More Than a Printing Company

ABC Imaging
Written by Grace McDermott

ABC Imaging is pioneering the printing revolution. From what started as a small one-man company, ABC Imaging has grown into an international empire.
With the creation of innovative cloud-based technologies, the company has gained widespread industry attention and the clientele to match. Medi Falsafi, current President and founder of ABC Imaging, provided us some insight on the company’s growth.

ABC Imaging is a case study in entrepreneurship done right, with an increasing number of comprehensive services, a substantial technological infrastructure and a team of motivated staff.

Medi Falsafi is the man behind the ABC Imaging’s success. A graduate with a master’s degree in architecture and an MBA from Harvard Business School, Falsafi started out working as an architect but was soon inspired to set out on his own.

From his experience as an architect, Falsafi realised a gap in the professional services industry, which called for improved printing services for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sectors.

With a few used printers and a lot of ideas, Falsafi worked to create a printing firm with the infrastructure and expertise to meet the unique needs of the AEC sectors. The small operation, first called The American Blueprinting Company, quickly grew into the international printing company now known as ABC Imaging.

Today, ABC Imaging has over thirty-five locations worldwide and has created some of the most innovative digital printing technologies on the market. From London to Shanghai to Dubai and across the US, businesses are turning to ABC for printing solutions that transcend your run-of-the-mill printer.

Although reprographic work remains a focus for ABC Printing, there is a fundamental difference that continues to push the company to the forefront of the printing services industry. The president explained, “At our core, we are truly a technology and information systems company. Our expertise in technology, web development, systems engineering, networking and information systems is the key to our success.”

As more and more industries make the move to digital content, the role of printing is inevitably changing as well. Integrative technology at all levels of business is key to navigating the rapidly transforming world in which we live. ABC is a pioneer, bridging technology and traditional printing services to create the most efficient and comprehensive solutions possible.

In 1999, ABC saw a need for change and made the decision to ignite the evolution internally. From then onward, the firm’s in-house software development department has created all of the company’s unique and instrumental software. “ABC Imaging programmers work closely with the product management team to develop features that support real-world applications.”

By avoiding outsourcing, ABC is able to tailor software to suit projects requiring enterprise-level technologies, while simultaneously providing quality monitoring and support. The firm has invested heavily in the development of an extensive software development unit as well as a testing lab that guarantees the quality and functionality of the software before it is distributed.

“We know that our clients have been facing their own challenges in this ever-changing interactive and digital world, but because of our technology platforms, we are able to stay up-to-date with our clients’ needs.”

One significant point of difference is ABC’s work in the cloud. Through the development of a secure, cloud-based platform, the company has revolutionized internal operations, as well as the capabilities of its clients in every corner of the globe. ABC has facilitated a new realm of possibility and participation by escaping the confines of remote operations. “We have developed custom web portals for our clients, which is an exciting project that we are continually working on developing and improving.”

The firm’s most recent innovation, an online ordering platform called ‘Printing Room’ promises to take ABC’s services to the wider market of individual customers. At, users can personalize calendars, photo books, business cards and more.

ABC’s knowledge base has made the company a leader in the AEC sectors for years, but ABC’s broad capabilities are being sought increasingly by other industries. With the development of these new services, ABC has branched into an array of other industries including luxury retail, advertising, financial, automotive, media and entertainment.

“All of our services and printing solutions, from grand format printing to model building to digital document management, can be used and adapted to fit the needs of all corporations and business models. ABC Imaging adapts to a large variety of needs for the AEC and other market sectors.”

3D printing is a technology that has gained widespread industry attention in recent years, and ABC is an up and coming leader. Over the past few months, ABC Printing’s 3D services have reached a new, ambitious level, signalling the company’s versatility and commitment to progress. With the addition of top-of-the-line 3D printing equipment and a growing number of 3D service experts, ABC is quickly becoming a widely recognized service provider of printing that goes beyond the page.

In 2013, ABC acquired Peeq Imaging, a company known for creating high-quality outdoor signage, advanced photo capabilities and digital signage services. “It is important for us to work together with Peeq Imaging because of their expertise and reputation for high quality work. Together with Peeq Imaging, ABC Imaging has been able to expand our services.” said Falsafi.

The acquisition, now represented as ABC Imaging’s Grand Format Division, expanded the firm’s in house capabilities and services footprint. Today, the division is a quickly developing segment of the overall business, producing billboards, vehicle wraps, building wraps and banners. Moreover, with the integration of CGI, retouching and content creation services, ABC is increasingly able to provide integrated solutions for clients seeking a complete efficient and centralized service.

ABC Printing’s dedication to quality in innovation has taken the firm to new international heights. However, according to Falsafi, it is the people at the heart of the company who are the real secret to success. “I am most proud of the loyal, dedicated, hardworking people that we have. I think that having such a talented and hardworking team greatly contributes to ABC Imaging’s success.”

This homegrown printer, turned international empire exemplifies the power of an entrepreneurial spirit, and in the end, it is the passion that continues to separate ABC Printing from the pack. With a growing number of service offerings and a plethora of new technologies, you can be sure we have only see the tip of the iceberg in terms of ABC’s potential.

ABC Printing’s mission is to ‘Impress Every Client, Every Time’. Thirty-three years on and several countries later, it is clear that the company continues to do just that.



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