The Leading Value-Added Distributor and Manufacturer of Packaging Products

Written by Jen Hocken

SupplyOne partners with companies to deliver packaging solutions that simplify operations, ensure cost savings, and increase efficiency. Their interests are focused on the customer’s needs, both short and long term.
Since its inception, SupplyOne’s business model has been to provide its customers with custom corrugated, label and thermoforming manufacturing, packaging supplies, and equipment solutions – all from a single point of contact. This robust offering is complemented by the Packaging Management Program (PMP) and a host of services designed specifically to simplify and organize their customers’ packaging supply chain to reduce their total cost of packaging ownership.

Headquartered in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, SupplyOne is a distinctive organization. Their operating model is unique, combining custom corrugated, thermoforming and label manufacturing, and distribution capabilities. They provide a wide variety of packaging materials, packaging equipment, safety products, and sanitary supplies.

The company is set apart by the entrepreneurial spirit fostered at the local level where the SupplyOne team is closest to the customer. This proximity enables the company to respond quickly to customer needs, and to anticipate trends impacting their businesses. It allows the organization to answer with the solutions that will maximize their customers’ competitiveness – like packaging automation.

Automation has been a part of the packaging industry since the invention of industrial machinery. With the surging predominance of ecommerce and the continued growth in the industrial, distribution, and manufacturing industries, packaging automation is a critical component of an organization’s value-delivery to their customers, perhaps more so now than ever. Packaging automation eliminates manual operations and ensures packaging quality. Its multiple benefits include improved productivity, throughput and ease of operation. It allows for the reallocation of labor and reduces material expenses while leading to safer processes.

In keeping with their objective of reducing customers’ total costs of packaging ownership, SupplyOne offers equipment solutions that span the gamut from end-of-line equipment to food packaging technologies, to complex packaging lines. End-of-line equipment takes the individual packages that are ready for sale and bundles them, packs them into cases, or wraps them on pallets. End-of-line machinery includes case sealers and formers, bagging and shrink packaging machinery, strapping, product Identification, protective packaging and stretch wrapping machinery. The company also has special expertise in food packaging equipment solutions like vacuum formers, dip tanks, VFFS and HFFS.

SupplyOne equipment specialists are adept at designing and reengineering complete packaging lines. Packaging lines facilitate the total packaging process and made-to-order packaging solutions for products.

To ensure their ability to compete in the marketplace, small and mid-sized businesses are placing more emphasis on speed to market, maximizing throughput and keeping their equipment lines running. In response to this need, SupplyOne has invested in building the best packaging automation team in the industry to help their customers leverage increasingly sophisticated equipment and technologies.

“From Certified Packaging Specialists to knowledgeable Equipment Specialists and Factory Trained technicians, we’ve assembled a team of trusted, veteran packaging professionals prepared to provide our customers with a total packaging solution,” said Chip Reavley, Senior Vice President of Packaging Automation. “We want to simplify equipment ownership throughout its lifecycle for our customers. They aren’t equipment experts and don’t want to be – they are focused on making their products and growing their businesses. We make sure their packaging process is hassle-free and adding value their businesses.”

Customers benefit from the effort the company puts into understanding the entire operation. To provide the best solution, the company believes it’s important to understand the customer’s workflow, business process and any unique constraints or goals. “Our team takes a consultative approach to understand what the customer is doing through observation, asking questions, and listening. This allows us to provide them with the best solution to fill that gap and help them meet their objectives,” said Reavley.

The best solution
Packaging efficiency and productivity is the result of tying in the right equipment and the right consumables. SupplyOne sales representatives are Certified Packaging Specialists. This means they have demonstrated expertise in the areas of packaging and consumables like shrink film, stretch films, tapes, corrugated and more. The products provided by the company include the standard food packaging equipment and materials, and general packaging materials.

Because SupplyOne enjoys extensive partnerships with best in class suppliers, they aren’t limited in the products and options they can provide. This allows them to take an objective view to provide the right solution based on the customer’s needs and goals. When the end use, customer goals, or products require it, SupplyOne’s team of Packaging Engineers and designers can provide custom packaging solutions as well.

Up time, all the time
SupplyOne’s staff of factory-certified service technicians operate locally. They have earned a reputation for improving uptime and increasing productivity by providing fast and reliable equipment service and training. SupplyOne provides many opportunities for continuous learning so the Equipment Specialists are well versed in the latest packaging technologies. The team can service equipment sold by SupplyOne and other providers as well. “Our goal is up time – all the time for our customers,” said Reavley.

SupplyOne’s Preventative Maintenance program is yet another service that assures customers’ operations keep humming. The program provides customers with peace of mind that their packaging equipment will run at the speed of their business. “When you’re in the middle of a production run, the last thing you need is unexpected downtime for repair – or worse; the expense and disruption caused by waiting for parts, rework or emergency service. Our technicians take responsibility for keeping your packaging equipment in top order, and that reduces unplanned overtime, rejected product, scrap and the likelihood of larger scale repairs,” said Keith Stanton, Vice President of Packaging Systems.

Reducing labor and material costs are not the only reasons for an increase in automation programs in the packaging industry. Sustainability is becoming a stronger focus for companies in every business, and the efficiency of automation is ideal. SupplyOne also partners with manufacturers that promote environmentally-friendly products for both the equipment and the materials used in those machines.

The company strives to make it easy for their customers to leverage the best technologies for their businesses. They offer a leasing program with contracts as brief as three months, as well as an equipment rental program to meet the surges in product demand, and will help their customers arrange for financing.

Customers can get hands-on with end-of-line equipment at one of SupplyOne’s many Demo Rooms and experience firsthand how equipment will operate in their environments. The company also leverages individual supplier demonstration capabilities, taking equipment to the customer site through programs like Lantech’s demo trailers and tradeshows like the eCommerce Summit April where those interested in equipment can see it in operation.

As automation becomes more prevalent in the packaging world, the SupplyOne team plans to maintain its status as the foremost value-added manufacturer and distributor of packaging products in the United States, and it is looking forward to advancements in technology such as robotic technology that will allow for solutions to even more complicated applications.

“I’m extremely excited to be a part of this organization. Our potential is limitless. The value of our entire SupplyOne Team, our supplier base and the opportunities we have with new and existing customers point to an extraordinary future,” said Reavley. “We’re going to acquire more companies. We’re going to grow organically. We’re going to continue to bring on good people, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”



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