Western Canada’s Land Service Specialists

Scott Land & Lease
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

Scott Land & Lease has led the way in the land services industry in Western Canada for over 25 years. Having developed a reputation for consistently delivering results, Scott Land & Lease has the resources and the deep-rooted expertise to offer clients across a number of industries a unique, diversified approach to land services.
The company has the professional knowledge and industry experience required to successfully negotiate on its clients’ behalf. Scott Land & Lease builds strong, long-lasting relationships with its clients to remain the most trusted and active land services company in Western Canada.

Its team of professionals specialize in the oil and gas industry, utilities, government, pipelines, infrastructure, wind power, oilsands and telecommunications. With resources spread out over thirteen business units, Scott Land & Lease is capable of supporting projects of any size or scope, meeting and exceeding clients’ needs.

“We have a broad base of solid clients across various industries which has served us well over the years,” shared Gregg Scott, President of Scott Land & Lease. “Most of these clients are Western Canada based but several are from around the world. We work hard at keeping our clients happy.”

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Scott Land & Lease has strong localized management groups across six strategic locations in order to better service its clients. In addition to its Calgary office, Scott Land & Lease has several offices in Alberta including Edmonton, Lloydminster, and Grande Prairie, as well as Fort St. John, British Columbia, and Regina, Saskatchewan.

Under the leadership of Gregg Scott, a land professional and community leader with extensive industry experience, Scott Land & Lease was formed in the early 1990s. Leveraging Scott’s decades of experience, Scott Land & Lease has established a reputation for professionalism and integrity, rooted in specialized technical knowledge. Drawing on this knowledge, the company develops relationships with clients, stakeholders, mineral and surface landowners to ensure projects reach actualization. Projects include well sites, pipelines, roads, rail lines, power generation and transmission, telecom towers, wind turbines, water projects, and more.

“Scott Land & Lease was established 25 years ago,” explained Scott. “I had been in the land business for 10 years prior to then, with another firm which had primarily focused on the oil and gas sector.” Scott’s vision was to, “Build a unique land company with a different business model,” one that was diversified by region and that serviced a variety of industries.

“Scott Land & Lease also diversified into a number of different industries other than oil and gas including pipelines, clean energy, water and wastewater projects, telecommunications and transportation. This strategy allowed Scott Land & Lease to smooth out the ups and downs of the oil and gas cycles,” said Scott.

Diversity not only insulates Scott Land & Lease from challenging economic cycles, it also serves the company’s clients and employees. “The advantage to being diversified for our clients is that we can employ successful strategies from a different industry and apply it to theirs to more effectively secure the land,” Scott explained. “For our staff, it means a variety of interesting work that allows them to grow their careers at our company while learning about many different industries. Our local talent with deep experience sets us apart from our competition in various industries. We are stronger competitors and are more successful, I believe, because we work in many industries.”

Scott Land & Lease has continued to reinforce its established reputation for results-driven, quality output across the multiple industries it serves through a highly knowledgeable, service-oriented staff. The firm has assembled a team of professionals with specialized market knowledge that are able to apply their expertise to acquire land for any project. As Scott noted, “Reputation is everything in our business,” and Scott Land & Lease has reinforced its reputation through the adoption of the best industry standards and ethics in its practices, leaving no room for error and consistently delivering results and value.

The team offers expansive services such as First Nations consultation, stakeholder engagement, and outsourcing, as well as traditional negotiations and land service offerings. Over time, Scott Land & Lease has expanded its offerings as well as its team of professionals. It has grown from a team of 10 individuals – many of whom have been with the company since inception – to become a team of over 100 strong. Success at Scott Land & Lease has come from its ability to leverage these assets, its people and their expertise, to maximize its service-oriented approach.

“Our people are our only real asset,” Scott explained. “They make us what we are. We are blessed that many have been with us for their entire careers; several of our staff have been here over 20 years. Their talent, work ethic and principles make us the success story we have been,” and the success story Scott Land & Lease will continue to be.

From notification, consultation and negotiation, through regulation, acquisition, administration and project completion, Scott Land & Lease provides exceptional service and results for its clients. It’s no wonder that even in a field of upwards of 250 bidders Scott Land & Lease is consistently the top buyer at Crown Land sales, doing so for 24 years straight!

In a market space occupied by nearly 50 land companies, Scott Land & Lease is the largest company, acquiring more linear right of way each year than its competition. The firm is a major industry player and the choice of emerging firms and major corporations alike. “Basically, what we do is acquire land for clients with various kinds of projects,” Scott explained. “Simply put, we consult with the stakeholders, then negotiate the deal to acquire the land, then paper and register it as well as all the ancillary functions. Clients trust us with confidential information on sensitive projects every day. Over time, they know they can trust us with this information and manage it accordingly.” Scott added, “Quality Control is in our DNA,” which is a testament to the strong relationships Scott Land & Lease builds with its clients across the multiple industries it serves.

Scott Land & Lease has established itself not only as an industry leader, but also a community leader. Scott Land & Lease maintains a presence in, and a commitment to, the communities in which its offices are located and where its employees call home. “For the past 25 years, we have always supported the communities in which we work,” shared Scott. “Our staff help out in a number of charitable and community programs across the west. The company donates to many causes that our clients and staff support. Our main area of focus is support of disadvantaged children’s causes and research/awareness of cancer, especially prostate cancer.”

For the past 20 years, Scott Land & Lease has held a client appreciation party before the Calgary Stampede, called the Scott Land Stomp. Over a thousand of Scott Land & Lease’s clients and staff gather for a party held in downtown Calgary each year. At the door, donations are collected for the Prostate Cancer Centre, efforts which have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.

Another long-running community effort of Scott Land & Lease is the Teddy Bear Challenge. Each Christmas for the past 20 years, a competition of sorts is held for clients to see who can donate the most teddy bears each year. The teddy bears become gifts that are distributed to local agencies and families in need. To date, tens of thousands of teddy bears have been collected to make Christmas a little brighter for less fortunate children. Scott Land & Lease engages its clients and makes a significant impact in the community each year. Through its efforts, Scott Land & Lease finds ways to conduct important work both inside and outside of its offices.

“The work we do is important, for our clients and the economy in general,” Scott stated. “Our work comes at the front end of the project so a successful land acquisition process will increase the likelihood of a project coming in on time.”

Indeed, the role of land service provider is paramount for a client during the planning stages of a project. Just as it has in the past, Scott Land & Lease continues to adapt to the current challenging oil and gas environment, finding new ways to meet and exceed its clients’ expectations, acquiring the land that they need.

By maintaining a focus on its people and the reinforcement of its solid reputation, Scott Land & Lease continues to be leader in the highly competitive markets it serves. The company successfully negotiates on its clients’ behalf, is attuned to its clients’ needs, and can acquire land for any project, of any size, in Western Canada.



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