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Ace Cutting Equipment
Written by Thora Smith

Founded in 1992, Ace Cutting Equipment & Supply Inc. is a family-owned construction supply company located in Novi, Michigan. It carries a wide range of powerful concrete cutting saws and masonry equipment, grinding and coring equipment, core drilling bits, specialty tools and diamond blades.
Concrete, first used on a large scale by the ancient Romans, is today the most widely used man-made material in the world. Even if all the plastics, wood, aluminum and steel were to be combined, the tons of concrete used worldwide would be twice that.

The durable stone-like material has many uses from bridges, foundations, architectural structures and dams to pavement, pools, poles and footings. Used almost everywhere mankind builds infrastructure, the composite material can be easily molded into any shape. However, sometimes further processing is needed via drilling, cutting, scoring or polishing and that is where Ace Cutting Equipment & Supply comes in.

Ace Cutting Equipment & Supply is a one hundred percent American-owned family business that offers over one hundred years of combined experience in the concrete and masonry cutting industry.

The company’s product range is a comprehensive listing of any concrete contractor’s needs: concrete saws, brick and mortar saws, masonry and tile saws, cut off saws, wall mounted saws – and all the necessary diamond blades – core drill rigs, diamond core bits, carbide drill bits, abrasives, adhesives and epoxy, impact wrenches, rotary hammers, screeds, submersible water pumps, hookbolts and anchors, plate compactors, magnetic grinding plates, a full complement of hand and power tools, surface preparation tools and polishing tools.

It also carries related products like rebar tying tools, utility trailers, dust vacuum systems, power packs, generators and pumps, gloves, measuring wheels, smart tool levels and even shares product demonstration videos.

With any project, safety must come first. Cutting hard substances such as concrete generates significant friction and blades must be cooled to reduce silica-containing dust as well as prolonging blade life. Concrete workers are at risk of silicosis if they breathe dust while cutting, grinding or polishing concrete.

In addition to offering construction safety information, some of Ace’s tools themselves are designed to minimize dust dangers. A number of cutters such as its MF 12-180 Construction Cutter can create access holes in concrete, ceramic tile, drywall, lath and plaster or even through metal studs, neatly and nearly dust free. It also carries an impressive range of vacuum systems for dust control and containment.

Its concrete cutting equipment can be used for anything from trimming a paving brick to the critical creation of control joints. Control joints are planned grooves used to limit structural damage caused by the shifts and movements of a building over time which may be due to temperature changes or shrinkage of the concrete as it dries. The control joints draw the excess tension in the concrete slab to planned locations causing any cracking to occur in a straight line making it both easier to repair and more esthetically pleasing.

Once a contractor has decided where the joints are to be, installers cut properly spaced grooves regularly along the surface using a concrete saw. Joints will either be left as is or filled with a flexible masonry caulking.

Concrete saws, from Ace’s large walk-behind models down to its small hand-held cut-off saws are used for more than just concrete. Asphalt, stone, tile, masonry or brick can also be cut with the tools which may be powered by hydraulic or pneumatic pressure or gasoline, diesel or electric motors.

“We proudly offer OEM speciality brands, such as SOFF-CUT and ICS – never inferior knock-offs or generic products which may not offer the same superior quality tools and products.”

Ace’s fantastic range of brands is highly respected by the industry: SOFF-CUT by Husqvarna, Dustless Technologies, Metabo, MBW, Digital Smart Tools, Arbortech, Core Cut, Max USA, Marshalltown Products, Makita, Youngstown Glove Company, Tsurumi, NoRamp, Keson, ICS Products, Honda, Fein, EDCO, ADA Tile Solutions and ACE.

One of the most recent additions to its line of brands was officially launched in late 2013 when Ace Cutting Equipment & Supply was welcomed to serve the Detroit, Michigan area – and surrounding markets – for Minnich Manufacturing. Joining the Minnich dealer network has brought in the entire Minnich dowel pin drill and concrete vibrator lines.

For road work, Minnich’s dowel pin drills neatly complement Ace’s concrete saw lines. Through the partnership, Minnich Products, with its company emphasis on integrity, will be represented by a trustworthy family owned tool dealership, while Ace now has the ability to be a one stop shop for its customers.

Ace also carries a full selection of blades for all cutting purposes. Concrete saws often use diamond saw blades although abrasive cut-off blades can be used. Abrasive blades for concrete cutting seem initially less expensive, however, as diamond blade prices decline, the benefits of diamond blades become more and more apparent. Diamond blades cut faster, have a constant depth cut, do not deteriorate when stored and require fewer wheel changes resulting in less downtime.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a diamond blade and Ace Cutting Equipment & Supply can help with the selection of just the right blade to match the job requirements, quality and price range needed by its customers. Is a faster cut or a longer blade lifespan desired? Will the cutting have to be done dry? Does the diamond concentration match the saw’s horsepower? And, do the features of the saw blade match the requirements of the material to be cut?

It is this full understanding and meeting of the needs of its customers that has led to Ace’s success. The flexible company offers jobsite delivery as well as technical support, replacement parts and service, free shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States and the option to either buy or rent equipment. The emphasis is always on offering the best available products to its customers at the most affordable pricing.

The knowledgeable and experienced team of industry professionals in its parts and service department help diagnose and repair problems on a broad range of concrete cutting saws.

“Our number one goal is to provide our customers with prompt service, parts and repair for their power tools and equipment because time is money. We take pride in the fact that our reputation speaks for itself.”



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