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Founded in 1983, ITS Compliance Inc offers personalized service throughout the United States and Canada. Experts in finding cost-effective solutions in regulatory compliance and risk management for transportation fleets, ITS Compliance is one of the most flexible companies in the industry, with an unfaltering mission to provide leadership in cost-effective transportation management services.
ITS Compliance started off as a one-person consulting firm that specialized as an ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission) Practitioner. “Our founder could see that transportation fleets didn’t really have a good understanding of regulations and how to comply,” says John Vosters, Chief Sales Officer of ITS Compliance Inc. “It then became apparent that there could be a niche in that field, a void that could be filled through consulting and expertise.”

Regulated by the United States Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, as well as individual provincial regulations and the National Safety Code in Canada, there are certain guidelines that need to be met in order to ensure safety and safe operations when it comes to commercial motor vehicles and commercial drivers.

“These regulations are in place to ensure that the individuals who are driving commercial motor vehicles are not fatigued and falling asleep at the wheel,” explains Vosters. “Regulations are very clear that an individual can only drive so many hours a day and so many hours a week. These individuals can do other things when they are not driving, but they cannot be behind the wheel, on driving duty, for more than a specified period of time, to avoid fatigue.

“ITS Compliance manages that,” says Vosters. “We take those records that the driver completes or are captured electronically through telematics; we audit all of that data and then we provide feedback to our clients on safe driving practices and violations of regulations. In the process, we identify high risk behavior that will place their company at a higher level of liability.”

With an understanding that no one size fits all, ITS Compliance has garnered a reputation for being one of the most flexible companies in the industry. And its dedication to its clients’ success shows in the designs and customized service solutions that it comes up with, as the company manages to meet each client’s unique transportation management needs, no matter how big or small the client.

“We aim to deliver class-effective and very personalized levels of service with a high degree of integrity,” explains Rob Getz, President and CEO of ITS Compliance Inc. “And our efforts are reinforced by our clients who reward us through long-term trust. We foster long-term relationships and we’re very open to continually enhancing those relationships with flexibility.”

Through ITS Compliance’s business practices, the company aims to exceed the expectations of its customers at all levels. This includes cost, as the team remains very competitively priced. ITS Compliance also optimizes its use of technology, and has highly competent and experienced staff members that never hesitate to perform services proactively to enhance their customers’ bottom lines.

With over 125 employees, ITS Compliance has six locations across the country. “One of the unique things that has been very apparent over the years is while we certainly recruit for very specific positions – whether it be in technology or whether it be in other very specialized areas, our technicians or audit team – we select our team members individually for learning,” explains Getz.

ITS Compliance is also committed to stay on top of technology. “One thing that our clients particularly look for from us is commitment to future technology,” says Vosters. “And our ability to not only adapt, but to lead the way. And so, from that perspective, I think that’s certainly an important part of our clients’ decisions when looking for and deciding on long-term partners. They want to ensure that the organizations they partner with are not only going to be there, but are going to be there in a leading manner.”

“In the future, I can see ITS Compliance becoming a leader in the compliance space – not only in the management of services, but also through the ability to provide leading solutions to our clients via a blend of technology,” says Vosters. “I think that the industry is going to see a lot of consolidation around us, just like it has in the telematics area, and I think that we’ll definitely see the ITS group be the leader in that space. We’re very innovative in our approach; we’ve handled a lot of complex situations where it’s very difficult for competition to come in because we have the managerial service piece. Many companies do not like to start new technology companies with a lot of people, so we’ve really taken a unique blend of the technology and the managerial services to a different level.”

When it comes to marketing, the truth is that ITS Compliance hasn’t actually done any. “We’ve actually had zip/zero marketing outside of attending trade shows and positive word-of-mouth from customers,” explains Vosters. “So there’s been no major focus on marketing. That is, up until now.”

The team plans to put a significant amount of effort toward marketing over the next 12 to 18 months. “We are going to become more visible in the industry… by developing relationships with various organizations that we haven’t had in the past,” adds Getz. “We want to be a market leader and someone that people want to listen to.”

From a marketing perspective, ITS Compliance wants to put a new face on the company and plans to do so with news releases, blogs, and attracting people to the organization. “With a so-called marketing that was non-existent except for trade shows, client referrals and growth from within, many of our clients, as we begin working with them, refer to us as ‘the best kept secret in the industry,’” says Vosters. “But we’re about to eliminate that label, to become the ‘best known solution in the industry.’”

“We want to be the leading competitor,” adds Getz. “We want to be the company that people want to duplicate, that they want to use as an example of what this type of organization should be.”

Leading edge technology coupled with uniquely personalized client services has definitely made ITS Compliance a force to be reckoned with in its industry. “We work very hard at staying in front of changes in regulations, and we are very proactive so that our clients are able to adapt to these changes,” says Vosters.

As the ITS Compliance team continues to grow and expand its services, and offer its impressive level of unique user-friendly, cost-effective transportation and risk management services, the company is definitely well on its way to reaching its goals, and becoming the compliance industry leader.



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