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Teledyne Electronic Manufacturing Services
Written by Robert Hoshowsky

With a history going back over fifty years, Teledyne Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) is a highly respected, full-service provider of contract manufacturing. As a Teledyne Technologies, Inc. company, Teledyne Electronic Manufacturing Services is active in a number of industry sectors, meeting the exacting needs of clients in areas including defense, commercial and industrial electronics.
Through highly experienced staff, lean initiatives, an unwavering commitment to quality and working with the best suppliers Teledyne Electronic Manufacturing Services offers a range of turnkey manufacturing and engineering services and the latest technology solutions.

Teledyne is an American industrial conglomerate founded in 1960 by Henry Singleton and George Kozmetsky. Throughout the 1960s, it grew by acquiring new companies. Two significant acquisitions of the many during this time were Brown Engineering and Ryan Aeronautical in 1967 and 1968 respectively. The contracts these two had with the Department of Defense and NASA brought military and commercial clients and a new direction for Teledyne.

Today, as Teledyne Electronic Manufacturing Services, the company is justly proud of its innovative solutions to client manufacturing needs. From low to medium volume, high mix and high complexity assemblies to design for manufacturability, test services, full spectrum test and development, RF capability (engineering, manufacturing, and test), product development services, tin whisker (thin metallic filaments emanating from the surface of tin platings, which can cause failures) mitigation and the introduction of new products, Teledyne EMS has the qualified staff, services, suppliers and technologies to handle full-service requirements for many industries.

The company provides quality, innovative service and solutions based on decades of cumulative engineering and manufacturing knowledge. Teledyne EMS takes on a range of electronic manufacturing services for clients in commercial and industrial manufacturing sectors.

Teledyne also has a solid presence with the American military and aerospace sector, an industry in which trust is paramount. For Navy applications, Teledyne provides enhanced position location reporting system (EPLRS) radio, SMART T satcom transceivers, electronic countermeasures for both F15 and F16 tactical aircraft, B-1B cockpit indicators, light airborne multipurpose system (LAMPS) radar and vertical launching systems (VLS). For the space industry, Teledyne EMS’s considerable program experience includes low earth orbital (LEO) satellite for both industrial and commercial use, MRI amplifiers and RF assemblies and Tier II locomotive controls.

Electronic manufacturing services is a demanding industry, and to meet the exacting needs of its industrial, commercial and defense clients, Teledyne EMS has a team of highly qualified, experienced engineers who provide a precisely tailored range of services. It works with customers from project inception to the eventual manufacture on the design for manufacturability and to test set design, configuration control, process control, printed circuit card development and RF engineering. Services include the design, upgrade, operation and maintenance of equipment, documentation review and analysis, environmental stress screening (ESS) for thermal and vibration damage, information and communications technology, process tooling design, PWB re-layout, repackaging, through-hole and surface mount technology (SM), circuit analysis, shielded testing areas and more.

In recent years, ‘lean’, as applied to manufacturing and production, has become popular across numerous industries, as it adds value while eliminating waste within manufacturing processes. Striving towards ongoing ways to find efficiencies, Teledyne EMS is emerging as a leader in the lean revolution. Fostering a lean culture, one which focuses on the elimination of waste in all areas, the company’s lean initiatives have seen Teledyne EMS continue to provide solutions to its many customers while increasing quality, improving reliability and lowering the cost of its products.

Through cross-functional teams, which have “mapped current state and future state maps of process flows,” to implement changes, Teledyne EMS has achieved numerous positive results. These include not only considerable reductions in set-up time, but reductions in material handling, rework and improved continuous process flow. Additionally, lean initiatives have led to an increase in operator awareness and participation, along with a greater use of electronic documentation systems.

Over the decades, Teledyne Electronic Manufacturing Services has earned an industry-wide reputation for its superior quality and continuous commitment to improvement. The company has demonstrated its commitment to quality through AS9100 certification, the standardized, widely adopted quality management system for the aerospace industry. It is also ISO 9001:2000 certified, the quality management system that requires an organization to demonstrate its abilities to enhance customer satisfaction and processes for continual improvement while conforming to customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

Teledyne EMS is committed to quality and adheres to key performance indicators (KPIs), manufacturing and test statistical process control (SPC) and tin whisker mitigation by offering services such as lead-refinishing and Seiko XRF (X-ray fluorescence) lead analysis at radiology and imaging. Workmanship standards are required to be, and are, extremely high, with staff trained and certified to International Patent Classification IPC-A-610E, Class III, IPC J-STD-001 E, Class III, rework and repair to IPC-7711 and IPC-7721 and hand soldering standards of 8739.3 and NASA STD 8739.2 (SMT).

This commitment to quality is crucial given the nature of its work and has resulted in countless satisfied customers. Teledyne EMS is a recipient of the prestigious Lockheed Martin STAR Supplier Award for its services to the American global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technology giant and Strategic Supplier of the Year DSD for Northrop Grumman Corporation, the highly respected American global aerospace and defense technology business.

Acknowledging that access to reliable supplies is a necessity, the materials team at Teledyne EMS has a strategic materials procurement process in place which benefits not only the company, but its many clients. Along with seeking competitive bids whenever possible, the company maintains a high-quality supply chain through such initiatives as rigorous supplier surveys, supplier scorecards and an annual supply chain meeting. Its experienced staff are able to suggest alternative parts to customers, and the company utilizes a small business supply base and in-house Avnet store (one of the world’s largest technology, marketing, distribution and services companies). To complement its service offerings, Teledyne EMS is also able to identify end-of-life and obsolete components in a timely fashion.

At its state-of-the-art facilities located in Lewisburg, Tennessee, Teledyne EMS operates within 170,000 square feet of manufacturing space. In addition to shielded rooms and regulated power supply and temperature and humidity controls, the secure facility has a cellular layout and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. It meets the growing market for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and EMS through its operations in the United States and Scotland.

With over five hundred employees and decades of industry experience, Teledyne Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) looks forward to meeting the needs of clients in military, aerospace, industrial, medical, computer and telecommunications sectors in the years to come.



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