The Right Fit

Written by Leon Bracey

Comfortable, ergonomically designed seating for the workplace has long been recognized as the key to office productivity. Since 1988, ErgoGenesis has specialized in ergonomic seating and accessories for use in offices, homes, laboratories, industrial settings, or wherever else there is a need for comfortable, ergonomically designed seating.
ErgoGenesis is a company dedicated to ergonomics and creating ergonomically correct chairs. Company CEO Tony Gerbino spoke with us about the advantages ErgoGenesis has to offer for customers looking for smart office furniture.

“We put function over form,” Gerbino says. “In other words, a chair has to function ergonomically first, then form and design second. Many companies design chairs that look cool, but may not be good for you.”

ErgoGenesis is particularly known as the manufacturer of BodyBilt ergonomic seating. BodyBilt chairs are designed and manufactured by applying space-age designs to chair components to emulate the stress-free posture assumed by the body in a weightless environment.

“Our chairs are the highest quality in the industry,” says Gerbino. “Service and reliability are key, plus our follow-up service from our sales force has been important. We always deliver on service and take care of our customers, never forgoing the proper fit for function just for the outward sake of appearance.” It is also notable that all of ErgoGenesis’ products are manufactured in the company’s facility in Navasota, Texas.

The technology behind the company’s chairs is inspired in part by research conducted in the 1970s for NASA seeking the best seating position to reduce stress on the human body. The BodyBilt chair was designed to mimic the unrestrained natural posture the human body automatically assumes in the weightlessness of outer space. These chairs emphasize a position with an open trunk / thigh angle, whereby the body is completely relaxed and non-stressed. When in that natural posture, the body’s muscles, ligaments and tendons are most relaxed, the vertebrae are properly spaced and better aligned to reduce pressure on discs, breathing is improved, and blood circulation is less restricted.

“The natural posture positioning is best for the skeletal and muscular system,” explains Gerbino. “We started developing this chair in the 1980s, enjoyed a lot of success with our buyers, and continue to this day.”

These innovative designs have brought recognition to ErgoGenesis as a leader in the ergonomic seating industry. The company boasts an extensive dealer network and has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, providing them with quality ergonomic seating. Some of ErgoGenesis’ largest customers include major companies such as Boeing, Chevron, Eli Lilly, BP, and other blue chip firms. Southwest and United Airlines have also purchased ErgoGenesis products for their offices, and government agencies such as the Pentagon, the Department of the Navy, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have also enjoyed the company’s offerings.

“[These are] companies that understand that good posture is important for their workers and yields better productivity,” Gerbino says. “Everyone could use a chair that is better for their body because we spend so much time sitting. A lot of people do not recognize they have poor posture and sit in chairs that don’t help. Sitting in one that is ergonomically correct will benefit your health.”

A quality product comes from a positive and supportive workplace environment, and ErgoGenesis prides itself on its diversity, service, quality and value. From its employees to its nationwide network of dealers to the products it designs to fit the diverse needs of the workforce, this is reflected throughout the company.

“We’re a company that lives by our core values – we are passionate, thoroughly engaged in finding the right solutions, we always deliver on service and we take care of our customers,” shares Gerbino. “We are committed to developing high-quality products.”

The ErgoGenesis customer service department is highly responsive to the needs of its customers, and by listening to customers over the years, the company’s chairs have been continuously improved, with key design changes driven by customer demand. The company’s corporate personnel, sales and marketing staff, and production crews all work together to provide the ultimate service possible for customers.

Of course, product quality is assured through a rigorous chair inspection process. Every component, every adjustment, is tested and evaluated on each chair during the manufacturing process and prior to shipping. ErgoGenesis also has a limited lifetime warranty for its line of products.

Unlike its competitors, ErgoGenesis chairs feature modular parts, making them far easier to customize. This gives customers the ability to expand and adjust their workstations easily and at lower cost. “If you want to change arms, you can do that without buying a new chair,” Gerbino explains. “If you are changing workers and you might need a taller back or a longer seat, we can modularly change that component.”

The modularity of ErgoGenesis products extends their useful life, as components and accessories can be quickly and easily reconfigured to expand and interact with each other. Some of these accessories include flat panel monitoring arms, desk accessories, and keyboard tray mechanisms. For example, the Guide Document Holder provides ergonomic “in-line” support of the worker’s documents in a sitting or standing work environment.

Users of the Guide Document holder can move their source documents with their computer monitor, and the product is adjustable by height, depth and angle. Designed to accommodate both small and full-sized documents, the Guide Document Holder can be installed and positioned with no tools and can attach to an existing monitor arm with a VESA bracket, enabling users to maximize their workspace.

Another innovative ErgoGenesis product is the BodyBilt Height-Adjustable Table, designed with up-down electronic push-button controls for up to four saved heights and allows users to adjust their work environment in a range of sitting and standing positions or for multiple user settings. ErgoGenesis engineered this height adjustable table with the concepts of ergonomic functionality, durability and design in mind. The table includes a five-year warranty and is offered in four sizes to meet different workspace needs with a choice of color options. The table legs are made from recycled aluminum and feature the same finishing method used in high-end appliances and airplanes. ErgoGenesis developed this product to complement its BodyBilt line of ergonomic workplace accessories and its line of premium seating to offer a comprehensive ergonomic sit-stand workplace solution. The American Medical Association recommends alternative means to prolonged sitting – height-adjustable tables and sit-stand desks being two leading options –and the BodyBilt table is designed specifically for this purpose.

“The BodyBilt table represents a significant change and trend in the marketplace,” says Gerbino. “Many companies are converting to up-and-down desks because sitting or standing for too long is not good for you. Workers need to stand up and sit down throughout the day. We have good hopes for how our table will be accepted in the market.”

Another new product from ErgoGenesis is its 24|seven Intensive Use Seating chair. This chair is ergonomically designed for users in 24-hour, multi-shift workplaces. The 24|seven ergonomic chair is specifically engineered with a steel plate, a reinforced mechanism and high-resiliency foam to withstand the rigors of 24-hour operations, and the product is designed to provide greater support and comfort to minimize leg, back and neck pain. The 24|seven chair has already been recognized at the National Ergonomic Conference & ErgoExpo, the largest ergonomics event in North America by winning the Attendee’s Choice award.

Gerbino says that ErgoGenesis has plans to grow its brand further by introducing new products that are better for the body. “Office furniture is a healthy industry segment and of that, ergonomics is probably a $1 billion piece of the overall seating industry. We have a slice of the market that is healthy and growing. As the age of seated workers increases, there is more opportunity for us to introduce good ergonomics into the workplace. That is the business we’re in – improving comfort level, ergonomics, and increasing productivity.”

ErgoGenesis has become an industry leader in the market by constantly designing and developing innovative products for the workplace. Because ergonomics is such an important issue in the productivity and wellbeing of an employee, the company is certain to continue releasing products that will accommodate their needs.

“Other chair companies may be larger than us, but we compete heads-up with them,” Gerbino says. “We sell on the quality of the chair we build and on the service and relationships we bring to customers. Our proprietary products wield their competitive advantage.”



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