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Medical Waste Management
Written by Samita Sarkar

Medical Waste Management serves its customer-partners in the healthcare market by providing exceptional service and substantial cost savings while handling medical disposal.
Headquartered in Covington, Louisiana, the team of medical waste experts serves healthcare facilities in the Gulf South region and is continuing to grow, so customers can rest assured that their waste disposal is being handled in a cost-effective, compliant, and environmentally responsible manner.

The young company was founded by Taylor Chunn in 2012. While still in college, he saw a gap in an underlooked, fragmented industry that was dominated by major players. These larger competitors couldn’t provide the financial benefits or the personal touch of a smaller and more customer-oriented business.

Today, Medical Waste Management handles over 7 million pounds of waste every year, and has served over 5,000+ customers by building lasting relationships. This is because once facilities partner with Medical Waste Management and receive its exceptional services, they stay with the company for the long term.

The customer-centric business is equipped to tackle the needs of any facility of any size that produces medical waste, including hospitals, surgical centers, clinics, doctors’ or dentists’ offices, nursing facilities, and even veterinary clinics, funeral homes, and detention centers. The company demonstrates expertise in the large quantity generator market, providing partners such as hospitals with a one-solution alternative. Medical Waste Management’s current customer-partners are located across Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.

“Our company values are to put the employees and customer first, with an emphasis on transparency as a full-service healthcare waste alternative,” Founder and CEO Taylor Chunn tells us. “We can handle all aspects of healthcare waste through our integrated waste platform, which provides solutions for any waste that a healthcare system would generate. Through optimizing these synergies, we not only provide a cost-effective solution, but keep the healthcare systems compliant with state and federal regulations.”

The Integrated Cost Solutions platform is Medical Waste Management’s niche. By thinking outside the box, the innovative company finds ways to save its partners money while helping them meet their sustainability goals, for instance, through the implementation of a recycling program or waste reduction program, a reusable equipment program that diverts would-be waste from landfills, or going paperless.

Medical Waste Management’s integrated solutions are driven by customer relationship management and continual efforts toward improvement. This is achieved through monthly documentation on efforts to lower its partners’ carbon footprints while staying up to date with safety and regulatory compliance, all presented to the partner with full transparency. The company offers a user-friendly online portal to help keep customers’ businesses in line with the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration through its Online OSHA Compliance Suite.

Medical Waste Management’s services have already begun changing the industry. In 2016, Taylor Chunn received a “Waste360 40 Under 40” Award, honoring those who have stood out within their community as part of the international waste industry as a whole. In 2019, COO Mark Grillo was also awarded the designation. To have two winners of such a significant industry award in just three years is a major accomplishment for a new business.

As Chunn told Waste360, a global waste sector publication, “We offer a wide variety of services, ranging from waste auditing to recycling platforms to pharmaceutical redistribution or destruction, to our sharps rotation service. We’ll go into a healthcare facility and eliminate the cost of sharps containers by actually handling that cost ourselves and servicing the containers throughout the facility.”

Grillo informs us that one factor that distinguishes Medical Waste Management is its desire to provide the highest level of service. For instance, when the company was established, the team noticed that there were related needs it wasn’t addressing, such as hazardous waste and document destruction.

“We decided to branch out and do that so we could bring the best value,” he recalls. “We do everything the best that we can. We do it once and we do it right, and we provide the best customer service to our partners.”

“We are a very cost-effective vendor, but our level of customer service… that is a gap that has been missing in this industry for quite some time. Our level of personal customer care is second to none. We focus on being that one point of contact, cutting out the middle man, meeting with our customers and working with them on a local basis,” emphasizes Nick Killebrew, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Though Medical Waste Management’s success after just seven years is very impressive, it took dedication to reach its current status. Satisfied customer-partners who have told other clinics just how well taken care of they are by the company have catapulted the business to where it is today through their testimonies. Additionally, the burgeoning young business takes advantage of the tools available today in the digital age, keeping a strong online presence while also knocking on doors, networking with other representatives in similar markets, and doing whatever it takes to let others know that there is an alternative to what is currently being offered.

No two days are the same for the hardworking and entrepreneurial team. Killebrew says that Medical Waste Management has a positive employee atmosphere of commitment to daily goals while having fun and being creative at the same time. In an industry driven by experienced executives with lots of longevity in the waste business, Medical Waste Management represents a youth infusion with a fresh take on solving its customers’ problems. While acknowledging previous industry leaders, Medical Waste Management looks forward to earning its chapter in the book of healthcare disposal.

“On a daily basis, we try to go above and beyond for people’s needs and wants. Every day we do something different for our specific customers,” adds Grillo. “We are proud and grateful to be in the situation that we are in, that we were given the opportunity to build such a great company and be a part of it. We look forward to making the industry better every day.”

As the growing team of 70 expands, Chunn reveals that most employees are hand-selected to fit its values and culture of partnership. “We look for a great attitude, those who have a ‘whatever it takes’ mindset of owning your category. When we win individually, we win as a team, and that is the overall goal for everyone. If you are on the floor, then be the best salesperson you can be at the company. If you’re a truck driver, strive to be the best driver that we have… If everybody works in their category to be the best at what they do, that makes a strong team,” adds Killebrew.

“We’re not a typical company and we don’t believe in micro-management,” says Grillo. “We strive for someone who is self-motivated, self-driven, always looking to make something better. You can tell that in an interview and the first couple of weeks of someone’s employment, just how they try to make the workplace a better place to be.”

Medical Waste Management’s goals are to continue to grow organically and serve the healthcare sector with its integrated solutions. Currently in a state of hyper-growth, Medical Waste Management will expand its regional footprint, trending toward a sub-national footprint in the near future. “We take it one day at a time, and we don’t take anything for granted,” Grillo concludes.

True partners in sustainability, Medical Waste Management removes the burden of maintaining multiple and complicated waste streams while protecting the environment, your patients and staff, and your reputation, recovering value from what its partners in the highly regulated health sector would otherwise throw away or dispose of inefficiently. In the process, it has also saved facilities hundreds of thousands of dollars through its integrated solutions.

If you would like Medical Waste Management to do the same for your healthcare entity, visit



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