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All-West Crane and Rigging Ltd
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

All-West Crane and Rigging Ltd. is located in Quesnel, British Columbia and offers mobile crane rentals, sales, and service for a diverse number of industries across Western Canada, now including Alberta. With an extensive fleet and a team of well-trained, highly qualified riggers, drivers, and operators, All-West has established itself as a leader in its field and in the communities in which it operates.
Built on the highest standards of performance and safety, All-West was formed in 2006 when Jerry and Barb van Halderen acquired Webb’s Crane Rentals Ltd. With a vision for the future and a solid business plan, the van Halderens have managed to grow the business substantially since that time, taking the company to the next level, and overcoming challenges along the way.

A well trusted family-owned and operated business serving plant construction and maintenance, pulp and paper, mining, forestry, residential construction, commercial construction, liquid natural gas, oil and gas, electric transmission, hydro-electric, and government infrastructure, All-West forges mutually beneficial relationships with their clients through a commitment to flexibility, reliability, and safety.

Since the acquisition of All-West in 2006, the van Halderens have consistently grown the business, expanding their fleet and their staff, adding a minimum of two employees each year since and helping to sustain the growth being experienced. From what was initially three employees, the All-West team has grown to over 20 employees, a number that is likely to continue to increase moving forward.

In 2009, restructuring the business in accordance with its strategy to expand its offerings, All-West purchased a brand new fleet of Link-Belt Rough Terrain Cranes, adding to its fleet and expanding its market reach while reinforcing its reputation for quality. By adding larger cranes with greater strength, All-West has carved out a niche in the market.

The acquisition of the Link-Belt Cranes has enabled All-West to provide cost-effective, specialized crane services drawing on the new technology’s small working footprint, big reach, and substantial lifting capacity. With the ability to quickly mobilize even in rough terrain, All-West offers its clients solutions for projects of all sizes and all degrees of complexity.

All-West has extensive experience that enables the team to satisfy all client needs, with 3-D Lift Planning, specialized rigging, outrigger pad, man-basket, and crane offerings. All-West provides 24/7 service, 365 days a year to support its rental crane, sales, transport fleet, and support equipment portfolio, doing so while simultaneously offering clients superior customer service.

In addition to the rough terrain selection, All-West has telescoping boom cranes that are perfect for plant construction and maintenance, an efficient and easily mobilized transportation fleet, crawlers, mini-crawlers and carry-deck cranes, available in a variety of sizes. The fleet is well maintained and All-West operates in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism and safety. The team adheres to Browz and ISNetworld standards and has received, and continues to maintain, the BCCSA’s Certificate of Recognition for its Health and Safety Management System. All-West continually strives to improve capacities, looking for ways to expand service offerings and add to its already expansive fleet.

All-West’s 3-D Lift Planning provides clients with a true 3-Dimensional perspective of their project, which includes crane setup and rigging design. Using the specs provided by the client, taking into consideration the weight and dimensions of the object needing lifting, in addition to the location and any obstructions that need to be considered on the job site, All-West can simulate the lift to guarantee project success.

Simulating the lift saves clients time, effort, and money, improving safety, efficiency, and productivity in the process to guarantee a satisfactory outcome for all regular, multiple crane, and engineered lifts. All-West delivers results on every project for which it is a part, using modern technology and an exceptional staff to get every job done right, and meeting and exceeding diverse client expectations.

One such project is the Fort St. James Biomass Plant project, for which All-West was a part. Working together with RR Projects, All-West collaborated to build and install portions of the Biomass Plant Facilities in both Fort St. James and Merritt, British Columbia. The Biomass-fired Green Energy Projects are both owned by Fengate Capital Management Ltd. and Dalkia Canada Inc.

The projects will produce 40 Megawatts of energy that will be added to the BC Hydro grid under a BC Hydro purchase agreement. The Biomass Green Energy Projects will each consume 200 000 tonnes of biomass annually, mostly from waste originating in sawmills, to generate more than 285 000 MWh of renewable electricity per year, each plant producing the equivalent required to power 40 000 homes.

In addition to its rental offerings and its project successes, All-West is a proud distributor of the full product range of Diversified Product Development, specializing in product engineering and design. The company uses its fixed man baskets as they are designed for industry-specific application and relevant to All-West’s clients’ needs. Similarly, All-West provides clients with access to Caldwell Lifting Solutions’ line of engineered, quality, innovative solutions for safe material handling, as well as DICA outrigger pads which provide a custom-fit solution that helps clients achieve the highest standards of safety. The DICA fitting assessment determines the best “Safety Tech Outrigger Pad” setup based on a project’s conditions and needs.

All-West Crane and Rigging Ltd. also has a 15 600 square foot warehouse space available for rent in Quesnel. The space boasts a security system complete with video and alarm monitoring, a wet fire suppression system, and in-floor heating. As the company’s capacity continues to grow, so too do its offerings.

Not only are Barb and Jerry van Halderen business leaders in their industry, they are also leaders in their community, giving back to their hometown of Quesnel and doing their part as proud, long-time residents through continued involvement with local community organizations – though it’s a wonder how they find any time given the demand they face and the time spent between job sites.

Barb van Halderen serves as the Treasurer of the Quesnel Flying Club and the Vice President of the Quesnel Skyfest Society, while Jerry serves as President of both organizations. Both of them have been an active part of the organizations’ success, with the Quesnel Skyfest Society being recognized as the winner of the Quesnel Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award in 2013.

It is through this continued commitment to excellence that the van Halderens and All-West Crane and Rigging Ltd. have enjoyed success and growth. As the company continues to invest in the expansion of its fleet, its team of professionals, its capacities, and its expertise, All-West Crane and Rigging Ltd.’s potential is unlimited.

Making customer service and safety a priority, All-West has established itself as a trusted name in the many industries it serves, proving on each and every project it undertakes that it can lighten your load. For all of your crane rental, sales, and service needs, All-West Crane and Rigging Ltd. is a leader that is flexible, reliable and has the capacity for any project – large or small, simple or complex. Give them a call today or visit



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