July 2017

2017 | In Focus | July 2017Building Success from Family Values, Adaptability, Quality, and the CustomerRoyce Associates

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

Building Success from Family Values, Adaptability, Quality, and the Customer

Royce Associates

Royce Associates is a fourth generation company that has successfully evolved and thrived for over eighty-seven years. But, how is it possible that some companies achieve such longevity and success while others do not? In most cases, there is not a single factor, but rather a combination that together makes those companies unstoppable. For Royce, it is strong family values, adaptability, quality, and a customer-centric focus.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017Commitment to ClientsAPCT

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

Commitment to Clients


Steve Robinson is the president, chief executive officer and co-owner of rigid printed circuit board manufacturing company APCT, running day-to-day operations of the North American global business. His primary duty is maintaining profitability for his financial partners and himself, but he believes his ultimate responsibility is guiding the team in the right direction to preserve the culture and direction of the business.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017Tennessee’s Best Kept SecretGreene County Partnership

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

Tennessee’s Best Kept Secret

Greene County Partnership

The Greene County Partnership is an umbrella organization located in Greeneville, Tennessee, that brings together the Greene County Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development, Tourism, Education & Workforce Development, and the county’s environmental arm, Keep Greene Beautiful. Business in Focus spoke with Matt Garland, Greene County Partnership’s President and CEO, to learn more about this dynamic and growing county.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017As Unique as Its NameMaury County, TN

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

As Unique as Its Name

Maury County, TN

Maury County is located in Tennessee, approximately forty-five miles south of Nashville. It has a wide variety of landscapes, from the classic hills of Tennessee to farmlands, all with a rich history and an array of beautiful antebellum homes. But its wonderfully unique mixture of a suburban lifestyle with a rural feel is what makes it such a great place to live and do business.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017A Place to Work and GrowCity of Oakley, CA

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

A Place to Work and Grow

City of Oakley, CA

As the most recently incorporated city in California’s Contra Costa County, Oakley is well positioned to welcome a range of businesses and industries. Oakley has been steadily growing since its incorporation on July 1, 1999, and it has emerged as a tremendous location for not only established and emerging companies but also a community with reasonable home prices, excellent schools, parks and trails, restaurants and entertainment. These and other lifestyle amenities are rapidly making Oakley a great place to work, play and live.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017Ready to Collaborate with IndustryCity of Antioch, CA

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

Ready to Collaborate with Industry

City of Antioch, CA

Antioch’s skilled workforce is ready – ready to see the end of long commutes, ready to be home on time for dinner, ready to see the kids play ball, ready to invest their valuable time and talents in quality industry that’s ready to take advantage of deep water ports, major rail lines, over $1.3B in highway and transit improvements, and a reliable source of water; Antioch’s ready for you!

2017 | In Focus | July 2017A Great Place to BeCity of Santee, CA

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

A Great Place to Be

City of Santee, CA

The city of Santee was an unincorporated portion of the San Diego county until 1980 when it incorporated and created its own system of government: a council with five members. At first, it did not have a standalone mayor. The mayor was chosen by the council to lead for approximately one year. In the first three years, there were three different mayors until 1984, when Mayor Jon Minto was the first to be elected at large.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017A Unique City Evolving Over TimeCity of Arcadia, CA

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

A Unique City Evolving Over Time

City of Arcadia, CA

When Elias Jackson “Lucky” Baldwin founded the City of Arcadia in 1903 he couldn’t have known that it would turn into what it is today: a small, unique city that has a high quality of life and services, offers excellent education and medical care, provides a mix of residential and commercial options, and is centrally located near Downtown Los Angeles and the thriving Santa Anita Park.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017The Up Bay BoomCity of Vallejo, CA

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

The Up Bay Boom

City of Vallejo, CA

For decades, rapid growth in high-tech industries has fueled the rising cost of living in the San Francisco Bay Area. The City of Vallejo stands out as an affordable, business-friendly alternative to other cities in the area. With a new General Plan that embraces innovative industries and developments, Vallejo is open for investment. Business in Focus spoke with two of the city’s leaders to learn more.


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