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TSG Energy Services Ltd.
Written by Robert Hoshowsky

TSG Energy Services Ltd. was created with the vision of becoming the number one niche provider of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services to the oil and gas sector. The company remains firmly committed to working closely with customers for the successful on-time and on-budget delivery of all projects while keeping respect for the environment and aboriginal culture at its heart.
TSG Energy Services has a range of in-depth industry knowledge covering pipeline construction, oil and gas facility construction, environmental and civil construction services, maintenance and more. To provide services to Northern Alberta’s established oil and gas sectors, it uses the talents of highly-skilled workers from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and other countries.

Downtime costs clients’ money, and TSG has the machinery and the manpower – with the ability to provide up to four hundred employees to meet customer demand – to prevent this and ensure project success. The proudly one hundred percent Aboriginal-owned business has approximately 1,400 full-time staff across nineteen locations, who are focused on customer success.

“We provide civil services, along with mechanical, maintenance services and operations,” says TSG Chief Executive Officer and President Charles Iggulden. “We run quite a few plants for our customers also and everything that involves plant operations or construction, all the way to shut-down services.”

TSG Energy Services traces its history back to 1984 when Landing Trail Petroleum Company Ltd. (LTPC) was founded. Emerging as one of Northern Alberta’s most respected oil and gas Aboriginal service companies, Trade Skills Global Inc. merged with LTPC in late 2007 to create TSG Energy Services. While remaining entirely Aboriginal owned, TSG continues to serve the needs of the province’s oil and gas industries with decades of industry experience.

“We merged to do a joint venture at that time, for business reasons internationally. In time, we bought out our joint venture partners and took it on solely ourselves,” says Iggulden. Previously, he served as president and chief executive officer of LTPC. “We are the same as any other company, except for our Aboriginal ownership. To me, it adds a little icing on the cake with the services we provide.”

The company has earned a formidable reputation for quality and service and running projects according to budget and schedule for numerous blue-chip oil and gas companies. Much of this is the result of time spent working with customers in advance, sitting down with them and discussing optimal strategies, initiatives and objectives to ensure success. President and CEO Iggulden says much of TSG’s success comes from attracting and retaining, the best staff possible.

“We accomplish goals through project controls and having the right people to make decisions in the field,” he says. “We are very hands-on with their senior management team, supporting our guys in the field and hands-on with our customers, and we spend a lot of time working with our customers.”

TSG meets the wide range of project needs of customers across Alberta and is eyeing future expansion. Not limiting itself to any one area, the company’s vast experience in the construction, environmental and maintenance fields sees it complete many successful well facility construction and pipeline projects every year.

In the area of construction, TSG Energy Services has all the necessary equipment and trained staff to take on any facility project. These include piping projects, steam-assisted gravity drainage, facilities and pipelines, pumping jacks, separators, tank installations, treaters, dehydrator units, battery sites, pilot plants, pipelines and compression facilities.

Since environmental works are also an integral part of the oil and gas sector, TSG treats these works with deserved respect. TSG provides years of environmental expertise including processes like advanced soil handling and reclamation, cleanups, site abandonment, pipeline removals, flare pit remediation, liner installation or removal and facility decommissioning. Through these services, the company ensures that client sites will be up to government environmental standards in a highly-efficient fashion.

TSG is also proud to offer a host of maintenance options for all oil and gas industry customers. Qualified personnel undertake projects and maintenance services that cover all aspects of facility turnarounds, shutdowns and outages, along with the installation and maintenance of equipment, repairs of pipelines and facilities, supplying skilled and qualified staff and equipment to cover emergency repairs and cleanup.

“TSG is a one-stop-shop, and we are constantly trying to improve and provide more services for our customers. With some of the smaller companies, we go in and build everything, right from the pipelines to operating the plants: commissioning them, shutting them down and doing everything in the field for our customers. They’re quite happy with us,” he says of TSG, which also performs 24/7 maintenance.

In recent years, one of TSG’s strategic initiatives was forming a new joint venture partnership with one of the most respected civil construction engineering companies in the United Kingdom and Ireland, the Lagan Construction Group ( Lagan TSG was formed with the goal of designing and providing world-class solutions to the construction industry. Privately-owned, with fifty-one percent Aboriginal ownership, Lagan TSG is, in the words of the company, “driven by the desire to offer the best engineering procurement and construction services to the oil and gas sectors of Canada,” and a business which is enhanced by Lagan’s many years of construction experience.

For TSG, the joint venture is very much in keeping with the company’s attitude towards future growth and expansion. Its core values, including accountability, timely delivery, integrity and safety, see clients able to take on a wide range of projects involving facility construction, piping, maintenance, environmental works and more.

It provides services for jobs ranging from $5,000 to $20 million and has been a valued partner for clients such as ET Energy, Petro Canada and many others. In the realm of taking on larger jobs, the company has been named as the prime contractor for a $1.5 billion project with Infinity Energy.

TSG has worked as a primary contractor on mechanical and electrical systems, with a peak workforce of eighty-four, at E-T Energy in Fort McMurray. It decommissioned a pilot plant for Petro Canada’s Fort Hills project, using a peak workforce of two hundred and achieving zero time down for accidents or incidents with work being completed on time and within budget. Another project, for Petro Canada at McKay River, saw TSG engaged in civil road construction, a truck overpass bridge, pad building, tying-in 42 co-owners of pipe in racks, tying-in 12 kilometres of fuel gas pipeline to pads, again, no time down for accidents and work completed within budget and on time. It is through the strengths demonstrated by these projects and more that TSG Energy Services is becoming an ECP of choice.

Some customers have been with the company since it was originally LTPC, and approximately ninety-nine percent of TSG’s work is repeat business. From its nineteen locations, the company is poised to grow both organically and through acquisition. TSG is eyeing expansion into Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. “We feel we need a presence in some of the other provinces with work on the horizon. We really believe that in order to make the money they are, we need to spend our money there and have people living in those communities.”

As it continues to grow, the company’s existing fabrication facilities of 30,000 square feet are planned to expand up to 100,000 square feet – possibly more – in just the next few months. It is, says Iggulden, part of TSG’s commitment to the oil and gas sector. “We are constantly trying to improve and provide more services for our customers.”

“We are very financially stable, and there are some guys in the business who are sixty-five and older and looking to retire, that have good, smaller companies that would have a good fit with our business, and we’re looking to them for acquisition. I’d like to see us double our size or more in the next few years: more employees, double our sales, and I’d like about forty locations. That’s our target.”



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