May 2015

2015 | In Focus | May 2015Better Beef – and Much MorePremier Proteins

2015 | In Focus | May 2015

Better Beef – and Much More

Premier Proteins

When a massive chain of fast food restaurants advertises ‘Top Grade Sirloin’ or ‘100 percent Angus Beef’ it is somewhat deceptive – and nowhere near the quality of beef provided by Premier Proteins. Premier Proteins is a supplier of ultra-high quality meat to the retail and food services sector. It specializes in Wagyu/Premier American Kobe Beef®, Japanese Kobe beef and Premier American Grass-Fed Beef® along with Berkshire pork. Business in Focus spoke with its, owner Timothy Haas, to learn more.

2015 | In Focus | May 2015A History of QualityMax Die Group

2015 | In Focus | May 2015

A History of Quality

Max Die Group

“Made in China.” This notification can strike fear into the hearts of corporations and businesses around the world. Huge production capacity, cheap labour and low prices are a detriment for those who choose to compete with the nation of 1.3 billion. Conversely, the labels “Made in Canada” and “Made in U.S.A.” are largely indicative of high craftsmanship, strong labour practices, and quality product. Max Die Group is no exception.

2015 | In Focus | May 2015Making our Homes as Smart as our PhonesMalama Composites

2015 | In Focus | May 2015

Making our Homes as Smart as our Phones

Malama Composites

As we all know, polyurethane foam is present in a wide range of products for both household and commercial purposes. Unfortunately, the petroleum it’s made from makes it largely unsustainable. In addition, foams are filled with toxic agents, catalysts and fire retardants that are harmful to people’s health and damaging to the environment. Malama Composites is looking to end that by commercializing their newly developed line of non-toxic, rigid urethane foam made from sustainable resources.

2015 | In Focus | May 2015Quality & Service That LastsHEMCO Gage

2015 | In Focus | May 2015

Quality & Service That Lasts


The world may have changed a great deal over the past seventy years, but at HEMCO Gage, quality remains the company’s top priority. HEMCO continues to earn the business of repeat customers and attract new clients for its superior-quality service, decades of experience and because its products, quite simply, last much longer than those of the competition.

2015 | In Focus | May 2015Family-Owned Company Holds Fast to Founder’s ValuesMathews Company

2015 | In Focus | May 2015

Family-Owned Company Holds Fast to Founder’s Values

Mathews Company

Mathews Company is a family-owned manufacturer of high quality, innovative agricultural equipment with a specific focus on grain dryers. Many of founder B. C. “Matt” Mathews’ neighbours and friends were farmers, and he launched the company in 1954 because he wanted to help them and make their lives easier. We spoke with President Joseph Shulfer to find out how this vision became a reality.

2015 | In Focus | May 2015High-End Technology and High-End RelationshipsNorth Atlantic Industries

2015 | In Focus | May 2015

High-End Technology and High-End Relationships

North Atlantic Industries

North Atlantic Industries, Inc. (NAI) is a leading, independent provider of specialized embedded electronic and computing solutions for rugged defense, industrial, and commercial applications. NAI accelerates their clients’ time-to-mission with a unique approach based on a Custom-On-Standard Architecture™ (COSA™) that delivers the best of both worlds: custom solutions from standard commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components.

2015 | In Focus | May 2015Creating a Better WorldUltraTech International

2015 | In Focus | May 2015

Creating a Better World

UltraTech International

Although some of us have the imagination to come up with marketable ideas for products, following through takes a particular type of mindset and determination. Since 1993, UltraTech International, Inc. has been meeting that need for the creation, development and worldwide marketing and distribution of the best spill containment and spill response products imaginable.

2015 | In Focus | May 2015Sustainable SolutionsAnaergia

2015 | In Focus | May 2015

Sustainable Solutions


Water is our most precious resource, and as the population grows, more of it is being used and wasted. Wastewater needs to be transformed back into clean water before our need for water makes our need for oil seem like an issue of minor significance. The same applies to the millions of tons of solid waste that we generate every day.

2015 | In Focus | May 2015Ensuring the Safe Wellbeing of Workers WorldwideTotal Safety

2015 | In Focus | May 2015

Ensuring the Safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide

Total Safety

Total Safety Canada has been a part of the world’s leading provider of integrated industrial safety services for almost five years. In an industry built on keeping people safe, the importance of not only technology, but also experience is priceless. Providing top-of-the-line solutions through a commitment to innovation, Total Safety Canada is pioneering the turn toward safer work environments.


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