February 2015

2015 | February 2015 | In FocusThe Authentic Dried Beef CompanyKnauss Foods

2015 | February 2015 | In Focus

The Authentic Dried Beef Company

Knauss Foods

Knauss Foods is a veteran-owned small business with fifty to sixty employees (seasonally dependent) who continue to make authentic dried beef. From humble beginnings, the company has grown to become the largest manufacturer of dried beef products in the United States. It continues to use the same drying process, done in accordance with the original family recipe that has stood the test of time for Knauss Foods.

2015 | February 2015 | In FocusLooking to the FutureGreen Energy Oilfield Services

2015 | February 2015 | In Focus

Looking to the Future

Green Energy Oilfield Services

Green Energy Oilfield Services is an oilfield service company that provides truck transport and fluid management services to the oil and gas industry in addition to leasing or renting frac tanks, acid tanks, mud tanks, mud pumps and gas busters. Green Energy Oilfield Services is the only company in the state that has a fleet of vehicles that run exclusively on liquefied natural gas (LNG).

2015 | February 2015 | In FocusServices, Systems and SafetyKBL Environmental Ltd.

2015 | February 2015 | In Focus

Services, Systems and Safety

KBL Environmental Ltd.

KBL is a name synonymous with innovation and know-how in the environmental and waste management service sector throughout some of the toughest terrains imaginable. As the only government approved receiver of hazardous waste in the Northwest Territories and the Yukon, the company assists other businesses in developing and maintaining successful environmental management programs.

2015 | February 2015 | In FocusThey’ve Got it CoveredFreund-Vector Corporation

2015 | February 2015 | In Focus

They’ve Got it Covered

Freund-Vector Corporation

Freund-Vector Corporation has it covered. The Iowa based manufacturer designs, produces, markets, and services coating and granulation equipment for a wide range of industries. The company was launched in 1972 when the founder obtained the rights to manufacture and market a line of rotary tablet presses. A few years later an agreement was reached with Freund Industrial Company of Japan, to market an automated tablet coating system for the pharmaceutical industry…

2015 | February 2015 | In FocusA Lasting ImpressionArt Guild

2015 | February 2015 | In Focus

A Lasting Impression

Art Guild

From eye-catching trade show exhibits and retail displays to engaging museum exhibits, Art Guild, Inc. helps customers make a lasting impression. This New Jersey based business specializes in 3D, face-to-face marketing and educational programs of all kinds, offering a variety of different, but related services for top tier customers…

2015 | February 2015 | In FocusAll the Comforts of HomeNoralta Lodge

2015 | February 2015 | In Focus

All the Comforts of Home

Noralta Lodge

As every traveler knows, few things are better than staying at a hotel that not only makes you feel welcome, but gives you the comforts of home. For the hard-working men and women in Western Canada’s oil and gas industries, Noralta Lodge continues to provide unrivaled accommodations, fresh and nutritious home-cooked meals, exercise facilities, high-speed connectivity and a host of other amenities to make stays as comfortable and stress free as possible.

2015 | February 2015 | In FocusIngenuity and InnovationLinear Mold & Engineering Inc.

2015 | February 2015 | In Focus

Ingenuity and Innovation

Linear Mold & Engineering Inc.

Linear Mold & Engineering is North America’s largest provider of 3D metal printing services and has been nominated as one of the top fifty fastest growing companies in Michigan. The company provides tooling for compression and injection molds as well as tooling for processing thermoplastic resins. We spoke with Marketing Coordinator Kristen Eisiminger and Marketing Director Paul Parzuchowski to learn more.

2015 | February 2015 | In FocusRugged and ReliableSUBCOE

2015 | February 2015 | In Focus

Rugged and Reliable


SUBCOE is not afraid of tough environments – in fact it is these types of applications where SUBCOE built its reputation of being a top level manufacturer. The Ontario based company builds surface power and control equipment for the artificial lift market that must stand up to the harshest conditions, from freezing northern winters to sweltering desert heat and corrosive offshore installations.

2015 | February 2015 | In FocusA Global Reach through Innovation and PartnershipAspin Kemp & Associates

2015 | February 2015 | In Focus

A Global Reach through Innovation and Partnership

Aspin Kemp & Associates

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” So said Albert Einstein. Indeed, there’s something to be said for innovation. It requires a disciplined approach to the process of sorting through new ideas. Not to be confused with invention, innovation implies the idea of doing things differently, to step out of the comfort zone of the status quo into the realm of creative problem solving.


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