Innovative Workplace Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Global Healthcare Group
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

Global Healthcare Group (GHG) is a specialized healthcare staffing company serving the government and private sectors across the United States.
As a staffing company, the Group is experiencing significant growth in demand and is hard at work serving clients’ needs, providing quality candidates for placement, establishing a reputation for quality, and as always, increasing its capacity to serve clients nationwide.

GHG provides clients with qualified professionals across the full spectrum of healthcare delivery systems on a temporary, temporary-to-permanent, long and short term contract, travel, per diem and permanent basis, as needed. The Group meets the needs of its clients by providing results-oriented, cost-effective, reliable and innovative workplace staffing solutions.

What began as a small company in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1999, Global Healthcare Group has experienced significant growth over the past several years, expanding its offerings over the years. The team delivers staffing solutions for clients, accommodating maternity and paternity leaves, vacations, short-staffing and other Locum Tenens and permanent requirements.

With a mission to understand the unique needs of its many clients, Global Healthcare Group has grown into a thriving national organization with an expansive market reach. Habib Noor, President of Noor Inc. saw potential in Global Healthcare Group when it was acquired in 2011. “I saw the foundation as something that I could build from. I took over the business and I increased the volume of private clients and offered more lucrative projects for the government,” he explains of the Group’s expansion since the acquisition by Noor Inc.

Between 2010 and 2013, Global Healthcare Group grew 130 percent and was certified as the thirteenth fastest growing company in Central Pennsylvania. GHG provides healthcare staffing services to more than 300 facilities across the U.S., with 2000 employees working for the Group at any given time. GHG staffs hospitals, outpatient facilities, nursing homes, and clinics among its network of clients.

Understanding the demands associated with shortages in the healthcare sectors and developing the company’s back end operations to support these demands, Global Healthcare Group restructured its operations under the leadership of Noor Inc., reorganizing to better support the healthcare industries it serves as well as helping to sustain the company’s growth and ensure scalability. Though the Group has a physical presence in 26 states, its travelling practitioners and professionals can also reach urban and rural locations across the country. As Noor explains, “We have a travelling nurse division where we have a network of nurses who can travel anywhere in the United States giving us the ability to service any client, anywhere in the U.S.”

GHG’s geographic reach is remarkable, largely attributable to the capacities of its travelling divisions including nurses, therapists, and physicians (including anesthesiologists, emergency medicine, family practice, general surgery, pediatrics, OB/GYN, cardiologists, etc.) who help Global Healthcare Group to meet and exceed clients’ needs.

A multitude of placement offerings
Global Healthcare Group offers clients cost-effective and creative staffing solutions. From recruitment to placement, GHG can handle all aspects of a candidate’s staffing process, ensuring that each professional candidate’s career development goals are met or exceeded in the same capacity that each client’s needs are met, developing long-standing relationships along the way.

As the company’s website states, “GHG and our partner agencies have one goal in common: efficient healthcare by way of reduced stress from staffing concerns.” GHG not only has the capacity to serve the broad needs of clients but the flexibility to service clients nationwide, always prepared to pair professionals with a number of job postings in diverse healthcare sectors across the country.

Global Healthcare Group has staffing solutions for every healthcare sector’s needs including therapists (physical, occupational and speech); physicians and physician’s assistants; home healthcare aides; pharmacists and pharmacy technicians; registered nurses; and surgical technologists. Additionally, GHG offers medical staffing such as physicians, internists, psychiatrists, and hospitalists; Allied Health staffing including medical lab technicians and radiology, ultrasound, MRI and CT technologists; and dental staffing of dental hygienists and dental assistants.

The Group places a strong focus on talent recruitment to ensure that it is not only finding the most qualified professionals available on the labor market, but also finding choice placements for its candidates, with flexible employment alternatives, ideal schedules, and the best possible benefits and compensation packages available.

Global Healthcare Group is sensitive to the challenges faced by the government, including meeting the expectations for providing healthcare to the defense and civilian government agencies across the nation. As a General Services Administration (GSA) Contract Holder, some of the Group’s past and present clients include the City of Philadelphia – Prison Health Services; the Department of Agriculture – Forest Services; the U.S. Air Force; the U.S. Armed Forces; the Department of Labor – Job Corps Centers; the Department of Justice – Federal Bureau of Prisons; and the Department of Veteran Affairs.

GHG’s longstanding relationships and commitment to maintaining these relationships have helped the Group to establish contracts with a number of government agencies, leading healthcare organizations, and nursing homes and patient-care facilities.

“Our client is our main goal,” explains Noor. “That’s what we work for, to serve them. It is our goal that they get the world-class service that they need. That is the foundation of our business and that is also the key to its growth.”

A reputation for quality
At GHG, history and reputation speak for themselves and client feedback remains key. From recruitment to placement, communication with the client is maintained to monitor and augment performance. Global Healthcare Group has adopted a system of feedback by which clients can report on the exceptional services they received while providing GHG with a process by which continuous improvement can be achieved, including employee development and quality control.

Global Healthcare Group’s hardworking staff liaises with candidates and clients to ensure a successful placement process, offering the necessary resources to facilitate success and reinforcing the company’s relationships with its clients. The Group has the organizational capacity to handle emergencies and contingencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As well, using a time-tested system of contract management and review processes, Global Healthcare Group is able to control quality output, ensuring that it works with qualified healthcare professionals who uphold the highest standards of care.

According to its website, GHG’s success is “built upon hiring and recruiting the finest quality personnel, applying appropriate and knowledgeable staff to each task order, and constant review and feedback from the client. This allows GHG to anticipate and surpass the needs of the client, while still maintaining competitive pricing with absolutely zero compromise in the quality of our services.”

Global Healthcare Group is focused on continued growth, with plans to open additional offices and acquire additional companies to better support its operations nationwide. In addition to focusing on expanding its geographic reach, GHG will also focus on improving its offerings, attracting quality professionals and responding to the needs of clients and of the healthcare industry as a whole.

“It boils down to having the connection and the relationship with the healthcare employees who are looking for jobs and finding the right people. Once the clients realize our ability to find these people and that our network is vast and nationwide, they are eager to work with us,” shares Noor, whose team will continue working to develop new relationships and innovative staffing solutions.



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