Oilfield Logging and Hauling Services

Lydell Group Inc.
Written by Claire Suttles

Under the proven leadership of President and Chief Executive Officer Dwayne Lyda, the Lydell Group Inc. provides a range of first-rate quality logging and hauling services to numerous clients in the oil and gas industry in Alberta.
Based in the province’s Drayton Valley – a central Alberta community above the North Saskatchewan River, surrounded by the vast oilfields of Brazeau County – Lydell Group Inc. remains an Alberta-based organization, entirely owned by Dwayne Lyda.

As an established presence in the province, Lydell Group has an extensive range of equipment and some of the most skilled workers in the industry. It meets the needs of Alberta’s oil and gas industries with the utmost efficiency and safety, from road construction to salvage hauling and much more.

Since it was formed, twenty-five years ago, the company’s range of services to the prairie province and its oil and gas industry has grown to include road construction, oilfield logging and hauling services, reclamation, lease building, mulching services, salvage hauling and pipeline and lease clearing.

The Lydell Group in began in 1990 when Dwayne founded Lydell Logging Ltd. and subcontracted services to Lyda Logging Ltd. The group soon commenced a number of operations in logging, hauling, mulching and oilfield operations. It has now grown to be one of the most sizable oilfield logging and hauling contractors in the province.

Over the years, the company, under Dwayne Lydell’s leadership, has expanded through a combination of acquisition and strategic growth initiatives.

Back in 2002, the company acquired the assets of Meropoulis Logging and Ice River Logging, which included logging contracts for Edson and Weyerhaeuser Drayton Valley.

Just three years later, in 2005, the company began taking on road construction, oilfield lease and reclamation work when Lydell Construction was founded. In 2009, acquiring assets of Lyda Logging Ltd. together with its logging and hauling contracts for Weyerhaeuser Drayton Valley and Edson – the company began operating under the name Lyda Logging (2010) Ltd. Lydell Logging Ltd. then became Lydell Logging (2010) Ltd.

And, in 2012, the company took another step forward when all three entities – Lydell Logging (2010) Ltd., Lyda Logging (2010) Ltd. and Lydell Construction Inc. – joined forces, merged and began operations under the name Lydell Group.

To date, the company takes on projects in south and central Alberta and as far north as Fort McMurray. It also has equipment locations in a number of strategic areas, including Drayton Valley, Okotoks and Fort McMurray.

Today, as Lydell Group Inc., Dwayne Lyda’s oilfield services company remains one hundred percent Canadian-owned and has firmly established itself with major oilfield companies in Alberta as one of the preeminent logging and hauling contractors in the province. Along with its quality services in oilfield logging and hauling, Lydell Group is recognized for its work with general lease road construction, road maintenance, pipeline and lease clearing, lease building, oilfield salvage hauling, reclamation, mulching services, reforestation site preparation and dust control.

Lydell Group has a highly-skilled management team including the company’s general manager, fleet manager, assistant fleet manager, controller, equipment manager, construction superintendent, business development and a health, safety and environmental manager (HSE).

The group is equipped to work with oilfield customers, providing a complete menu of services. Lydell Group has the financial capability, the equipment and the human resources to complete the largest oilfield construction or logging projects the industry requires.

At present, Lydell Group supplies Weyerhaeuser Canada – which manages millions of acres of publicly-owned forests in British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta – for Drayton Valley and Edson. It also serves integrated North American wood products company West Fraser in Sundre, Alberta in addition to Sundance Forest Products Ltd. in Edson, Alberta.

At the Lydell Group Inc., strict adherence to superior safety rules and regulations protects both the company’s staff and contractors. In addition to Work Safe Alberta, the company is pleased to be affiliated with a number of other relevant organizations. These include Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association (ARHCA), the Construction Owners Association of Alberta, ISN, Merit Contractors Association, Acheson, ComplyWorks – which provides cost-effective and adaptable compliance management solutions to a range of companies – and many others.

An employer of choice, the Lydell Group hires new staffers for work opportunities in the Drayton Valley, with wages commensurate with experience. The group employs over one hundred and eighty people and is always on the lookout for more good people for full-time seasonal work in the province’s Drayton Valley. The company seeks new staff who have a reliable, solid work ethic, valid driver’s license and familiarity with machinery manufactured by American heavy duty equipment maker John Deere, specialized forestry and off-road equipment maker Tigercat, and Japanese company Komatsu. It goes above and beyond during the interview process, providing accommodation and transportation to and from the airport in Edmonton for interviewees coming in from out of province.

Among the positions Lydell Group has recently sought are Class 1 drivers for log and equipment hauling, excavator operators, grader operators, dozer operators, grapple skidder (heavy equipment that uses a hydraulic grapple bucket to grab logs and pulls them out of the forest) operators, feller buncher (a variety of tree harvester that cuts and gathers several trees at a time before felling them) operators and process operators familiar with Waratah, Logmax and Hornet equipment.

In business for the past twenty-five years, and with decades of cumulative industry experience, the Lydell Group Inc. welcomes new opportunities. It looks forward to serving a range of customers in Alberta’s Drayton Valley as it continues to provide top-quality services for the decades to come.



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