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TETRA Technologies
Written by Grace McDermott

The company works side by side with its customers to engineer products and deliver services that create more value whether they be for applications in deepwater, unconventional hydrocarbons or production and water management. Known widely for its work in completion fluids, the company also offers water management and frac flowback. TETRA Technologies is providing technology-driven solutions to the ever-changing needs of its customers.

At the heart of the company lies a customer-centric culture which has shaped TETRA to become a leader in the oil and gas services industry. Since the company’s creation, the people at TETRA have been committed to providing the highest quality products and services. Through cultivating an environment of expertise, TETRA is a pioneer, driving best practices through in-house technological development and manufacturing.

TETRA’s ever-growing global footprint spans multiple industries, and its robust portfolio includes some of the biggest names in the global oil and gas sectors. Working in the most challenging environments on the planet, TETRA Technologies continues to push the boundaries of water technology and completion fluids by creating tailor-made solutions.

With over three decades of oil and gas experience in the water management sector, TETRA has developed a reputation for its ability to provide highly-trained teams with extensive working knowledge and experience. The company’s specialized approach is founded on its extensive knowledge base, and thus, the TETRA Technologies standard is highly recognized across the board.

TETRA has perfected the art of sustainable expansion through investing in its experts. Using a foundation of local expertise, employees are trained to the company standard of excellence, and, as a result, TETRA has created a unique corporate synergy, while still maintaining local know-how in every endeavor.

TETRA Technologies is a case study in the power and purpose of diversification. When it comes to the environment, and particularly, water management, the demands of a contract can be many. In any resource project, the primary challenge lies in planning for, and mitigating, the inevitable complications Mother Nature presents. Barry Donaldson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at TETRA Technologies summed up the company’s technique, “TETRA’s water management philosophy is driven by technology, innovation and a structured approach.”

The company’s four major divisions are fluids, production testing, compression and offshore, and work in tandem to accommodate “the big picture.” Throughout the lifecycle of a project TETRA Technologies is there, even providing services to revive or shut down wells.

One of the company’s biggest advantages is its ability to offer a centralized approach. The company’s reach is reinforced by a diverse range of vertically integrated services which work in tandem to produce holistic solutions. Through streamlining the development process, TETRA offers improved efficiency, saving clients time and, most importantly, money.

In the oil and gas sector, the stakes are high which is why TETRA Technologies not only sells products, but manufactures them. The company’s clear brine manufacturing fluid facility is the first of its kind. Dedicated solely to the oil and gas industry, the new facility offers clients a priceless guarantee of quality and quantity, ensuring that the cost-effective and formation-specific fluids are available whenever necessary.

The company’s ongoing commitment to creating “tailor-made” fluids which meet the well conditions and requirements of deepwater operators as well as onshore and inland waterway customers is a major point of difference for TETRA within the wider industry. By monitoring the chemistry of fluids throughout their product life cycle, TETRA is able to ensure that each client’s payzone is handled with the attention it deserves.

Mr. Donaldson affirmed, “TETRA’s water management team are experienced in providing custom-designed and environmentally friendly solutions for the unique needs of each customer well site. By providing a complete solution to our customers, we reduce the number of vendors and can engineer and manage the operations with a reduced number of personnel.”

TETRA Technologies’ commitment to quality extends beyond its extensive in-house service offerings, as the firm continues to not only provide, but invent new water management technologies. In recent years, the company has developed dozens of groundbreaking fluid technologies including an advanced low ground impact steel deployment system and an automated blending controller that measures both input and output of water. It has also designed a remote monitoring system that grants customers full visibility of their resources.

For years, TETRA Technologies has developed state-of-the-art tools which empower clients to make lower-impact, higher-efficiency water management decisions with ease. The TETRA STEEL™ lay-flat conduit is one of TETRA’s newest and most impressive creations to date. The lay-flat conduit has transformed water delivery to major oil and gas projects, serving as a model for others across the industry. The conduit provides improved performance, remote safety monitoring capability, precise blending control and onsite bacterial testing to guide decision making.

TETRA prides itself in developing innovative solutions to meet customers’ needs and today, one of the biggest challenges facing the onshore oil and gas industry is water management. The ability to recycle produced water and minimize the use of fresh water can improve operator profitability and promote water conservation. TETRA introduced its automated blending solution to takes the guesswork out of combining produced water and freshwater into a consistent blend needed for fracing.

It works by measuring input and output water quality and accurately controls the water ratios needed to produce a water blend needed for fracturing fluids. TETRA’s Automated Blending Solution saves customers money by reducing the cost associated with fresh water and produced water disposal. The modular nature of this technology allows for a smaller footprint and provides operators with a safe and efficient alternative to trucking water to remote locations.

TETRA Technologies’ innovative contributions to the oil and gas industry’s onshore fracturing represent some of the company’s biggest accomplishment to date. However, as Mr. Donaldson explained, there are still new horizons ahead. “We have several new technologies to introduce, and the future looks promising.”

The company’s most recent technology is in the offshore market where TETRA released a new high-density, solids-free completion fluid developed for deepwater wells requiring heavy clear brine solutions to control the well pressure during the completion phase that have traditionally used zinc brines or cesium formates. The new zinc- and formate-free completion fluid, TETRA CS Neptune, is an environmentally friendly, cost effective alternative for oil and gas operators.

TETRA CS Neptune addresses the environmental challenges facing offshore oil producers seeking an alternative to zinc brines classified as “marine pollutants” and meets environmental requirements globally.

TETRA’s Automated Blending Solution and TETRA CS Neptune are just a few of the excellent examples of how the team help their customers gain a competitive advantage by bringing value-added solutions to the market.

The company’s ongoing commitment to innovation proves that we have only just seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of TETRA Technologies’ potential.



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