Expanding the World of Beauty and Skincare

World Product Solutions
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

World Product Solutions is a private label and contract manufacturer for the consumer skincare, cosmeceutical, beauty and personal care markets. In addition, the company operates a fulfillment center where fulfillment and value-add take on new meaning.
World Product Solutions delivers countless layers of value: from bringing a client’s idea to life through the development and manufacturing processes, to timely fulfillment of a range of products including over-the-counter (OTC) products sourced from vetted partners.

The company has established itself as a leader in the beauty and skincare markets, offering what Chief Executive Officer Eric Pogue refers to as “a full fleet of skincare products, both cosmetic and OTC,” everything from natural and custom skincare programs and age-defying serums to cleansers, toners, beard care, sunscreen, supplements… the list goes on and on.

Growing out of its name
World Product Solutions is the relatively new name of an entity that has been busy for quite a while growing its offerings, its capacities, and its footprint. Founded in 2012 under the name Private Label Sk.in, as a premier formulator, manufacturer, and packager of skincare products, its capabilities and resources expanded until the company outgrew its original mission.

“The company has spent a lot of time expanding its capabilities. We provide manufacturing and fulfillment services to a broad range of retailers. Our name – Private Label Sk.in – was more associated with manufacturing of skincare. Whereas – through who we are and what we do – we help entrepreneurs and retail companies with both manufacturing and fulfillment services to bring their ideas to life and their products to the world. ‘World Product Solutions’ better captures that spirit,” said Pogue.

Private Label Sk.in is now one of six divisions that operate under the World Product Solutions umbrella, together with Evora Worldwide, eWorld Fulfillment, Private Label Supplements, iShip Solutions and Onoxa. Clearly the new name more adequately represents the diverse markets it has grown to serve.

Private Label Sk.in represents its quality, stock skincare product offerings; eWorld Fulfillment delivers efficient and reliable fulfillment services of a variety of products; and Private Label Supplements specializes in quality stock supplements.

Evora Worldwide offers the service of customization, bringing customers’ ideas to reality, through development, onto the shelf. As it specializes in small-batch production, it can reduce waste and keep costs down with no minimum order quantity requirement.

Discussing the growth Evora Worldwide has experienced, Pogue notes, “We’ve expanded, and our products are going into brick and mortar retailers now, so that’s very exciting and our fulfillment client base has also grown significantly, both in size and diversity.”

Rounding out the World Product Solutions divisions is Onoxa, which supports customized skincare brands for the salon and spa market, a foray into new territory for the company. “Onoxa is really disrupting the salon and spa markets, making it affordable for those owners to sell luxury products under their own brand,” said Pogue.

A brand of your own
“Salon owners across the country,” he noted, “are now looking to Onoxa to help them create their own branded product lines which helps them make more money. And we’ve managed it in a way that really minimizes the up-front costs of owning their own skincare line.”

It’s quite something to be able to offer a quality product that you can be proud to put your name on, but this is exactly the kind of thing that World Product Solutions specializes in. It has the resources, facilities, research and development knowledge, the talent and expertise to deliver exceptional value through products that embody the latest market trends.

“When prospective clients want to launch a product line in our skincare, they walk through our plant and see the attention to detail, the quality, the safety, and they can feel really good that our standards meet and exceed all the regulations,” Pogue said.

“When they come, they get a great feeling about our commitment to quality and service. They see that to us innovation is such an important thing, and our ability to offer innovation and make those products is what really sets us apart.”

Rich in culture
The culture at World Product Solutions is so rich and pervasive that everyone across the company’s footprint is committed to those same principles so essential to quality products and value delivery.

“We all sign up – teamwork, respect, character, communication, accountability, innovation, community, and a will to win: those are the characteristics that define our culture. Being unified around those has been extremely helpful,” said Pogue. “It’s the backbone of what we do, and it’s our culture that really attracts a lot of people to our company.”

World Product Solutions not only fulfills orders, it is also recognized as a fulfilling place to work. The company takes every opportunity it can to demonstrate that commitment both internally and in the community.

Caring for people too
Recently, more than eighty World Product Solutions employees came together on a Sunday afternoon to host a two-hour beach cleanup initiative in partnership with TradeWinds Island Resorts and preserve the beauty of the community.

Just as its products endeavor to promote beauty, so too do the employees of the company, in all that they do. World Product Solutions helps its clients, their end users, its employees, and the community to be the best possible versions of themselves and as the company grows, the more impact this can make.

“Service to our community is a big part of who we are as a company,” said Pogue. It’s a commitment that starts at the top and penetrates deep into the company’s ranks. Pogue sits on the Board of Advisors of a non-profit organization dedicated to preparing men and women for meaningful work in the Tampa Bay area.

Each year the organization hosts Jobs For Life, an initiative which supports out-of-work individuals, working with them to communicate the value of work, helping them gain the skills they need to be job ready.

The last session was held in November 2018 and seven people graduated from the program. Some successful graduates found themselves working for World Product Solutions upon graduating and are with the company today.

The rewards
World Product Solutions takes fulfillment to the next level and that makes it an exciting place to be, with a great story to tell, and a company to watch. The goal is to have its products in fifty percent of mass market channels and, while achieving these ends, striving for recognition as the most reliable and efficient fulfillment company in the southeast. It’s well on its way.

“It’s a great place to work. That’s what we’re all about,” said Pogue. “Come see us, meet the people, tour the facilities, put some fun skincare on your face; it makes you feel good, look good, it’s a ton of fun.”



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