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Advanced Containment Systems, Inc.
Written by Robert Hoshowsky

For over two decades, Advanced Containment Systems, Inc. (ACSI) has taken pride in designing and manufacturing a wide variety of quality transportable products for a number of demanding sectors…
Back in 1988 when the company was formed, Advanced Containment Systems developed technology which was largely used to support hazardous material collection and cleanup for a number of industries, such as the chemical and nuclear sectors.

Over time, ACSI has added to its range of product offerings, today manufacturing heavy-duty, high quality items, all made under strict conditions at its large facilities in Houston, Texas, which span approximately 250,000 square feet and with space to enable future expansion as necessary. With a highly experienced staff including carpenters, fabrication supervisors, machine operators, manufacturing engineers, plasma machine operators, CNC programmers, quality engineers, product mechanical engineers, robotic weld operators, and others, Advanced Containment Systems continues to lead the way in the manufacture of gooseneck, bumper pool, self-propelled, and skid-loaded transportable trailers.

ACSI serves the needs of diverse sectors including homeland security, restrooms and showers, abatement, military industries, and others through the manufacture of quality trailers. From its facilities in Texas, the company is able to respond to customer needs quickly and professionally.

With its products designed, manufactured, and fabricated with pride, Advanced Containment Systems continues to raise the bar in the industry. Reliable and trusted by numerous customers, the company’s range also includes abatement equipment, decon products, disaster relief products, mobile laboratory facilities, remote workforce housing, and restroom and shower trailers. In addition, ACSI is able to offer customers a range of quality used trailers and equipment. No matter the sector, all of the company’s products are designed and engineered by highly trained professionals from start to finish. Using the best available raw materials, products are created within the company’s facilities under strict quality guidelines, and manufactured using up-to-date and technologically advanced machinery and equipment. Beginning with design tools such as Pro-E for solid modeling, ACSI ensures accuracy from start to finish, and incorporates the use of robotic welders, laser cutting tools, NC controlled metal forming equipment, and modern, numerical-controlled fabrication centers, resulting in precisely cut, repeatable, formed components.

Quality Built on Experience
In the range of decon products, Advanced Containment Systems provides a wide range of trailers, trucks, mobile command centers, hospital skid units, surge systems, and portable conveyors, heaters, shelters, and showers. Decon trailers include environmental units – which are available with standard two shower, and four shower configurations – along with mass decon trailer / technical decon trailers, used for decontamination, HazMat, and rehab units. Providing the ultimate in safety, hygiene, cleanliness and comfort, trailers are quality-built and rugged enough to withstand the toughest environments and weather conditions. Decon trailers from 16 feet and 26 foot units are also in stock, ready to be taken to worksites. With spacious interiors and simple hookups for plumbing and electricity, decon trailers can come with up to eight showers, and are equipped with filtration equipment for lead and asbestos, water heaters, negative air filtration, and other amenities.

Quality-engineered, all ASCI trailers are built to last. With great attention to detail, units are manufactured with quality components such as three-quarter inch marine grade plywood subflooring, nonslip rubber floors, heavy-duty aluminum frame doors containing galvanized steel cores, seamless aluminum roofs, full-length continuous door hinges, polyethylene holding tanks, dual filtration systems for his basses and lead, lightweight yet durable aluminum benches with fabricated aluminum pedestals, interior lighting rated to wet locations, and more, according to the company’s website.

In addition, ACSI designs and manufactures spacious, 53 foot-long trailer or truck disaster relief units. With a number of custom sizes and layouts, these units can be designed to fit mobile camp requirements, and offer a variety of solutions within one single envelope. With a range of standard units, products can be designed and configured to meet the needs of all clients for their mobile camp requirements. Some of the company’s standard units include a range of amenities for sleeping and showering, along with living quarters, laundry and kitchen facilities, waste and sewage treatment, and more.

To meet the needs of companies doing on-site testing, ACSI is proud to manufacture mobile laboratory facilities, which replicate fixed, brick-and-mortar labs as closely as possible. With all units custom-built to clients’ specific needs, mobile labs can be created measuring up to an impressive 15 feet wide by 60 feet long and 15 feet high, and constructed as modular facilities, trailers, or as a truck. Able to be designed to meet all BSL2 and BSL3 standards (widely accepted levels for biosafety), the interiors of the mobile labs can be configured as necessary. Among the many benefits of these fully self-contained modular facilities, they can be used for a variety of applications such as chemical, medical, biological and vivarium, they are made to handle any environment around the world, can be used to test contaminants in the field, and can even serve as classrooms.

Along with mobile labs and decon units, ACSI provides customers with a wide range of superior-quality mobile restroom and shower trailer units. Available in a range of series, including Prestige, Presidential, Advantage, and ADA, all units are designed and built to last, and rival the washrooms used in one’s own home. Noted for its luxurious amenities, the Prestige series embodies luxury both inside and out. Exteriors are UV rated FRP siding and do not show any visible seams, screws, or rivets, which gives Presige units a smooth, seamless finish. The interior decor is stylish, elegant, and well-crafted, featuring chair rails, textured laminates, stained wood bases, and simulated slate floors. Lavatories, which boast fully enclosed stalls and textured laminate walls, feature full-length stained wood doors, brushed nickel handles, faucets, and paper holders, vanity mirrors, black granite tops, indirect fluorescent lighting, and wood valances. Ducted air conditioners provide 5600 BTUs of cooling power to maintain interior comfort in the summer, while quality heating systems are used in cooler months. Entertainment systems include AM/FM radios, CD players, and ceiling-mounted speakers. To complete the package, customers can take advantage of additional upgrades, including recessed wall electric heaters, full-length mirrors, electronic eye lavatory faucets with polished brass, flatscreen televisions, and more.

Equally impressive, ASCI’s Presidential and Advantage series also boast spacious interiors with quality finishes. Presidential series units feature thick aluminum doors, steel core entry and exit doors, fully enclosed stalls with wood doors and trim, porcelain toilets and urinals equipped with privacy screens, air-conditioning and heat, stereo sound systems, and luxurious finishes crafted from oak, brass, polished brass, simulated marble, and full marble on countertops.

Advantage series units are not only durable, but feature interiors which are easy to maintain, as they are the only trailer in the industry which can be cleaned on the inside with a pressure washer (with the seamless floor option), as they are equipped with drains at both ends. Providing tremendous value for money, Advantage series units feature heavy-duty vinyl floors, water-saving toilets and faucets, porcelain-covered steel lavatories, durable one inch thick plastic countertops, and more. Combining style, quality, and durability, others in the series, such as the Advantage Plus, include a powder-coated white aluminum vanity, matching laminates for trim and valance, large mirrors with laminate trim, and wainscot laminate on the lower half of walls. To further enhance their purchase, clients can choose from additional options such as stereo systems, diaper changing stations, non-skid rubberized floors, private stall options, wet location fluorescent lights, recessed electric wall heaters, trash receptacles, and more.

To meet the needs of the physically challenged, Advanced Containment Systems is pleased to offer the ADA series, making the lives of those with physical disabilities easier. These trailers are not just accessible but also compliant under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Not only stylish but functional, features include easy to use hydraulic lifts, 12 V hydraulic systems (with no shore power required), available ramps, and floor plans for units measuring six by eight feet all the way up to 38 feet in length. In addition to its wide range of new units, ASCI also carries a selection of used trailers and equipment.

From abatement equipment to decon, remote workforce housing to disaster relief products, and mobile laboratory facilities to restroom and shower trailers, Advanced Containment Systems looks forward to working with customers across a range of sectors today, and long into the future.



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