Leading the Industry in Quality and Innovation

Written by Robert Hoshowsky

Coxreels® has a reputation as one of the finest manufacturers in the United States of heavy-duty, industrial-grade hose reels, cord reels and cable reels. The company continues to raise the bar ever higher with its in-depth industry knowledge and extensive selection of high quality, durable, well-designed products.
Coxreels’ considerable product engineering and design capabilities, high quality materials and components and the ability to continuously develop unique proprietary technologies along with innovative special features, have set the standard for the reeling industry.

The company traces its origins to 1923 and today is entering its tenth decade under the third generation of family ownership and operation. From its headquarters in Tempe, Arizona, the company provides the wide selection, quality, value and exception innovation that has made it the leading worldwide reel manufacturer.

“We are proud to manufacture the industry’s highest quality and widest variety of hose, cord, and cable reels,” says company owner Brad Cox. “Our products are called on to be the most reliable product built to perform in various settings and applications.”

The company’s extensive range of products has everything from electric cord reels and spring-retractable hose reels to motor-driven hose reels, hand crank hose and cable reels and the company’s own patented EZ-Coil Safety Series retractable hose reels with controlled rewind.

Coxreels uses state-of-the-art technologies and expert craftsmanship to produce quality products that are unrivaled in the industry. From superior in-house design capabilities to CNC machining, robotic spin cell operations and robotic welding, the company’s highly sophisticated engineering, manufacturing processes and modern automation systems enables it to create reels to meet the most demanding industry needs.

In the beginning, the company was known as Cox Air Gauge Systems and served America’s then-new gas station market of the early 1920s. As the need for fuel grew, so did the company. In 1939, James H. Cox patented the Coxwell, which managed air and water hoses in auto service station islands.

The company built its first reel in the late 1940s and introduced many features still in use today, including easily replaceable spring cartridge motors and external fluid paths to simplify hose installation and create seal maintenance. Many other innovations soon followed, such as the industry standard CoxCastMaster in the 1950s, a spring retractable reel in the 1960s and a patent for swivel coupling in 1987.

The 1980s and 1990s saw the introduction of other unique features, products and changes. During this time, it patented a convenient lock box, relocated its corporate office and manufacturing facility from Los Angeles to Tempe, Arizona and become the first reel manufacturer to use durable powder coat finishes, rather than wet paint application.

The 2000s saw Coxreels continue to grow and innovate. It upgraded its operations and manufacturing capabilities through the investment of sophisticated machinery such as CNC, robotic welding and spin cell operation. Just this decade, Coxreels moved to a new 120,000 square-foot manufacturing facility to keep pace with unprecedented product demand. The company celebrated its ninetieth anniversary in 2013 and continues to build on the passion and expertise of its founders.

Coxreels has a contingent of approximately 125 to 175 skilled workers at its state-of-the-art facility in Tempe. The growing U.S.-based company remains loyal to its ‘wholesale only’ standpoint and takes great pride in supplying high quality products to distributors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) exclusively.

Living, working and making products with the philosophy of being the best designer, manufacturer and supplier of cord, hose and cable reels, Coxreels makes products that are built to last. In fact, Coxreels is so confident in the quality and durability of its products that it provides a two-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

“We recognize USA made, USA quality and USA support as critical components to delivering incomparable product value,” comments Cox. “These founding principles are displayed and reflected in each model and every part of the Coxreels’ product line! Our advanced engineering and manufacturing processes make extensive use of in-house design, CNC machinery with robotic welding and robotic spin cell operations and modern automation systems that allow us to develop and build state-of-the-art reeling platform solutions that meet and exceed the most demanding requirements in the industry.”

The customer can select from a range of products including spring-driven reels, EZ-Coil® reels, hand-cranked reels and motorized reels, along with related accessories. Hoses come in varying lengths – up to eight hundred feet long in the large-capacity industrial-grade line of hand-cranked hose reels. And some products can handle a maximum 4,000 PSI. The stainless steel series is quality-built from high quality, electro-polished stainless steel to ensure the dependable, clean, rust-proof performance that is vital to sectors like food, marinas and chemical processing.

“You will see the quality, variety, value and innovation that has made us a world-leading reel manufacturer,” says Cox of the company, which also produces vacuum reels and pavement reels.

“Over ninety years as the industry leader proves that constant learning and communication with the industries we serve, innovative engineering and the highest standards in quality and service ensure we will continue to innovate with new proprietary technologies, superior special features and superior products that set the bar in the reel industry,” says Cox.

Coxreels focuses on quality, performance, durability, innovation and reliability to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. The company builds long-term relationships with loyal customers – like Wurth Service Supply, Inc. which deemed it customer of the year – and strong relationships with partners in its distribution network. Its sharing of knowledge with its partners has resulted in growth and development within mutually targeted markets.

Preparing for its next level of growth, Coxreels located to a larger manufacturing facility in August of 2012. “In support of the growth driven by our distribution network, we are ready for the new markets and areas of opportunity,” he says.

“Our potential continues to skyrocket. As long as we do not ever allow ourselves to become complacent, we will continue to better provide products and services to our distributors and OEMs.”

In the long term, Coxreels looks forward to maintaining its position on the forefront of advanced engineering, manufacturing processes, product development and new product applications. Ultimately, it aims to do whatever is necessary to stay ahead of future market needs.

These factors, along with the features found in its reeling solutions, makes Coxreels unique in the industry. They give the company a competitive advantage and allow the business to distinguish itself from other domestic and imported brands.

“Our particular attention in designing products with safety and low-maintenance characteristics makes Coxreels offering a seller’s delight and a great ‘door opener’ in these highly demanded industries where safety and maintenance are often the number one concern,” states Cox. “Overall, our goals are tightly tied to our mission which is, ‘We will lead the industry in quality and innovation.’



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