Unique Aboveground Storage Tanks

Well Water Solutions and Rentals
Written by Robert Hoshowsky

Well Water Solutions and Rentals, Inc., now entering its fifth year in business, has been supplying a range of innovative, aboveground flow back, frac and buffer tanks to the oil industry…
The company’s water management solutions are among the fastest and safest in the world. Well Water Solutions has been expanding its selection and aims to be a one-stop shop and the number one source for aboveground water storage tanks.

“We have a large client base ranging from small independent oil and gas companies up to the very large major oil and gas companies,” says Sales Manager Chad Campbell.

The company is based in Casper, the second-largest city in Wyoming and has its shop located in the town of Bar Nunn. Well Water Solutions has a skilled team of twenty-five full-time staff and numerous part-time people who are everything from operations managers to boots on the ground workers and everything in-between.

Prior to forming the company back in 2011, entrepreneur Sean Lovelace and business partner Chris Songe recognized that demand for water tanks in the oilfield industry was on the rise. After exploring a number of different combinations and designs, the two worked with engineering firms to create tanks that could meet demands and installed their first tank in September of that year. Since that time, the number of Well Water Solutions tanks out in the field has continued to grow. Although Lovelace had considerable business experience prior to establishing the company, the now company president had never previously been involved in the oil and gas industry.

“Sean owned and operated a commercial and residential insulation company, and, with the success of that, was able build two storage complexes and an RV park,” comments Campbell, who is into his fourth years with the company. “Chris Songe, his partner, was involved in the completions side of the oil and gas for many years, and it was his field experience that recognized the storage shortage.” Chris Songe is now company co-owner.

Friends since elementary school, Lovelace and Songe realized that if their company was going to succeed in today’s challenging business environment, they had to offer something different – and better – than the storage solution products and services already in the marketplace. Numerous factors were taken into consideration: from ensuring tanks were made from strong enough steel to withstand the many thousands of pounds of water pressure to the tank’s ability to withstand wind to ease of transport. The pair sat down and began penciling out their ideas and possible solutions. With the help of three local Casper investors who have since sold their shares, the duo was able to develop and bring their tank designs to life.

Considering the nature of the business, safety at every stage of all projects is critical at Well Water Solutions and Rentals, Inc. The company has its own full-time, in-house, experienced safety trainer, and all staff are required to pass safety training courses and undergo drug testing to ensure the safety of everyone in the field. “We have our standards in safety set very high as we want everyone to make it home safe each and every day,” comments Campbell.

Well Water Solutions and Rentals is founded on the principles of forming and fostering strong, business-to-business relationships and is committed to the success of its oilfield customers. The vibrant and dedicated team is focused on the future of liquid engineering and innovations.

The company provides aboveground water storage tanks (ASTs), frac tanks and a wealth of water management and treatment options to meet the requirements of all customers. Well Water Solutions ASTs vary in size and capacity from 10,000 BBL (oil barrel unit of volume) frac/storage tanks all the way to 60,000 BBL. In addition, the company has frac tanks with varying capacities and features including 1,000 BBL closed-top frac tanks, 900 BBL open top flow back tanks, and the ability to integrate remote fluid monitoring systems for tanks and pits.

“We install all of our own equipment,” says Campbell. “Depending on the size of the tank – as we offer anywhere from a 10,000 BBL tank up to a 60,000 BBL tank – can take one to three semi-trucks to deliver our product.”

While working closely with its customers, Well Water Solutions does a lot of planning to determine the most efficient and cost-effective options. The company’s expertise truly shines through when it comes to water management and treatment. The company refers to it as full management, “from the water source, to the location and back to treatment or disposal”.

It is constantly innovating, which has led to the development of services like its ‘Simple Frac’ designs for the layout of water storage tanks. ‘Infinite Solutions’ is its affordable and highly effective water treatment process that treats even the dirtiest of flow back to produce up to 15,000 BBL per day of water that can be safely reused.

Well Water Solutions created the world’s fastest-to-set-up portable storage solution with its AST Tanks. It developed a patented lifting and clip system which is both secure and safe. Without requiring cranes or chains, the system can transform a 60,000 BBL Mega AST tank to a 30,000 BBL AST tank – or any size in-between – making it the most versatile tank in the industry. Its optional features such as under mount manifold, bird netting, floating covers and tank heating give tremendous benefits to customers.

These advantages mean that tank systems can be erected quickly and safely in as little as four hours, resulting in lower overhead costs than conventional tanks, reduced truck traffic by up to ninety-eight percent and, with fewer hoses, greatly reduced trip hazards.

“We do our best to help our customers in every aspect as far as sourcing water, storing water and moving water for them,” states Campbell. “And our tanks are manufactured to last a very long time.”

In addition to rapid assembly and tear-down, the company’s aboveground storage tanks have many other conveniences. Any leaks will be visible and can be instantly addressed; likewise, reclamation costs are kept to a minimum.

Since tank set-up is highly efficient, Well Water Solutions has not had to recruit a large labor force, yet is still able to pursue a large amount of business in multiple areas. As a consequence, the company is able to keep costs low for its many customers in locations like California, Colorado, Montana, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Canada.

With an eye on the future, the company will continue to help clients and to cultivate successful, long-term business relationships to be able to work together to push forward during hard times. The goal is to reach out to new industries and introduce its unique above ground storage capabilities to a broader scope of customers by continuing to set itself apart from others in the marketplace.

“Our innovative way of thinking led us to develop a system that allows us to set a tank much faster than our competition,” says Campbell. “At Well Water Solutions, we have our own crews that have been working for the company since the beginning. There are no third-party contractors setting our tanks – only experienced, skilled long term employees, ensuring a safe and efficient set-up.”



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