July 2019

2019 | In Focus | July 2019

Family-Run Fuel Firm Looks for New Markets

Hightowers Petroleum Company

Hightowers Petroleum Company (HPC) has a presence in every state and is currently the largest African-American-owned downstream petroleum wholesale marketer operating in the U.S. This family-owned business sells gasoline and diesel to automotive OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), grocery chains, the steel industry, utilities and other Fortune 500 companies, and it takes pride in its comprehensive service.

2019 | In Focus | July 2019Wood By-Products – The Way Forward for a Sustainable FutureCloverdale Fuel

2019 | In Focus | July 2019

Wood By-Products – The Way Forward for a Sustainable Future

Cloverdale Fuel

Cloverdale Fuel is the largest licensed wood-waste processor in southwest British Columbia and works with wood products in every way, including disposal, transport, and sales. It maintains a fleet of thirty-five trucks and trailers to convey wood waste and pick up finished product throughout the lower mainland and Washington State. We spoke with its General Manager Robby Gill, grandson of the company’s founder.

2019 | In Focus | July 2019

A Trusted Name in Delivering a Clean Safe Energy Source

Paraco Gas

Propane, a liquefied petroleum (LP) gas, has been an essential source of energy for over a century. What separates propane from other energy sources like gasoline, diesel, and electricity, are its portable convenience, efficiency, safety, affordability, abundance, and its reduced risks of spills and soil contamination. But perhaps more importantly, propane itself is not a greenhouse gas and, if accidentally released into the atmosphere before being burned, will not affect it – an important consideration when considering environmental impacts.


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