March 2016

Smart Growth in a Key IndustryRon Lee Construction

Smart Growth in a Key Industry

Ron Lee Construction

Sometimes, success is found in the most unusual of places. Ron Lee had an idea for a company that revolved around the housing market, but the recession of the early nineties put a halt to his progress. Instead, he entered the pipeline industry, utilities and hydro sector…

Safety as StandardMetro Aviation

Safety as Standard

Metro Aviation

Given the time-sensitive nature of medical emergencies and the vast distances that can be involved in transporting patients to emergency services in the United States, the air medical transport industry has seen massive growth in the past thirty years…

Moving America ForwardThe American Trucking Association

Moving America Forward

The American Trucking Association

Founded in 1933, the American Trucking Association (ATA) has been “developing and advocating innovative, research-based policies that promote highway safety, security, environmental sustainability and profitability.” The ATA is a federation, made up of motor carriers, allied members, state trucking associations and councils and conferences, bringing together some of the most influential voices from across the industry.

Capping off Commercial Projects Across the U.S.Progressive Roofing

Capping off Commercial Projects Across the U.S.

Progressive Roofing

Since 1978, Progressive Roofing has been offering its services to a growing network of customers across the United States. From its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, the company has grown to multiple locations and employs upwards of seven hundred people. Progressive Roofing has established itself as a top commercial roofing contractor in the national commercial roofing market.

Feeding the Innovation EconomyMenlo College

Feeding the Innovation Economy

Menlo College

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Menlo College is an undergraduate business school with a strong liberal arts emphasis within a close-knit community of approximately 1,000 students. Graduates are well prepared for success in Silicon Valley – and beyond.

Continued Growth Brings a Complete SolutionCritical Path Express

Continued Growth Brings a Complete Solution

Critical Path Express

Critical Path Express has grown from a humble courier start up to one of Ontario’s leading providers of courier, transportation, logistics, warehousing, and distribution services. After three decades of successful growth, Greg Doff (Founder) is proud to say the company continues to expand its list of specialized services to better support its customers.

A Unique Educational ExperienceCollege of the Atlantic

A Unique Educational Experience

College of the Atlantic

When he graduated from College of the Atlantic (COA) in 1992, the world held a great deal of promise for Darron Collins. For the young man, it was the culmination of ‘an unforgettable adventure in education’ that began four years earlier when Collins enrolled as a student at a college in Bar Harbor on Maine’s picturesque Mount Desert Island.

Higher Education, Brighter Economy

Higher Education, Brighter Economy

Northern Lights College (NLC) represents one of eleven colleges in British Columbia. It serves the northern third of the province, a vast and scenic region that is home to approximately 71,000 people. Anchored by its first established campus in Dawson Creek, NLC runs four additional campuses and three access centers across northern British Columbia.

SME on the RiseBirch Mountain Enterprises

SME on the Rise

Birch Mountain Enterprises

Starting a business takes a great deal of investment, personal sacrifice and, in many cases, a leap of faith, and this is something that the owners of Birch Mountain Enterprises know all too well. When brothers Chris and Lee Wilson, along with their childhood friend Ivan Boucher, made the decision to leave long and secure careers at Syncrude to start Birch Mountain in 2005, the future was full of possibility.

Western Canada’s Land Service SpecialistsScott Land & Lease

Western Canada’s Land Service Specialists

Scott Land & Lease

Scott Land & Lease has led the way in the land services industry in Western Canada for over 25 years. Having developed a reputation for consistently delivering results, Scott Land & Lease has the resources and the deep-rooted expertise to offer clients across a number of industries a unique, diversified approach to land services.

Metal Building SpecialistsSEA CON LLC

Metal Building Specialists


For over four decades, SEA CON LLC has worked with clients across Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, Arizona, and New Hampshire on a broad range of commercial and industrial projects, with a focus on metal buildings. The Issaquah, Washington-based business continues its longstanding tradition of excellence, timely delivery, outstanding customer service, and value for the dollar to meet the construction needs of its customers.

Developing the Robots of the FutureNachi Robotic Systems

Developing the Robots of the Future

Nachi Robotic Systems

Nachi is a name synonymous with cutting-edge technologies, partnered with value and service. Nachi Robotic Systems Inc. is owned by the Nachi Fujikoshi Corporation, which itself has been in existence for almost ninety years. Its longevity and endurance is a testament to the skill and business acumen found there. Nachi Robotic Systems, by comparison, is relatively new yet is fast approaching thirty years in the American market.

Electrical, Instrumentation, Telecommunications and Controls ExpertsCatch Engineering

Electrical, Instrumentation, Telecommunications and Controls Experts

Catch Engineering

Looking back over the past decade, Hartley Harris has seen many changes take place in Western Canada’s Oil and Gas sector. Hartley is president of Catch Engineering – a privately-owned partnership created with Executive Vice President Chad Smith. The specialized engineering services consulting company is widely known for its talent pool of experts who work closely with clients on electrical power distribution, telecommunications, automation and control instrumentation.

Empowering Global Assembly

Empowering Global Assembly

Lanco Integrated designs and manufactures high-performance, turnkey, automated assembly and test solutions for diverse industries and markets across the globe. Lanco Integrated is driven by its clients’ needs, ensuring that these needs are met through its technology and processes.

From American Dream to Industry LeaderStanley Machining & Tool

From American Dream to Industry Leader

Stanley Machining & Tool

Stanley Machining and Tool is the premier manufacturer of high quality, precision, contract machined parts for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers across a diverse range of industries in the U.S. Celebrating 50 years of success, Stanley Machining and Tool has grown through hard work, a commitment to exceptional customer service, and the highest standards of quality, safety, integrity and respect.

Celebrating Thirty Years of Precision AutomationGenmark Automation

Celebrating Thirty Years of Precision Automation

Genmark Automation

Genmark Automation, Inc. creates patented atmospheric and vacuum transfer robots, integration software, motion controls and peripheral devices such end effectors – the use-specific tools at the end of a robotic arm. The company’s material handling systems are custom designed to improve its customers’ productivity, competitiveness and bottom line in the global semiconductor, data storage and flat panel display markets.



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