Opening the Door to Exceptional Design

Renin Canada Corp
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

Renin Canada Corp. has come a long way, though it remains true to the innovation, sophisticated design and exceptional quality upon which its legacy as a manufacturer and distributor of door systems and related hardware has been built. Through strategic growth and dynamic leadership, Renin has become a market leader and as a result, has opened many doors to multiple market opportunities.
The Renin legacy began in the 1960s with the design of the sliding mirror closet door and has since evolved to include a number of door styles and hardware. Renin manufactures and distributes door systems that come in a number of formats including: barn doors, sliding bipass and bifold closet doors, room dividers, fabricated glass and mirrors, all in a variety of finishes.

In late 2013, Renin was acquired by BBX Capital Corp. and underwent a significant restructuring, which led to the introduction of a new management team and more efficient, streamlined processes to ensure its customers’ needs were being met. All the while, the company remained dedicated to manufacturing and distributing quality products in accordance with its future growth strategy.

Under BBX Capital Corp.’s restructuring process, what was formerly the operating division Home Décor Innovations became Renin US LLC, while Kingstar Products, DSH Hardware, Kingstar West, and JJ Home Products were included under the Renin Canada Corp. umbrella, further expanding the scope of the firm’s market reach and presence.

The Renin Family of Brands includes: ACME, which consists of DSH and Ramtrack hardware brands, as well as ERIAS, which includes Kingstar and Home Décor Innovations door brands. ACME hardware reaches wholesale and retail customers worldwide while ERIAS products reach North American markets.

Building upon the strong foundation left by his predecessor, Mr. Kevin Campbell, the leadership of CEO Shawn Pearson has inspired the momentum that Renin requires to grow. The company’s continued growth will be achieved by leveraging its commitment to innovation and the exceptional products that help to transform any space in which they are incorporated.

Pearson holds an MBA from the Ivey School of Business (University of Western Ontario) and has held a number of senior leadership positions over the course of his career with a number of reputable companies, most recently spending 13 years with Danby Products before coming onboard with Renin.

Beyond his academic and career successes, Pearson’s winning attitude is something that was fostered during his time as a professional baseball player and will serve Renin well. Pearson was All-American at Old Dominion University and later played with the Toronto Blue Jays. He definitely has what it takes to carry Renin through its next era of growth as a company.

Renin has assembled a team that can competitively position it as a market leader in many markets across the world, bringing the contemporary, sophisticated style of its products to an even wider customer base. With manufacturing and distribution facilities in the U.S. and Canada, as well as in Europe, Renin supplies both domestic and international retail and wholesale distribution channels.

According to its website, “Ease of fabrication of doors using our hardware has allowed our export customers to become major door manufacturers in their respective countries. Our fabricators are not simply importing finished doors but actually manufacturing doors domestically using our hardware and locally sourced door panels that suit their markets.”

Indeed, the company’s strength lies in its innovation and the ability to create an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional final product that makes a statement in any room. Using a traditional system that has been redefined for contemporary spaces, quality is foremost and the design of Renin’s doors, glass and hardware truly takes the aesthetics of any room to the next level.

Renin’s product categories are expansive and include: mirror, panel, and European-style wardrobe closet doors; framed and frameless wall mirrors and accessories; sliding bipass, pivot, pocket, and barn doors; and overlay door hardware components. With the option of multiple materials and finishes, the possibilities seem truly endless.

“Our range of door hardware is one of the broadest offerings in the world and we supply systems that are comprised of roll-formed steel, roll-formed aluminum, extruded aluminum and most recently wood profiles in a wide range of shapes, designs and finishes,” explains the Renin website.

The design and style created by Renin’s doors and hardware, in addition to their functionality, is worth seeing for yourself. The company’s Barn Door Kit with soft close is available exclusively at Lowe’s and is truly innovation in action. Renin makes high-end design available to consumers at the commercial level.

Further to its door, glass and hardware offerings, the company is the manufacturer of the TRUporte™ brand of doors. These doors are tempered and thick, offering quality of the highest standard. TRUporte™ is available in a variety of formats, making it one of the most expansive product lines in the market. TRUporte™ products are available exclusively at Home Depot.

The company has the capacity to serve big box home improvement warehouses, OEM wood door manufacturers, wholesale building product distributors, residential construction and remodelling markets, as well as specialty retailers. Building materials wholesalers, distributors and retailers carry and distribute Renin’s extensive offerings to an ever-expanding global market.

Renin’s closet door fabrication and distribution network includes: Dunbarton, HD Supply, Colonial Elegance, Mr. Doors and More, Solar Industries, Inc., Concept SGA and Daiek Products, Inc. Renin’s products can also be found in a number of big box home improvement stores including Home Depot, Lowes and Kent.

Home Hardware, Orgill and TIM-BR Mart provide home centre and hardware store distribution channels, while Renin products are also represented at WOOLF, a wholesale millwork and building product distributor. Renin products can also be found at Urban Barn and Fred Meyer, which are representative of its specialty home improvement store distribution reach.

In order to better service its customers, Renin is launching a new website with exciting features that bring its products and creativity to life. Customers will benefit from greater interactivity and an improved interface that provides helpful information, resources, professional designer ideas, tricks and installation tips, even allowing them to check their order status.

For designers who are interested in additional certification, the firm offers an online Certified Education Learning Unit Course that is administered through Hanley Wood University. The course is designed to focus on Renin’s door systems and their design, hardware use, and installation, to ensure a positive overall customer experience and addition to a room’s design.

The course highlights the many benefits of installing Renin’s interior sliding door systems, educating designers about the various design options and regulatory compliance requirements associated with their installation. The course will offer insight and inspiration for designers to deliver the best possible design experience to its clients.

Renin’s commitment to exceptional design and customer education has elevated the company to become the market leader it is today. From its sophisticated and contemporary door and glass designs to its hardware and hardware kit offerings, Renin makes it easy for any space to look great, transforming the space by offering heightened aesthetics and improved functionality.

To check out Renin’s exceptional door, glass and hardware offerings, the many resources provided, and to see what is new and exciting, visit



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