Planning for Tomorrow’s Future

Written by David O'Neill

With the Information Technology industry reaching saturation point in terms of the variety and scope of companies vying for business, it is crucial that a company stay one step ahead of its competitors. Excellent service and innovative products are now a pre-requisite for the industry leaders and a company needs to move beyond this in order to solidify its position and reputation.
Logibec Inc. is one such company. The company has been in business for almost 35 years and has built an organization with over 300 employees. Over that time, it has built strong bonds with clients throughout the health and social services sector, ranging from individual healthcare institutions to government agencies.

Regardless of the client’s area of focus, Logibec is committed to providing the same high quality service and attention to the current and future needs of each client, evident in the company’s number one ranking among Pure-Play Healthcare ICT Companies in Canada in a recent survey.

Some companies may be content to provide a service or product to their client with no after-sale commitment; however, in this regard, Logibec differs. The company has long recognised the importance of building solid, continuous working relationships with its clients. With an awareness of the breakneck speed at which both the IT and healthcare sectors change, it is vital that the solutions provided for a client meet both their current and future needs.

According to the company website, Logibec lives up to this forward-thinking approach by maintaining a “commitment to our clients [which] is demonstrated by flexibility that enables us to anticipate and quickly respond to their new IT requirements. We have the willingness and the ability to adapt our business practices, our service offering and our product offering in order to facilitate the continuous transformation of healthcare services that our clients are experiencing.”

Clinibase is a part of Logibec’s Clinical Solutions suite of products and is a direct response to clients seeking out integrated systems across the healthcare sector. It is a system used to manage, organize and synchronize clinical data to ensure the smooth running and competency of healthcare workers.

According to Logibec’s website, “Clinibase integrates admissions, scheduling, workload, care and services management and contains specialized modules such as bed management, regional scheduling and electronic document management.” This product provides a complete and efficient solution, which is of paramount importance when working in such a key sector.

Another aspect of Logibec’s services is an integrated system which caters for the management of finances, materials and human resources across the healthcare industry. Termed ‘Espresso,’ this product enables a streamlined and focussed approach to the management of administrative tasks in the industry and has been shown to both reduce costs and increase productivity.

Espresso, says the company’s website, is “designed to enhance the exchange of information, reduce entry duplication and streamline business processes and workflows.”

An evolving industry
While Logibec is clearly an industry leader that prides itself on meeting the needs of clients in more than 300 institutions across Canada, challenges still remain. The company is situated in an industry that changes rapidly and staying on top of these shifts is critical. To ensure that these demands are met, the company invests heavily in its 300-strong workforce. Training programmes are run continuously in order to increase employee awareness of both the industry and the clients. Coupled with this, a strong working relationship with both suppliers and partners ensures that the Logibec team keeps a keen eye on the industry as it develops and evolves.

One recent development which demonstrates the desire and determination of Logibec to support the healthcare industry in general, and to provide groundbreaking solutions and forward-thinking products, is found in the company’s work with the Ontario Hospital Association. As a response to the Health System Funding Reform (HSFR) programme, Logibec is partnering with Tectonic Advisory Services to undertake research in the area of health analytics needs in Ontario hospitals. The company will identify opportunities to increase productivity, capabilities and to revolutionize practices within the Ontario healthcare system. Together with a team of healthcare leaders, the company will provide guidance and recommendations which will be of benefit not only to Ontario, but to other jurisdictions as well.

Business Intelligence (BI)
When dealing with a constant demand to increase productivity and efficiency in any sector, especially the healthcare sector, the bottom line becomes all too important. Funding is always being monitored and value for money is high on the agenda of all organizations. With this in mind, Logibec offers clients a product called BI, or Business Intelligence. It offers both simple and complex reports which can evaluate staff and practices on over 200 indicators. This offers the client access to a level of insight which may not have been possible previously.

According to Logibec, BI can create greater efficiency and useable reporting by “using a shared data warehouse model, a comprehensive and robust solution [which] takes a regional approach to data integration, transformation and analysis across clinical and operational systems and platforms. BI solutions provide healthcare managers with enhanced insights into key areas such as service-line costs, quality of care and organizational performance.”

Looking ahead
For over 35 years, Logibec has demonstrated a willingness to think ahead, to provide solutions which meet future demands and to ensure that the healthcare system in Canada operates in an integrated and efficient way. The company has experienced steady growth throughout its existence but it is not content to plateau. With a strong focus on the future of the industry it supports, it is natural that the team look just as mindfully at itself. With the future in mind, Logibec is currently looking to expand across Canada and develop systems and processes that will serve a much greater number of healthcare providers.

With links and presence in over 300 institutions across Canada already, it is clear that Logibec is offering solutions which address the financial, administrative and operational challenges that are being faced across the healthcare system. The dedication the company has shown to technological development and employee growth clearly demonstrates a willingness to be an active participant in the future of the Canadian healthcare system.



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