The Total Package in Energy Management

Written by Allison Dempsey

A forward-thinking leader in facilities and energy management, NexRev helps its clients lower and control the operational costs of buildings while managing the cost of comfort.

When it comes to innovation, top-notch energy management equipment and the ability to both create and deliver quality services, NexRev does it all. This Texas-based company prides itself on providing exceptional equipment installed by highly qualified staff, trained in-house to deliver the best service possible for its numerous and varied customers. NexRev doesn’t just engineer its own equipment; it ensures its employees are expressly trained in the specialized knowledge required to manage quality control from beginning to end.

Operating with more than 150 employees across North America, over the past 25 years NexRev has continually upheld its impressive track record of delivering first-rate energy management services with continual growth due to both ground-breaking and creative development and inspired business initiatives. CEO Kenneth Smith, who began his career as an electrician, created the company with the intent of not only improving the overall energy management industry model, but meeting and surpassing customer expectations and demands. While NexRev works hard to maintain its outstanding dedication to development and manufacturing, the company’s commitment to quality installation remains integral to its daily business practice.

Energy management, the systematic organization of energy use to meet environmental and economic goals, is a challenge NexRev tirelessly rises to meet. Specializing in providing energy efficiency solutions for regional and national multi-site facility owners, including HVAC equipment retrofits and energy management and control systems, NexRev’s ongoing success embraces a truly distinctive alternative to the business of traditional energy management. Among its numerous notable customers include AMC Theatres, Lowe’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Panera Bread and The Home Depot.

Offering the “total package” means exactly that at NexRev, where products are customized and implemented in a timely, effective manner, allowing an all-in-one approach with vital quality control of products and integration of equipment into a larger energy management strategy – essential to multi-facility organizations. Creating a multifaceted approach results in greater savings for customers, while customized strategies permit customers to receive the highest energy efficiency possible without compromising the look or feel of their facilities.

Achieving growth while maintaining quality is always a priority for the company, which expanded into the Canadian marketplace in 2016 with a regional office located in Toronto. NexRev’s two key energy management solutions, DrivePak and Freedom, were also introduced to Canada’s commercial, institutional and industrial markets. DrivePak, the company’s flagship HVAC retrofit solution for RTU upgrades, and Freedom, an open-platform energy management system engineered for multisite facility operations, allow users to responsibly control and monitor energy consumption, HVAC, refrigeration, indoor and outdoor lighting, and signage systems.

Both the Freedom Energy Management System and the DrivePak offerings have produced an average savings of 10 to 18 percent on a company’s total facility spending, and between a 50 to 55 percent reduction on HVAC costs. Indeed, cutting costs through energy savings means corporations benefit financially – and the environment benefits as well. As companies around the globe strive to be more socially and environmentally aware, NexRev is doing its part by helping companies generate the greatest possible returns from their energy programs with their products. DrivePak reduces the waste of energy that occurs in heating and air-conditioning equipment during non-peak load conditions and improves on facilities’ humidity levels, thus saving energy while improving comfort.

Freedom, built on the industry-standard Niagara platform, provides customers with an open, non-proprietary system, and is an enterprise solution that increases operating efficiencies while reducing energy consumption. Other features include an open source platform that provides independence and the ability to customize, along with mobile access for energy management anywhere, all while ensuring companies get the newest features and benefits in facility management.

An energy-saving upgrade for existing packaged rooftop air conditioning units, DrivePak is found in multiple retail, grocery, entertainment and dining facilities. It’s a product built with a cost structure, delivery method and warranty to meet the needs of an ROI model, while providing a low total cost of ownership with reduced risk, helping ensure a favorable financial return, even without the use of utility incentives.

DrivePak also generally reduces total fan energy by more 70 percent and total unit energy usage by up to 50 percent, with a payback of two years or less, with some customers seeing as much as a 15 percent reduction in overall store electrical consumption, according to the company — a significant reduction indeed.

With the goal of continuing to improve client service and growth, NexRev plans to work hard in order to help deliver more with infrastructure and budgets and create workable savings in operations and energy, reducing risk and increasing operational confidence. The reliable team at NexRev – including analysts, technicians, engineers, and project managers – controls costs, ensures quality, and remains dedicated to working hard to manage facilities so clients can do what’s most important: effectively manage their business.

NexRev’s staff remains the motivating force behind the company’s ongoing success by providing inventive ideas. Its employees are credited and praised for their ongoing commitment, excitement, skill and determination to provide the highest quality service and product, carrying the company forward into the future.

In the years to come, NexRev will continue to provide answers to each customer’s needs in-house, from the development stages through to installation and implementation, with energy reduction being the primary goal. The company plans to work as a central provider of energy management services with research and development, training, installation, and maintenance at the forefront. It prides itself on continually investing in the training and development of its staff, and has been recognized across the industry for its dedication to the considerable craft, skill and knowledge of its employees.



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