September 2016

2016 | In Focus | September 2016A Fresh Take on the Legacy of WinemakingAtlas Vineyard Management

2016 | In Focus | September 2016

A Fresh Take on the Legacy of Winemaking

Atlas Vineyard Management

From soil and the lands to the climate, the grape, the viticulturist, the farming approach and the winemaker, many hands and factors influence the production of the best grapes and wines. Atlas Vineyard Management is a farm management company that manages and develops first-rate vineyards for some of the best wines in the world. The company integrates traditional farming practices with new, innovative ideas.

2016 | In Focus | September 2016Moving On Up to the Top in Washington StateBekins Northwest

2016 | In Focus | September 2016

Moving On Up to the Top in Washington State

Bekins Northwest

Established in 1903, Bekins Northwest has more than 100 years of experience in the moving industry. The Corporate Headquarters are located in Olympia, Washington, where the Company serves as an agent for the massive Bekins Van Lines firm. Bekins Northwest continually strives to raise the standard to provide customers with the best possible service in the moving industry; with the goal to be recognized as the leading moving and storage Company in Washington State. The Company’s current primary focus is on residential, commercial and international moves as well as logistics, specialized moves and storage.

2016 | In Focus | September 2016Digging Deep to Produce Exceptional ResultsBig Bore Directional Drilling

2016 | In Focus | September 2016

Digging Deep to Produce Exceptional Results

Big Bore Directional Drilling

With commodity prices down and with operations scaled back as a result, profitability in the oil and gas sector has become a challenge. This is not, however, the case for Big Bore Directional Drilling. Big Bore digs deep to produce exceptional results even in market conditions that are less than ideal, doing jobs safely and compliantly without sacrificing efficiency and quality.

2016 | In Focus | September 2016Taking the Sun to a Whole New LevelMicrogrid Solar

2016 | In Focus | September 2016

Taking the Sun to a Whole New Level

Microgrid Solar

Microgrid Energy is a company dedicated to people, profit, and planet. It does not just work on solar power, but rather emphasize energy efficiency that puts less of a drain on the grid. We spoke with Vice President of Business Development Steve O’Rourke about the solar prospects, the challenges the company faces, how rebates are affecting business, and the future of the industry as a whole.

2016 | In Focus | September 2016Where Tradition and Technology Meet

2016 | In Focus | September 2016

Where Tradition and Technology Meet

Maine is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the nation, with a rich maritime history set against striking coastline, forested interior and countless parks and waterways. The easternmost state in the U.S. has a well-earned reputation for its many amenities, from entertainment to some of the finest-quality seafood restaurants in the world. It has a longstanding tradition of shipbuilding going back hundreds of years and is still widely acclaimed for its many wooden sailing vessels used for fishing and transporting goods and passengers.

2016 | In Focus | September 2016Decades of Industrial Sealing Solutions ExpertiseDichtomatik Americas

2016 | In Focus | September 2016

Decades of Industrial Sealing Solutions Expertise

Dichtomatik Americas

For over thirty years, Dichtomatik has offered its customers a broad range of sealing products and the support of its extensive industry knowledge. With one of the best inventories in the industry, it carries radial shaft seals, O-rings, hydraulic seals, fittings and fastener seals, custom molded rubber and spliced and extruded cord. The company serves the energy and power generation, construction and agriculture, power transmission, fluid handling, lawn and garden material handling and trailer market segments.

2016 | In Focus | September 2016Exact InstrumentsCole-Parmer Instrument Company

2016 | In Focus | September 2016

Exact Instruments

Cole-Parmer Instrument Company

Cole-Parmer is a leading source of laboratory and industrial fluid handling products, instrumentation, equipment and supplies. This is an industry where being exact is of crucial importance as demonstrated by the critical needs of the company’s customer in fields such as pharmaceuticals, academic research, and industrial process. New advancements in technology will always fuel it to exceed. We spoke with Joy Bennett of the marketing department and Michelle Joly, a technical service representative, to learn more.

2016 | In Focus | September 2016From Kitchen Table Startup to Industry LeaderStronghold Engineering

2016 | In Focus | September 2016

From Kitchen Table Startup to Industry Leader

Stronghold Engineering

Stronghold Engineering began with a dream. “When pregnant with my third child, I decided I did not want to work in my then current position in real estate,” remembers President & CEO Beverly Bailey. “I knew the only way to accomplish this was through some kind of self-employment. Scott, my husband, and I prayed about the situation and on October 1, 1991 started our own small electrical contracting business out of our home.”

2016 | In Focus | September 2016A Place to Live, a Place to GrowCity of Dover, NH

2016 | In Focus | September 2016

A Place to Live, a Place to Grow

City of Dover, NH

When businesses are considering establishing a presence in a new area, or relocating to a different location, there are many things to consider – from access to roads, rail, and airports, to business parks, proximity to major centers, and the ability to draw upon a skilled talent pool of potential employees. There are, however, other key aspects to quality of life, such as good schools, safe streets, and a vibrant downtown. All of these amenities and many others can be found in the historic City of Dover in New Hampshire.


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