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Trisco Systems
Written by Grace McDermott

Trisco Systems is a third generation, family-owned restoration contractor with a hand in some of the most notable projects in the eastern United States. If there is no replacement for experience, then it is clear that Trisco’s success story is just beginning.
Created in 1936, Trisco Systems is the expert in all things masonry. Today, the company’s specialized exterior building restoration services have gained widespread attention throughout the Eastern Seaboard and the Midwest.

Although the company remains committed to the legacy of homegrown quality services, what continues to drive Trisco to the forefront of the industry is its commitment to innovative restoration solutions. From concrete and historic restoration all the way through structural repair, coatings and, of course, masonry, Trisco is a powerhouse of top-of-the-line comprehensive services. With an eye on the future, Trisco continues to develop unparalleled in-house capabilities, backed by the technology and the expertise to complete even the toughest projects.

For the past seventy-nine years, Trisco Systems has served the unique and changing needs of the restoration market. Whether it is cathedrals, hotels or universities, if you live in the eastern United States, the chances are you have come across Trisco’s work. Trisco System’s portfolio has tripled in volume in the last twenty years, expanding the firm’s service footprint across multiple areas of construction.

COO and Executive Vice President Brian Walter is the third generation of Walters at the firm. He gave us some insight into the company’s recipe for success. “Our experience, attention to detail and integrity are what sets us apart from our competitors. We solve our customer’s problems and do what we say we are going to do.”

Attention to detail takes on a whole new meaning for restoration contractors. These unique and sometimes fragile structures present a complex building challenge, which demands a highly specialized, approach. As a restoration contractor, Trisco is called upon to improve the structural soundness of an existing building while simultaneously maintaining the integrity and functionality of its original design. Due to this complexity, it is vital to have a contractor that is willing to be hands-on.

Over the years, Trisco has become a staple in the restoration sector, and its extensive and expanding portfolio displays this accomplishment. The company’s current contracts include work at Ohio State University, Purdue University Ohio, Wesleyan University, the Coal Heritage Highway Authority of West Virginia and The Marathon Petroleum Corporate Headquarters, to name a few.

As the construction industry faces an increasing saturation of the large multi-national builders, Trisco Systems offers clients a breath of fresh air. The importance of communication and close client relationships has remained a steadfast component of the firm’s corporate culture, and a point of difference in the ever-competitive construction market.

Trisco Systems has remained family owned and focused on the close client relationships of which so many major contractors have lost sight. “I am most proud that we have been able to sustain and grow a vision that my grandfather had for this company when he started it nearly eighty years ago.” Ultimately, it is this professionalism and personalized communication that makes Trisco the first choice for so many.

When it comes to experience, you would be hard-pressed to find a match for Trisco anywhere in the country. Many specialized firms are only able to perform one aspect of the restoration process, but Trisco does it all and continues to expand its service offerings every year. The firm’s vertically integrated services include masonry restoration, concrete restoration, historic restoration and preservation, terra-cotta restoration, specialty coatings, exterior facade systems and structural repair.

Restoration projects require a high level of technological capabilities and working proficiency in a diverse range of fields. Trisco has built a unique corporate culture around holistic solutions to complex challenges. The company has heavily invested in expanding its in-house capabilities to reinforce the financial and logistical advantage it gives its clients

Trisco set out to become a one-stop-shop, giving clients a centralized point of contact and subsequent peace of mind. As restoration projects are often affected by outdated materials, as well as spatial and practical challenges, the logistical nightmares that impede regular builds are magnified in the restoration sector. In any construction project, the more stakeholders involved, the more time consuming and costly the project becomes. However, by cutting out the middleman, Trisco bypasses the logistical issues of multi-contractor builds while simultaneously reducing the overall time and cost of projects.

In the construction industry, the true value of any contractor lies not just in the technology, but the people backing it. Trisco brings to the table technological capability, which is driven by a team of experts who are some of the best in the industry. As restoration calls for highly specialized and advanced techniques, the value of highly-trained and experienced staff is priceless.

Mr. Walter emphasized, “our customers rely on us for our expertise in the field of all things masonry. This expertise has been gained through a continuity of training and experience with Trisco Systems. The average tenure with our company for field employees is fifteen years, and average tenure for office staff and our management team is over twenty years.”

As a homegrown firm, Trisco works diligently to ensure that personalized service does not fall by the wayside, and, as a result, the company consistently reinvests in local knowledge and talent. The business has a tradition of ongoing training and education, which carries through to its internship program. This endeavor is done to give back to the community and create a new generation of restoration experts.

As restoration demands not only classroom work, but hands-on experience, Trisco takes on internship candidates with a background in construction management, engineering, architecture or business each year. Some of Trisco’s upper management started with the firm as interns themselves, demonstrating the company’s commitment to building career pathways for budding construction professionals.

Experienced staff is crucial to the quality outcome of any project and the safety and efficiency of work on a site. In the past two decades, Trisco Systems has pulled in over fifty awards and recognitions related to its superior safety achievements. When it comes to quality, there is no feature more telling than a firm’s safety procedures. So, it is no surprise that Trisco’s safety record has been a major draw for projects seeking to lower the on-site risk associated with restoration work.

“I am of course proud of the National First Place Construction Safety Excellence Award in 2004, Specialty Contractors Division, by the Associated General Contractors of America. Our safety program and record of excellence in safety earned us top honors among thousands of contractors that were eligible.”

Despite the firm’s seeming triumph over safety best practices, Mr. Walter explained that worksite safety remains an ongoing effort throughout the company. “We are continually working to improve our safety and health environment for our employees. The proof is that we have achieved over 1,850,000 hours since 1998 without a lost time injury.”

Becoming a leader in one of the most highly specialized sectors of the construction industry is no easy feat, but with a combination of professionalism and experiential knowledge, Trisco has carved out significant positon in the U.S. market. Trisco Systems has become an integral part of the U.S. restoration industry and promises to remain a leader for years to come.



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