A Personal Approach

Billitier Electric
Written by Grace McDermott

Billitier Electric has been providing superior electrical contracting services to western New York for decades. With a customer-centric approach and renowned sustainability services, the firm is a case study in comprehensive growth.
The electrical firm was established in 1970 in the home of Ron and Helen Billitier. Fast forward to 2015, and the Billitier legacy has flourished. While the business has evolved massively in the last few decades, the ethos of the firm’s strategy looks much the same.

Today, Billitier Electric is home to approximately 300 employees, consisting of electricians, project managers and a skilled design team. With two locations and a growing list of notable clientele, Billitier has grown to be one of the most renowned and highly skilled commercial and industrial union electrical contractors in the Tri-State area.

Billitier’s work is found throughout the Tri-State area from schools to major retailers and even in the stadium that is home to the NFL’s Buffalo Bills. The company’s diverse portfolio also includes numerous public works.

Its successes are grounded in experiential knowledge and a company culture of customer service. It is this attitude of personalized attention to detail throughout each of its projects that has caused it to become the main point of call for the electrical needs of some the nation’s biggest firms.

Increasingly, the company has focused on projects that facilitate personalized customer service. Matt Pfeffer, Service Director at Billitier, explains that, “We do a lot of things for our customers that other firms won’t do.”

Ultimately, this customer-driven method is what continues to set the firm apart from others in the industry and continues to propel its success. “We have great communication between the field and the office,” Pfeffer explains, adding that through working directly with clients, “we are better able to control the resources and guarantee the cost, also ensuring there is an efficient use of manpower.”

In an industry increasingly driven by working relationships managed via third party contractors, Billitier Electric is a breath of fresh air. Unlike many electrical contractors, Billitier upholds direct working relationships with the majority of its clients, facilitating custom comprehensive services that result in long-term benefits for clients.

More and more electrical contractors have taken to the sidelines, offering standard services that provide only basic solutions. According to Pfeffer, general contract work, “is in high demand, but there are very tight margins, and it is very limiting and impersonalized; there is no room to give anything away to your customers and everything down to dollars. [We prefer] to fine-tune our response to the unique requirements of the project.”

Through working directly with customers, the company can best leverage working capital and strategize an electrical solution that meets the specifications of a project’s budget and wider development goals. “By working directly with customers, we are able to do a higher quality work. That’s a big thing for us,” emphasizes Pfeffer.

This holistic and personalized style results in efficiency and savings for clients not only in the development phases, but over the lifespan of a project. In the end, it is this strategic energy planning and professional flexibility that draws in Billitier’s large-scale and multi-site works.

“We would rather work with customers where we can give and take a bit; we can give them exactly what they need and do a better job. This ensures they’re happy with the end result.”

From developing new structures to improving existing ones, its integrated approach provides clients with the insight to meet both cost-saving and sustainability goals. With the help of Billitier Electric’s team, many firms are accomplishing sustainable success.

Although the company is primarily an electrical contractor, the firm’s comprehensive techniques of energy management far surpass standard electrical services. In an effort to create long-term, efficient electrical strategies to sustainable energy management, Billitier has developed a range of electrical sustainability services to improve new and existing electrical systems.

Billitier prides itself on being a vital part of sustainable construction. Through the creation of higher efficiency designs and the implementation of efficient electrical systems, the firm is enabling many companies to move towards a more environmentally sound future.

The company provides all primary electrical services as well as electrical preventive maintenance, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) services, engineering and design, electronic control systems, fiber optics, network, alarm and sound installation, retrofitting and electrical upgrades.

The secret to efficient energy management lies not only in the implementation, but in pre-emptive planning. Increasingly, a multitude of companies are moving towards low-impact energy programs. These designs provide obvious environmental benefits while simultaneously pulling in attractive government subsidies and generating lower overall energy costs.

Billitier provides LEED certified guidance throughout the evolution of a project, but the company also assists clients with the back end work and application processes necessary to achieve the accreditations. In addition, it helps clients qualify for incentives such as those offered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

With a LEED-certified expert on staff, the company’s participation in a project provides clients with a LEED point right off the bat, but a look at the firm’s most recent developments prove that the company’s LEED accomplishments are exceptional.

In the past two years, Billitier has helped over twenty projects receive NYSERDA and local utility rebates. One of the firm’s greatest successes is reflected in the LEED Silver and LEED Gold certifications achieved by several of Billitier’s major commercial works.

Billitier Electric’s work is seen throughout both public and commercial works throughout the Tri-State area. From major multi-state retail spaces, such as Wegmans, to medical treatment centers and a LEED certified undertaking at the University of Rochester, it has provided services to customers of all sizes. The diversity of the company’s work is a testament to its team of highly-trained staff, who continue to take on new industry accreditations and ambitious projects.

This past September, Billitier completed a project at the Buffalo Bill’s field house in Ralph Wilson Stadium. Between summer activities and pre-season games, Billitier replaced 300 existing metal-halide fixtures with 200 new LED fixtures in addition to replacing the entire control system and circuit wiring – sometimes at heights of over 100 feet. In six weeks, the company completely replaced and revamped the electrical system, improving the overall light quality of the facility while also achieving a NYSERDA rebate incentive for the incorporation of a more sustainable system that will require little to no maintenance compared to their previous system.

Billitier has grown with its clients, following satisfied customers through multi-site and interstate expansion. “We are able to do what we say we are going to do,” Pfeffer says. “As our clients grow, we grow with them. We’re always growing and changing to respond to our customer’s needs.”

Flexibility, sustainability and the expertise to respond to the demands of some of the country’s most unique electrical projects has propelled Billitier Electric to the forefront of the industry, and it’s a legacy that ensures this firm is one to watch.



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