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Ketek Group
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

From its humble beginnings in 1979 as a company started by Rick Abel, Ketek Industries Limited has grown into Ketek Group Inc., celebrating 35 years of success and evolving from what was primarily a rental business, providing equipment to service the oilfields – still a core element of what the company does today.
Today’s Ketek is a fully diversified oilfield services company, in addition to serving mining, forestry, agriculture, construction, institutional and international clients through its five divisions.

In 2011, Ketek Group Inc. was formed, an amalgamation of four diverse businesses with the combined mission to expand their product and service offerings, as well as the industries which they are able to serve. While accommodating a changing market environment, maintaining a reputation for success, and employing an unmatched maintenance and service policy, Ketek Group remains fair and reliable and able to address all of its clients’ needs.

The coming together of the rental and service capacities of Ketek Industries Ltd., the dewatering and water controls systems company, Groundwater Control Systems Inc., Westland Environmental Services Inc., an incinerator manufacturer and sustainability consultant, and the safety consultancy Alltek Loss Prevention Inc., helped to solidify Ketek Group Inc. in the many markets and industries in which it operates.

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Ketek Group Inc. enjoys close to 20 acres of adjacent properties that account for a combined 50 000 square feet of interior space to accommodate its offices and operations. In addition, Ketek has a sales office in Calgary and branch offices in Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Cold Lake, Fort St. John, and Fort Nelson.

With the aim of bringing value and quality to clients, Ketek Group Inc. draws from the vast range of expertise of its employees across its operations and divisions. As the company’s website states, “Ketek has been carefully constructed, since 1979, to include complementary team members with a consistent mission of ‘achievement for Clients’.”

The divisions that comprise Ketek Group Inc. are: Rentals, Water Resources, Transportation Services, Safety Services, Sustainability Consulting, Environmental Solutions, Manufacturing and Maintenance. Across all divisions, the company’s mission is to conduct business ethically while maintaining a focus on safety, quality and environmental stewardship, with each member of the team being a part of the company’s achievements.

Ketek Rentals
As the core element of its business, both past and present, Ketek provides conventional oilfield equipment rentals, serving the oil and gas industry operating in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Ketek Group offers an all-inclusive rental rate for the supply and service of its equipment. With straightforward billing and fair pricing adding value for clients in the process, Ketek Group has established a reputation for a robust variety of reliable equipment rentals.

With over 7 500 pieces of rental equipment in addition to thousands of auxiliary support gear, as well as the capacity to custom design and manufacture, or modify existing equipment, Ketek helps clients achieve results while also reducing the environmental impact of its operations. This is achieved through sound attenuation, spill protection measures, as well as other means. All equipment is well maintained and the Ketek fleet is continually expanding.

Some examples of rental equipment that Ketek makes available are: buildings, fluid handling, fuel storage, heating, matting, power and light, pumps, sewage waste, solid waste, tanks, water management, in addition to other equipment, including custom made or modified pieces.

Maintenance and Water Resources
The team at Ketek Group is qualified, professional, and they are specialists in the many fields in which they operate. Ketek’s maintenance team can diagnosis and repair various pump types and motorized equipment, including electrical submersible pumps, diesel-powered pumps, well pumps, burner-based equipment, generators and light towers; the firm is also a designated service shop for Flygt and Thompson Pump.

Site services are provided by Ketek Group’s Water Resources team 24 hours a day and include: well testing, well monitoring, well servicing, water discharge line installation / decommissioning, pumping system winterization, well pump installation / change out, miscellaneous surface pumping and associated equipment and fuel lubrication. Knowing the complexities that face clients day to day, Ketek provides flexible, reliable, cost effective service, collaborating with clients to attain results.

Transportation Services and Safety Services
The Transportation Services division of Ketek Group primarily caters to oilfield clients, offering the safe, efficient and effective movement and delivery of equipment and materials according to tight deadlines. Able to respond to the urgent needs of clients, many of whom are operating in fast-paced, high-pressure industries, Ketek Group has the fleet, the team, and the capacity to ensure that its team can meet any challenge.

Of course, all that is done at Ketek, across each and every division of the organization, is done with safety as the highest priority. Ketek Group’s Safety Services provides safety related education and training, drawing on the team’s safety expertise to ensure that safety is integrated into all operations. In addition to safety services, Ketek Group also offers contractor services, training programs, and program / culture building services.

Sustainability Consulting
The Sustainability Consulting division of Ketek Group helps clients strategize and implement, providing CSR assessment, stakeholder engagement, sustainability reporting and additional training and consulting services. Ketek Group brings corporate responsibility, environmental management, Occupational Health and Safety, and sustainability to the forefront of its clients’ operations in North America and around the world.

The Group’s clients include federal, provincial, local and international governments, aboriginal communities, private corporations and industry bodies, educational institutions and many other organizations. Ketek Group has become a trusted partner of academics, government regulators and officials, students, industry leaders and many other organizations and individuals who are committed to sustainability.

In addition to customized solutions, Ketek Group offers specialized training courses administered by its team of sustainability professionals, geologists, engineers, environmental professionals, Occupational Health and Safety experts and others, using state-of-the-art equipment, up-to-date information and access to reliable resources to develop comprehensive, innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Ketek Group has “expertise in sustainable development; we are not just a consultant, but a catalyst for change,” explains its website. Some of the sustainability services offered by Ketek Group are: Corporate Responsibility Assessments, Corporate Sustainability Reporting, Benchmarking of Sustainability Performance, Ethical Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Social Compliance Assessments, CSR Policy and Strategy Formulation, and Stakeholder Engagement.

Environmental Solutions
Ketek Group’s Environmental Solutions Division provides equipment and material options for a wide range of clients from a number of industries and sectors. Selling only products that Ketek itself would be proud to use, the Environmental Solutions division has a mission to reinforce and build client relationships, continuing to be a responsive and effective service provider and consultant.

With a client base representative of nearly 30 countries from around the world, Ketek Group not only distributes products but also customizes products and equipment to ensure that clients’ environmental needs are fulfilled. Again, drawing from the team’s experience and expertise, Ketek Group has the capacity to research, develop and fabricate customized solutions for almost any project.

Ketek Manufacturing
Ketek Group has its own qualified group of tradespeople who have significant design and construction capabilities with expertise in design and drafting, metal fitting and welding, electrical instrumentation wiring and assembly, industrial building construction and renovation, and sandblasting and coating services. Furthermore, the company has established original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supply agreements with a number of suppliers to maintain consistent product output.

Ketek employees also play a role in the development of operating procedures and manuals for the equipment being manufactured in their fabricating shop. The shop, which operates 16 hours per day, has specifically designated spaces, such as a construction team dedicated to wood construction and finishing of projects, a sand-blasting enclosure, and a paint-bay. Ketek Group has fully leveraged its skilled labour pool, equipment and capacity to become a trusted partner for a number of companies and organizations.

In utilizing Ketek Group’s featured services, clients can expect to gain maximum output and value out of their projects, with customized solutions for any need. With the industry making a shift to procurement-based business, Ketek Group Inc., as a collective entity, is able to offer more services under one umbrella to align with the changing marketplace. It’s no wonder that Ketek Group has been ranked one of the Top 100 Companies in Alberta by Alberta Venture Magazine and is poised for continued success.



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