Thriving through Smart and Substantial GrowthCity of Kyle, TX

Thriving through Smart and Substantial Growth

City of Kyle, TX

The City of Kyle, seventeen miles south of downtown Austin in Central Texas, has been experiencing tremendous growth for over twenty years. “You hear about significant growth in Central Texas, but in Kyle, in particular, it’s been kind of an anomaly. In 2000, our population was 5,000, and today, we are a little bit over 49,500. We’ll be over 50,000 by the end of the year,” explains Director of Economic Development Diana Torres.

Keeping Pace with Rapid GrowthTown of Davie, FL

Keeping Pace with Rapid Growth

Town of Davie, FL

The Town of Davie, Florida has been a busy place of late. Since Business in Focus profiled this booming Broward County community in December 2018, several long-term construction projects have been seeing results. Davie officials also unveiled a strategy designed to guide economic development through 2023 while maintaining service levels in a period of major growth.

83 Years and Still TruckingHines Trucking

83 Years and Still Trucking

Hines Trucking

J.D. & Billy Hines Trucking was established by J.D. Hines in 1936 in the humblest of beginnings. With one truck, the company served the Prescott region offering log, lumber, and gravel hauling. By 1969, J.D. Hines partnered with his son, Billy Hines, investing in additional equipment as the company grew. In 1976, this father-son partnership was incorporated into its current company name, often referred to as HTI.

Expanding Operations at Home and in MexicoSelect Tool

Expanding Operations at Home and in Mexico

Select Tool

Select Tool, Inc. of Oldcastle, Ontario, has undergone many changes since the firm was profiled in September 2017 in Business in Focus magazine. Many positive changes, that is, despite uncertainty in the automotive market which makes up the bulk of its business. Select’s Mexican satellite plant has begun operations, and the company has expanded its domestic facilities.

Simmering with SuccessNationwide Boiler

Simmering with Success

Nationwide Boiler

Much is the same at Nationwide Boiler Incorporated, since Business in Focus last featured the California-based firm in its December 2018 issue. The scope of its operations, however, continues to expand.

Living On FreshnessFru-Veg Marketing, Inc.

Living On Freshness

Fru-Veg Marketing, Inc.

For Fru-Veg Marketing, Inc.’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Conchita Espinosa-Chediak, building relationships that stretch over generations is about much more than just growing a business. It is a way of life, and this energetic CEO has crossed many seas, mountains, and valleys to bring Americans some of the best fresh produce the world has to offer.

Serving Clients WorldwideTotal Safety

Serving Clients Worldwide

Total Safety

On job sites, safety is a top priority, and few companies realize this more than Total Safety. Created 25 years ago to serve the industrial safety needs of clients in the oil and gas sector, the Houston-headquartered company keeps growing and is today one of the world’s most respected providers of integrated safety services, equipment and solutions.



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