone are the days of schlepping from one firm to another, tediously picking and choosing services from a string of companies in order to complete a single project. The team can handle everything from full service contracting, energy services and hydrovacs to water and sewer and excavation, as well as construction material hauling and delivery.

Macroe entered the stage in 2007 as a self admitted “industry underdog.” Just eight years later, the company has achieved substantial growth and enjoys a solid reputation after working on some of Edmonton’s highest profile construction projects. The team credits Macroe’s “fresh approach” and “unique take on construction” for the success, according to its website. “We believe in combining new ideas with traditional methods, thereby producing an advanced approach to the industry,” says

The company’s full service solution is a key component to its “unique take.” Hydrovac services cover daylighting, pipe and utility exposure, post and pile holes, and slot trenching. The company’s snow removal team will push and pile snow or haul it out to snow dumps, as well as provide ice melt and sanding. Concrete services cover slab on grade, curbs, sidewalks, para ramps, piling, light pole bases, and concrete removal. Excavation and compaction capabilities include topsoil stripping, site grading, sub grade prep, parkade excavation, building pad prep, grade beams, main arterial street rehabs, stockpile removals, and granular base compaction.

This long list of services covers multiple industries, although the majority of Macroe’s work is in the commercial sector. The company has extensive experience on civil construction projects including road restoration and treatment plants, and the team is able to handle everything from rough grade and final grade to excavation and foundations. The team’s extensive experience also extends to the industrial sector, and Macroe is particularly well suited to high-risk jobsites. “We employ strict safety policies and understand the need to complete jobs safely and effectively, especially in a plant or refinery setting,” the company website explains.

Strong communication is a hallmark of every project. “The fresh, new approaches Macroe uses in daily communication and construction are the key reasons we’ve grown to be industry leaders,” the company website states. “We keep all communication with clients open, fast, and reliable by collaborating with our team on all levels.” The emphasis on communication and collaboration helps create a hassle-free experience for clients.

The team’s commitment to prompt, professional service at a reasonable cost has helped build long-term relationships with clients, driving the company’s impressive growth. The company’s willingness to upgrade equipment for the latest, market-leading technologies is another huge plus, as is the team’s experience and knowledge.

Macroe’s company culture helps attract its top-notch talent – and encourages employees to think outside of the box to solve problems. “At Macroe, we value collaboration over command. We operate without constraint, and appreciate accountability, reliability, and enthusiasm,” the company website reports. A supportive and fun-loving work environment helps maintain employee satisfaction. As its website says, “We understand that enthusiasm comes from empowerment, and offer every employee the opportunity to advance based on their own involvement. We embrace a fun and upbeat work environment, while recognizing the value of hard work.”

This company culture has attracted “both young, innovative minds – and experienced industry veterans.” Armed with a variety of outlooks and skill sets, the diverse team is able to combine differing perspectives to form a “unified, comprehensive approach to construction.” Employees at every level are encouraged to jump in and contribute their ideas and constructive criticisms to improve Macroe’s operations. “Our team challenges customary procedures – in turn, improving them,” the company website explains. “Each member of the Macroe team has the ability to advance, be heard, and be rewarded for their effort. We embrace the fact that we’re only human – addressing our weaknesses and learning from our mistakes. In doing so, we grow a little stronger, move a little faster, and gain a lot of knowledge.”

Construction certainly has its risks, so it should come as no surprise that safety is a priority at Macroe. The team takes action in a variety of ways, including involvement in safety committees and heeding specialist recommendations. Employee dedication is also key. “Our exceptional safety record is a product of the people we work with, and their commitment to constant improvement,” the company website points out. Careful planning is equally important. “By blending project planning with meticulous safety planning for each site, we ensure every risk and aspect of the project is assessed.” Macroe’s safety accreditations include COR, ACSA, ACA, CSA Standards, Canqual, and ISNetworld.

Macroe is also committed to sustainability. “We recognize the importance of being environmentally friendly in the construction industry,” the company website states. “We value sustainability, and practice responsible workmanship in every project. From recycling in the Macroe office – to using economic equipment on-site – we do our part to help out.”

The company also cares about its community. The team gives back regularly, working with local charitable organizations such as the Cross Cancer Society. “We recognize that our team-members, clients, and fellow Albertans all gain from this support. In our commitment to giving back, we aim to create positive change and growth within our community.”

Macroe is shaking things up with its bold approach to construction. By offering a wide variety of services, the team has won over clients eager for a one-stop-shop solution. A commitment to honest communication, professionalism, and a supportive work environment has helped seal the deal. With just eight years under its belt, Macroe has proven that the new kid on the block has plenty to contribute.



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