July 2017

2017 | In Focus | July 2017Exceeding ExpectationsA & R Metal Industries

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

Exceeding Expectations

A & R Metal Industries

A & R Metal Industries is a multifaceted metal processing and steel fabricating company located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Being minutes from the Vancouver International Airport and the port of Vancouver, A & R’s 90 000 square foot manufacturing facility is desirably located near one of North America’s largest transportation hubs.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017Smart and Streamlined Logistics ServicesJavelin Logistics

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

Smart and Streamlined Logistics Services

Javelin Logistics

Javelin Logistics is a third-party logistics provider based in Newark, California which performs specialized warehousing and inventory management, as well as local, regional and national transportation services. The evolution of this company truly began January 1, 2004 when our interviewee, President and Chief Executive Officer Malcolm Winspear, joined the firm and decided to take the company in a new direction. Growth was soon to follow.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017A Small College Producing Big ThinkersBethany College

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

A Small College Producing Big Thinkers

Bethany College

There is always some debate over where the oldest private college in the state of West Virginia is. There are plenty of stories about very old elementary schools that morphed into state teachers colleges, but Bethany College is the only private college that has continually been a college in the state. Since 1840, Bethany College has been a highly contemporary institution based in the tradition of the liberal arts.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017Where Ideas FlowCrystal Fountains

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

Where Ideas Flow

Crystal Fountains

This year, Crystal Fountains will proudly celebrate its fiftieth year in operation, a milestone it has achieved by creating visionary, large-scale commercial water features for audiences around the globe. These spectacular water features have distinctively enhanced both public and private spaces, and have led to Crystal Fountains’ reputation as one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high-end water features. Their portfolio is stocked with impressive projects, including the Crown Fountain in Chicago, Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, and even the revitalization of the fountains at the Château de Versailles.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017Construction Equipment Dealer Makes Its MarkMulti Machine, Inc.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

Construction Equipment Dealer Makes Its Mark

Multi Machine, Inc.

Multi Machine, Inc., sells, rents, services and repairs heavy construction equipment for an array of clients in construction, mining, oil, gas, electricity, utilities and environmental remediation. The family company marked its thirty-fifth anniversary this year with explosive growth and a highly optimistic forecast for the future. This key distributor of track dump trucks recently added rotating dump trucks to its equipment mix.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017A Leader in Water and Wastewater ServicesAlliance Water Resources

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

A Leader in Water and Wastewater Services

Alliance Water Resources

Founded more than 25 years ago, Alliance Water Resources consistently ranks as a leading water and wastewater services provider in Missouri and surrounding areas. The Columbia, Missouri-based business offers contract management and contract operations to a variety of clients including municipalities, manufacturers, correctional centers, colleges and universities, resorts, and other commercial sectors.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017Three Generations of SuccessConnolly’s Pub and Restaurant

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

Three Generations of Success

Connolly’s Pub and Restaurant

Connolly’s Pub and Restaurant is a particularly famous group of pubs in New York, and it is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary this year. Three generations of Sean Reilly’s family have owned and operated the successful businesses. His grandfather was in the bar business in Manhattan for years and got started by bartending in a few different places downtown. He had his wife were Irish immigrants, and by 1992, they opened the first Connolly’s Pub in Midtown, naming it after their own Irish surname.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017Celtic Charm in the Big AppleThe Playwright Irish Pubs

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

Celtic Charm in the Big Apple

The Playwright Irish Pubs

If you are a tourist, a sports fan, a city resident or simply looking for a good place to get a drink and a hearty meal in a convivial atmosphere, you might want to check out the Playwright Irish Pub chain in Manhattan. There are three locations in total: the Playwright Irish Pub, the Playwright Celtic Pub and the Playwright Tavern. While each facility is slightly different, all offer the same spirit of casual comfort and hospitality.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017Burgers, Robots, and the Minimum WageAutomation in the Food Industry

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

Burgers, Robots, and the Minimum Wage

Automation in the Food Industry

Facing considerable competition in today’s marketplace, it is imperative that companies do whatever it takes to boost profits, especially in the food processing and restaurant industries, where speed, consistency, efficiency, and health standards are paramount, and profit margins are slim. To remain cost-competitive, food-related businesses – from large-scale processing plants to fast-food franchises – must balance quality with price, not always an easy feat.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017Recipe for SuccessThe Original Cakerie

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

Recipe for Success

The Original Cakerie

The Original Cakerie’s desserts serve as the centerpiece for some of life’s greatest celebrations and moments. Its array of irresistible layer cakes, indulgent dessert bars, and innovative dessert concepts are crafted with superior ingredients and a personalized touch. President Doris Bitz described it as, “scratch baking on an industrial scale.”

2017 | In Focus | July 201760 Years of Engineering InnovationCHL Systems

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

60 Years of Engineering Innovation

CHL Systems

CHL Systems of Souderton, Pennsylvania has, for much of the past sixty years, catered to the food and general manufacturing industries. Today, it manufactures process automation equipment and provides services to industries that include snack foods and confectionery, food processing and packaging, meat handling and packaging, pharmaceuticals, steel, energy, and manufacturing. We spoke with Chief Operating Officer Mike Giagnacova, Sales Manager Andy MacBride and Marketing Associate Jeff Bowman.

2017 | In Focus | July 2017Protecting the Environment through Innovative Technological SolutionsEpcon Industrial Systems

2017 | In Focus | July 2017

Protecting the Environment through Innovative Technological Solutions

Epcon Industrial Systems

In 2017, Epcon Industrial Systems will celebrate its fortieth anniversary. Having designed, engineered and manufactured and installed over four thousand practical air pollution control technology, heat-finishing equipment and specialty solutions for loyal customers in North America and around the world over the last four decades, it has proudly elevated itself above the competition in both the environmental and metal finishing arenas.


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