July 2021

Sounding the AlarmRadius Security

Sounding the Alarm

Radius Security

At times, it may seem that crime does pay. But with a proven high rate of arrests, Radius Security’s top-notch systems make crime far less lucrative by making it far less attractive – so its clients can sleep better at night.

Growing, Dreaming and BuildingThe Town of Davie, FL

Growing, Dreaming and Building

The Town of Davie, FL

A spirit of community and growth pervades the Town of Davie, located in Broward County, Florida, despite the challenges posed by COVID-19. The Town responded decisively when the virus struck, protecting residents and helping businesses. Now that the worst of the pandemic has hopefully passed, Davie is eager to finish a series of large capital projects and launch new developments.

A Place Where Business ThrivesShawnee Forward Inc.

A Place Where Business Thrives

Shawnee Forward Inc.

Located just thirty minutes from the greater Oklahoma City metro area and Tinker Air Force Base, Shawnee enjoys an ideal balance between urban advantages and rural living. A thriving downtown, university, regional airport, multiple tribal facilities, and a number of large industrial employers provide plenty of opportunities within the city limits.

Opportunities AboundCity of Brownsville, TX

Opportunities Abound

City of Brownsville, TX

As the second most historic city in the state of Texas, Brownsville has old roots and modern, forward-thinking industries. This community of both the past and future enjoys the unique position of being the only city in the world with five methods of international trade: air, sea, road, rail, and space.

Keeping it LocalCity of Keller, TX

Keeping it Local

City of Keller, TX

Although the City of Keller is less than 20 miles from the heart of Fort Worth, life couldn’t be more different. Compared to the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington’s population of 7,500,000, Keller is at 45,400 and expected to cap at around 51,000 – which is just fine with this historic Texas city.

Life Moves ForwardThe Biosciences Industry and the COVID-19 Crisis

Life Moves Forward

The Biosciences Industry and the COVID-19 Crisis

The life sciences industry has taken a remarkable journey over the last year. From rapid adaptation at the outset of the global pandemic to unprecedented vaccine advancements, the sector has been at the forefront of the fight. COVID-19 created new challenges—and opportunities—that will leave a lasting mark on the industry and continue to push it forward.



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